Anal Sex for the First Time

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I have been a bi-curious male for some time. I tried going to gay bathhouses, nude beaches and even steam rooms at a local gym to explore my gay feelings. Up to this point, the only gay sex that I had experienced was sucking on a few cocks here and there. The most erotic experience was being naked in a porn movie room at The Club with a naked man sucking my cock in front of a few other naked men until I came in his mouth. What I really needed to experience in my mind was having another man’s cock in my ass.

Several weeks ago I was at Haulover Beach, a clothing optional beach in Florida. I was lying face down naked on my beach towel when a guy arrived at the beach and set up his chair and umbrella right near me. He undressed and sat in his chair naked looking directly at me just below his feet. He wasn’t really invading my space, so I just went back to trying to get an all over tan. For the next hour, I turned over from time to time to tan both my front and back and my admiring friend watched every move.

It was a typical hot south Florida summer day around 90 degrees. I was dripping with sweat, so I decided to get up and head to the ocean for a quick dip to cool off. When I returned and was drying my face to remove the salt water, my friend got up from his chair and came over to me.

He said, “I love your nipple rings. Did it hurt when you had them pierced?”

“They were my first piercing and hurt a hell of a lot more than my PA piercing.” I replied.

“Well I just want to say that they look great.” He said. He then smiled and returned to his position sitting in his chair.

I finished drying myself off and thought to myself that he seemed like a nice guy. I was about ready to leave the beach for the day, but then decided to go up to my new friend and thank him for his comment.

I stood naked in front of him sitting in his chair with my dick at his eye level and said, “That was very nice of you to say that my nipple rings looked great.”

He smiled and said “I meant that not only your nipple rings look great, but also the ring in your cock. How does it feel when someone is sucking on your dick?”

“It feels great!” I replied. “Do you mind if I set up my chair and sit next to you for awhile and talk?” I asked.

“Please do.” He replied.

So I put my chair right next to his and sat down so that our legs were almost touching. We talked for about an hour. His nipples were big and elongated he said from years of being pulled by his lovers. His cock was beautiful with a nice big mushroom head. I almost couldn’t keep my eye off of it. I was imagining it buried in my ass. We rubbed our legs together and played with each other’s nipples while we talked. As you can see, we hit it off right away.

When it came time to go, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a card. It had his name, address and phone number on it. Most gay guys are very private about this type of information as am I, but he was very open. He explained that he did not want to miss the opportunity for us to get together in a more private setting. We said our good by’s and headed off in our separate ways.

Over the next several weeks, I looked at his card and thought about calling him. I was both excited and a little afraid about making the call. Finally I gave Ralph (the name on the card) a call. When he answered, I said that I was Andy the guy with the pierced nipples that he met at Haulover a few weeks ago. He said that he remembered me and hoped that I would give him a call. I asked if he wanted to get together at his place in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, and he said that anytime Sunday would work for him. So we set a time of Sunday morning at 10 p.m.

When I ended our phone conversation, a wave of excitement came over me. It was possible that I might finally get my anal cherry busted this weekend. I spent the rest of the week getting prepared for my “date” with Ralph on Sunday morning. I went to the store and bought some special lube for aiding in anal sex, an ankle bracelet and a toe ring that I have always wanted to wear. Every morning and night I inserted the largest butt plug and dildo in my ass to make sure that I was ready. Then on Saturday night I shaved my butt cheeks and my entire genital area.

I spent a very restless night on Saturday trying to sleep, but the anticipation of not knowing what was going to happen on Sunday morning made sleeping impossible. When I finally got out of bed on Sunday morning, I went into the bathroom and gave myself not on but two enemas to make sure that I was clean. I had not eaten a thing since bahis firmaları Saturday morning so as not to have any surprises should we have anal sex.

I put on a tank top shirt with one of my nipples with a ring in it hanging out of the shirt on the side. Then I slipped on a pair of yellow nylon running shorts with no underwear and my rubber thong sandals. I had packed my backpack with a change of clothes, my digital camera, my new anal lube and plenty of condoms. I threw the backpack in my car and headed out to Ralph’s place early. I did not want to be late and besides the anxiety that I was feeling wouldn’t let me stay still any longer.

The drive to his place took about an hour. All the way, I was thinking what I would do when Ralph opened the door and what was the right thing to say. I was like a young kid on his first date. The fact of the matter was that this was my first date with a gay man.

