Anna’s Awakening Ch. 03

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Anna’s Awakening Ch. 03: Anna’s Shaving

Anna stepped from the shower and gently patted herself off with a towel. She still was still feeling the high from her evening with Emily. The feelings she had for Emily could not be denied and this point she did even care. Anna kept replaying the entire evening in her head. Hopefully this was not just a one time thing for Emily. Anna wanted to tell Emily that what happened had nothing to do with the wine, but with the way she truly felt about her. Her friends and family would be shocked and pretty upset with Anna if they knew what happened. She didn’t feel the need to even share this with them, so she decided that it was nothing to even worry about.

She inspected her nude body in the mirror with pride for the first time in her life. Emily made her feel like a beautiful goddess and she began to see herself in a new light. Her ample breasts still rode high on her chest and the nipples were very prominent with their large dark areolas. Her gently rounded belly led down to the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair that marked the top of her pussy. Anna thought she would definitely give herself a trim down there after getting a look at Emily’s sexy little pubic hair. She looked around Emily’s bathroom until she found a pair of scissors in the cabinet.

Anna, by no means, had an Afro bush, but she could definitely trim things up a bit. She sat on the toilet and spread a towel down below her. Anna opened the robe she was wearing and she was a bit nervous, having never done this before; however, she wanted to surprise Emily later if she had the chance. Anna reached down to her pubic area with one hand and held the clippers with the other. Emily had straight pubic hair, but Anna’s was much curlier. She reached down and felt her clit before she starting trimming and closed her eyes. The more she caressed herself, the aroused she became. Anna closed her eyes and started thinking about Emily marvelous tongue and lips all over again. She brought her other hand up and cupped her breast, palming the nipples until they grew even more erect. A familiar ache began to grow in her loins. Not yet, she thought, as she forced herself to stop. Just then, Emily came into the bathroom.

“I didn’t steal all the hot waterdid?” Emily stopped in her tracks when she saw Anna sitting there before her with her hands all over herself. “I cannot leave you alone for 10 minutes can I girl?”

Anna was very red and tried to quickly pull the robe closed.

“Busted! No need to even try and cover for yourself.” Emily laughed.

“No really, I was going to trim my pubic hair and I guess I just got a little caught up in the moment.” Anna said trying to defend herself.

“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted a hair cut Anna? Please let me be your stylist! When I was a little girl I always wanted to work in a salon and cut people’s hair.”

“Uh, I bet you weren’t thinking about trimming pubic hair back then though.” Anna said in mock shock.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Emily said with a wink as she walked up and came down to her knees in front of Anna.

“Come on let me have a look under the hood.” Emily said in her best manly voice.

“I think it is my air filter,” Anna joked. “At least that’s what they are always telling me at the Quikie Oil Change.”

“I think you may be right. Let me blow on it for a bit and see.” Emily brought her face close to Anna’s pussy and started blowing on it. “Filter seems a bit clogged. Looks like you may need for us to fix that for you Ma’am.”

Emily had Anna in a state of the giggles by this point. She pulled at Anna’s curly, light brown pubic hair and straightened it out.

“Anna, do you trust me?” Emily said looking up at her.

“Of course I do.”

“Ok, here is what I want to do. If you let me trim you up I promise I will be very careful and not cut you; however, you have to trust me completely.”

“What exactly bahis firmaları do you have planned there Emily?”

“Trust me k? I am not going to completely shave you, but I cannot say it was not a thought.”

“Completely shave me?” Anna giggled

“The entire kitty!” Emily said with a purr. “But I want to try something else first.”

Emily leaned up and gave Anna a soft kiss. Emily was extremely excited;however, she had business to take care of first. She told Anna to go into the den and that she would be there in a little bit. Anna was a bit puzzled, but she did as Emily requested. She stood up and helped Emily to her feet and started heading out of the room. Emily was digging through one of the drawers as Anna walked out of the room. Anna sat and turned on the TV and was watching Trading Spaces. She did not know what Emily was planning, but she was comfortable.

In about 15 minutes Emily came walking into the room with a towel and abag. Anna looked up at her and thought that Emily’s redheaded beauty would tempt anyone. She was tall with a sexy figure and her long and thick hair was very inviting. She was not masculine in any way as Anna had thought of most women who were “lesbians”. Her fair skin looks contrasted with Emily’s dark hair and green eyes. Emily had finished doing her makeup and hair while Anna was waiting. She wore her glasses and had her hair pulled up very sexily Anna thought as she smiled at her. Emily slipped into a light green t-shirt and a cute pair of khaki shorts. She was wearing a pair of sandals with heels just high enough to set off her smooth and shapely legs. Anna felt a little under dressed and asked Emily if she should go put some clothes on.