When I arrived at Ralph’s place, I parked my car where he had told me to and proceeded to look for the number of his condo. I was about 15 minutes early and tried to walk slowly, but as I approached his place he opened the door and walked out to greet me. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and sandals. We greeted each other and he led me into his place and closed the door. He kicked off his sandals by the door and I did the same putting mine right next to his. He glanced down at my new toe ring and smiled. I asked to use his bathroom to freshen up from the long drive (I had to pee so bad from the excitement).

Ralph first took my backpack and brought it into the bedroom where I quickly removed my shirt, and then pointed to the bathroom. I went in, closed the door and immediately relived myself. Then I thought if my dick might end up in Ralph’s mouth that I needed to shower off quickly which I did. After I dried myself off, I opened the door of the bathroom and walked out into his living room completely naked. I just couldn’t wait to be naked in front of him.

Ralph smiled as I approached him naked and stood up to take off his short also. “I am glad that you decided to get rid of your clothes so quickly” he remarked. “Being naked at home is my natural state.”

He gestured to a chair next to his for me to sit in, and as I passed him he kissed me and rubbed my butt and pulled my right nipple ring. We both moaned a little and then I sat down. We sat there naked and talked for a few minutes about the weather and my drive down to his place. He remarked how pleased he was that I decided to take him up on his offer to meet again somewhere more private after our initial meeting at Haulover Beach. The whole time that we talked I could not take my eyes off of his dick, which was bigger and much thicker than I remembered. The mushroom head of his dick looked enormous and I was getting worried that either he would not be able to fit it in my virgin hole or the pain would be unbearable.

After about only 10 minutes of conversation, he rose up out of his chair and kneeled in front of me spreading my legs apart. He lightly took hold of my freshly shaved dick and balls in both hands and began to kiss the head of my dick. When he took the pierced head of my dick into his warm and wet mouth, my breath was taken away. I could see that Ralph had done this many times before and was an experienced expert at pleasing his sexual partners.

As he licked and sucked my dick while fondling my balls, the moans of pleasure from both of us became louder and more sensuous. This was without a doubt the best blowjob that I had ever received man or woman. He then reached up and began to pull on my nipple rings gently at first and then progressively harder. My nipples are directly connected to my dick and it became as hard as it has ever been. Ralph then took my dick all the way into his mouth with the head ending up in his throat.

I did not want to cum so quickly, so I gently eased his head off of my dick and said to him “Let’s go into the bedroom, before I blow my load right here. You are fantastic, but I need you to try and put that monster dick of yours into my ass before I cum. Not that it would be the case today, but after I cum the party is generally over for me for a while and we are just getting started.”

“Whatever you want baby!” He replied. “I’m so happy that you are here that whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

We then both got up and trotted our naked asses off to the bedroom. He walked behind me and rubbed my butt cheeks as we moved to the bedroom. I bent over near the bed to get the lube and condoms out of my backpack. Ralph put one kaçak iddaa of his fingers in the crack of my ass and gently moved it over my anus. It sent a shiver up my spine. I put the lube and condoms on the night table next to the bed and Ralph lay down on the bed on his back.

“Suck on my dick for a while and get me hard.” He said in an inviting tone. “I want to be nice and hard when I enter that virgin ass of yours.”

I had been waiting to get my lips on that beautiful big dick of his and crawled up on the bed between his legs. I grabbed hold of his dick with both hands and just like he had done with mine kissed the head first, and then licked the shaft. His balls and dick were massive compared to mine even though mine is by no means tiny. I had to stretch my mouth open to take in the head of this beautiful cock. I gently sucked on Ralph’s dick while swirling my tongue around the head and inserting the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. He seemed to be enjoying it, but not nearly as much as I was.

As I continued to suck on his dick and massage his balls, his dick grew and became hard as a rock as the blood rushed into it. He took hold of my head and gently moved his dick out of my mouth.

“It’s time to put this bad boy to work and give you what you came here for,” he said.

Ralph sat up and positioned me on my hands and knees on the bed as he moved behind me. He reached over to the nightstand and opened the bottle of lube spreading some on his fingers and my anus. He then started to work the lube into my hole with one of his lubed fingers. It felt great to have someone else other than me with his finger in my butt. When he was satisfied with the lubing of my hole with his finger, he then inserted a second finger in my hole. He was good at this because I felt very little discomfort, but a lot of anticipation about what was coming.

He then leaned over to the nightstand again and opened a condom pack and put it on his dick. He then applied more lube to the outside of the condom and positioned his dick at the entrance to my hole. He held me by my naked hips with one hand and pushed forward with his dick holding it straight with his other hand. He tried several times and spread my legs further apart, but the head of his dick could not penetrate my outer ring.