“Of course not, we need full access at you remember?” Emily said. “I need for you to follow me into the dining room and not say a word. OK sweety?”

Anna nodded and followed Emily into the dining room. Emily laid a blanket down on the table and pulled the chair out. She turned and smiled at Anna.

“I need for you to come up here and have a seat.”

Anna shrugged and sis as she was told. Emily said she would be right back and left the room. In a couple of seconds, Emily was back with a large pillow she had in the den. Emily told Anna that she needed for her to lean back on the pillow and she placed it behind her back. Anna went to the kitchen and pulled a large bowl from the cupboard and turned on the water. She filled the bowl full of very warm water and carefully brought it back to the dining room table. She sat the bowl down on the floor and took a seat in front of Anna. Her legs were closed and dangling down from the table. Emily instructed Anna to scoot back a little and she did.

“Anna, a good artist needs room,” Emily said in a fake French accent. “I will begin my latest work of art now.”

Emily opened the bag she brought and took out a pair of cordlessclippers. She asked Anna to lean back spread her legs and watch the artiste at work with a wink. Anna did as she was told and watched as Emily turned on the clippers. At first she held the vibrating clippers next to Anna’s clit.

“Feels good huh?” Emily smiled.

Anna nodded that it did feel good. Emily turned the clippers around and started trimming away at Anna’s pubic hair. Anna was a little taken aback by the amount of hair that was coming off of her. Emily trimmed the longer hair off all around the edges of her pubic area, but she left it longer in the middle. After she finished getting the excess hair cut away, Emily put the clippers down and picked up a bottle.

“Anna, I need to put some baby oil on you,” Emily Explained, “This will make it easier to shave away the hair.”

Emily could have told Anna that she was going to pull it off with her teeth at that point and she would have agreed. She was extremely wet and excited from the attention she was getting. Emily poured some oil on her hands and rubbed it together to warm kaçak iddaa it up. She started rubbing the oil into Anna pubic mound. Emily looked up at Anna and gave her a wonk and a smile as she continued rubbing. Emily again reached down and took out a Venus Razor she had in the bag and dipped it into the warm water. She brought it out and held it up in front of Anna’s oily pussy.

“Now, the real work begins,” Emily said. “Please do not move at all because I do not want to hurt you at all.”

She took the razor and started shaving away the little bits of hair left from the clipper job. Anna exchanged her glances between Emily’s sexy face and the work Emily was doing. She wondered if Emily could smell see how aroused she was even thought she was covered in baby oil. Anna had not seen herself so hairless since she was about 12 years old. There was a very sexy feeling with the razor moving over her skin. Occasionally, Emily would take a wash clot hand wash away excess hair. Anna noticed she was shaving her pubic area into a “V” shape.

“I like your long sexy curls, so I will leave a few here in patch.” Emily said as she worked.

She worked herself lower down Anna’s vagina towards her entrance. She instructed Anna that she now needed her to lay back and hold her legs under her knees so that she could get the lower area. She told Anna that she needed to be perfectly still and because the skin was extremely sensitive and soft. Anna leaned back and spread herself apart. She had never even been this open with her OB/GYN before. She felt completely exposed physically and emotionally. Emily continued shaving and wiping away the hair as she continued you lower. Anna felt a little weird as Emily started shaving around her anus, but she did not say a word. She did occasional moan a little when Emily touched her, but she was as still as could be.

Emily worked on Anna’s pussy for about 10 more minutes. She washed it off a few times with water to make sure she didn’t miss anything. A few more shaves her and there and she was done. Emily took out some Aloe lotion and rubbed it carefully into Anna’s mound. Anna was very impressed with Emily’s work. When Emily finished she bent down and gave Anna a little soft kiss on her newly shaved “V”.

Both women were very turned on at this point. Emily stood up again and pulled Anna up off her back. Anna looked into Emily’s eyes and thanked her for doing such an amazing job. She could now notice the outline of Emily’s hard nipples against the light fabric and it made it obvious that she was braless. Anna gave Emily a long hug and she moved her face next to Emily’s. Their kiss was very soft and sensual. Anna’s hands caressed Emily’s side and down to her butt. Anna broke the kiss and took Emily by the hand down the hallway to the bedroom. When they arrived into the room Anna unwrapped her robe and let it fall to the floor. She then approached Emily and gently slipped a hand under the blouse and cupped her left breast. Emily was a bit taken aback by Anna taking the lead.

“Oh yes.” was all Emily could manage, before Anna’s mouth met her own.

The two women’s tongues entwined, probing, searching. Anna’s mouth moved quickly to Emily’s sensitive ear. Flicking the lobe and exploring the sensitive flesh where it joins her neck. Almost immediately Anna’s mouth was closing on Emily’s right breast as her fingers teased the long nipple of the left breast. Anna’s tongue danced on one nipple while she gently rolled the other swollen bud between her thumb and forefinger. The two women broke their embrace enough to peel off Emily’s remaining clothing and tumble onto the bed. When they renewed their sex-play Anna suckled her lover’s breasts, each in turn.

Emily sighed with the attention and stroked her partner’s lush body. Her fingers delved lower, until they just grazed Anna’s freshly shave and now dripping pussy. Instinctively, Anna pressed her pubic mound up to meet Emily’s fingers. kaçak bahis Her skin felt so cool from being shaved and it seemed to increase her sensitivity. Emily deftly parted the pouting lips and inserted a finger up to the first knuckle. Her thumb found its mark and began slow circles on the clitoral hood. Anna’s lust began to overcome her. She pushed Emily’s head down and begged for her to use her tongue.

“Oh Baby! Oh Emily! Give it to me; please lick me with your tongue. Suck my pussy!” Anna moaned

Emily’s oral assault on Anita’s dripping pussy was relentless. Watching her pussy as she shaved it was and incredible turn on and she had to stop herself a few times from just going down on her right their on the table. She licked Anna’s lips lovingly, and then sucked them into her mouth. When Anna thought she could stand no more, Emily began thrusting two fingers into her lover while her tongue flicked against Anna’s swollen clitoris. She continued this rythm until Anna screamed her pleasure and began moaning for her not to stop. Anna’s first climax hit her full force.

Waves of pleasure swept over her. She was writhing in pleasure, one hand held on the back of Emily’s head, the other kneading her own left tit. Anna lifted her large and swollen orb and began to suck her own nipple as the second orgasm hit her. She pushed her spasming cunt into Emily’s face and collapsed in rapture as Emily’s mouth sucked her clit and her tongue lashed it into final release.

As Anna came back to the real world, she composed her self and pulled Emily up to her. Now it was Emily’s turn Anna thought. She rewarded her lover with a deep kiss and began to explore her silken body with her mouth and hands. Occasionally after she ran her fingers through Emily’s wet love nectar, she would lick her fingers to enjoy the taste and smell.

Emily was all the woman anyone could want and it excited Anna that she had her. Anna gave ample attention to Emily’s beautiful tits. They were, by far, the sexiest she had ever seen. Emily’s globes were smaller, but they were round and full, pure white and unblemished. The nipples were thick, made for sucking. The areolas pink and large and delicious Anna thought as her mouth and tongue explored her lover’s treasures. Anna’s lust quickly overcame her musings as she felt the need to taste Emily’s now dripping snatch.

Emily’s pussy was cleanly re-shaven except for the little hair above it. Her clitoris was swollen and prominent. Anna began by going everywhere but there. Her fingers just grazed Emily’s pussy lips while her tongue and lips worked her woman’s inner thighs. She kissed, sucked, and licked and she loved hearing Emily’s moans from above. As much as she loved working Emily over, Anna was drawn to the heat and musky odor of Emily’s womanhood. She probed the silken tunnel of Emily’s vagina, while licking gently against the clit. As Emily responded with a moan, Anna’s mouth became more insistent, her tongue aggressively lapping at Emily’s clit. Her hands moved to Emily’s lovely ass cheeks. As she sucked her pussy, Anna’s fingernails dug into the tender flesh of Emily’s bottom. Emily’s cries became louder as she enjoyed her friend’s attentions until could hold back no longer.

“Oh, that’s it! Yeah! Oh, lick me! Uh Huh, Uh Huh!! OOOhhhhhhhh!!” Emily groaned like an animal in heat as her orgasm overcame her.

After the first orgasm, Emily quickly shifted her position. She gently pushed Anna on her back and, squatting above her, scissored her legs with Anna’s. With her left knee below and her other leg above, it enabled the two women to grind their pussies together. Emily reached up to fondle her lovers large tits while Anna enjoyed the ride of her lifetime. The two lovers rubbed and humped their wet, silken pussies and clits together until they came, orgasming simultaneously and collapsing into each others arms.

Anna stroked her young lover’s body and thought of the toys in her night table. She was not sure if Anna was ready for them yet, but they sure did giver her ideas to some other new things she could teach her. It was still early in their relationship and she could feel how hungry for sex Anna was.

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