He then moved off of the bed and said “Andy, stand next to the bed with your legs spread apart and lean over at the waist.” I did as he asked and he resumed his attempts to penetrate me. There was a little pain as he exerted more pressure and then it happened. That big head of his dick popped into my hole. He held it there for a moment and said, “You did it Andy. You took me in you.”

The feeling was indescribable. My anus closed around his dick as if holding it there and not wanting to let go. Ralph then started to ease more of his dick into me with his strokes becoming progressively deeper until I finally could feel his pelvis up against my butt cheeks. Once he was all the way in me he started to pull out leaving only his dick had in me and then shoved it all the way back in making my butt cheeks vibrate as he bottomed out. I was finally getting fucked and I loved it.

I really wanted to feel the weight of his body on my while he was fucking my ass so I said “Can we get back on the bed with me lying on my stomach and you on top of me?”

“Whatever you want Andy.” He responded.

As I moved to get on the bed his dick slipped out of me. It took us a little bit of time to get the right position on the bed and Ralph lost his hard on.

“You will have to suck on my dick again to get me hard Andy,” he said. I started to grab his dick and he said, “Remove the condom first so I can get hard.” I removed the condom and went to work sucking his dick back to life.

When he was hard again, he rolled me over on my hands and knees and took his position between my legs spreading them far apart. He grabbed for some more lube and aimed his dick at my hole again. With just a little pressure he was in me again. I laid flat on my stomach and he laid on top of me with his dick firmly in me. As he started to fuck me I realized that he did not reach for another condom for his dick before entering me.

I asked, “Are you bare backing me?”

“Yes I am, but don’t worry I am clean and I very seldom cum.” He responded.

I had waited for this moment for so long and it felt sooo good that I just laid back down and enjoyed the fucking I was getting. Ralph started to spank me as he was fucking me and fucking me harder as my hole relaxed and my moans grew louder. I was in ecstasy. kaçak bahis

“You’ve got it now Andy. You have a great ass and I just love fucking it.” He said.

As his dick bottomed out in me, I squeezed my ass muscles. He loved the sensation and told me that I was getting fucked like a guy that had done it for years. He continued thrusting in and out of me for about 15 minutes and then decided it was time for a break. He was right; he did not cum…yet.

“Why don’t we go into the shower to cool off and clean up for a bit.” Ralph suggested. I thought that it was a good idea. So we both got up from the bed and headed off to the bathroom. I expected my hole to be sore from my first fucking, but I guess that all of the preparation that I did in leading up to this day paid off.

I turned on the shower and when it became warm enough I got in and started to soap up my body. I was clean for the most part except for some sweat and lube on my butt. Ralph followed me in after a few minutes with a smile on his face. He took a bar of soap and started to lather up his dick. As he did this, he was becoming hard again. His smile became even more apparent.

As I was rinsing the soap off of the front of me he said, “Bend over Andy. It has always been a fantasy of mine to butt fuck someone in my shower and it looks like today is the day.”

I did as he asked, as I believe that I have always had a desire to be a bottom in the gay community. As I bent over, Ralph moved closer to me and pushed his dick into me in one swift movement.

“You’re all loosened up now Andy.” He said.

My head was under the cascading water from the showerhead and my ass was getting fucked again. The feeling was fantastic. I absolutely loved getting fucked in my ass anywhere and in any position. When Ralph had satisfied his fantasy, we finished our shower and dried off. We headed back to the bedroom and both lay side by side on our backs.

That did not last long as Ralph seemed like he just could not get enough of me. He leaned over and started to suck my dick and my clean shaved balls into his mouth. I decided that this was a good opportunity to get into the 69 position. We both sucked on each other’s dick and balls while sticking our fingers in our partner’s assholes.

When I had enough of this I asked Ralph if he wanted me to stick my dick in his ass.

“Sure” he replied. ” I was wondering when you were going to ask.”

I know that I just said that I was becoming a bottom, but I just needed to try being a top also. He rolled over; I applied some lube to his hole and my dick and positioned myself on top of him.

“Go easy at first” he said. So I lined up the pierced head of my cock at his well-lubed hole and pushed forward. It went in surprisingly easy. Once in I remembered that I forgot to put on a condom. When I told this to Ralph he said that since I was a virgin before today that he was pretty sure that I was clean. It felt fantastic as I pushed in and out of his hole. I laid my entire body on top of his and just rotated my hips in and out and around. Ralph seemed to be enjoying it too as he was moaning louder as I fucked him harder.

Just before I felt the urge to cum, I decided that it was time to pull out and the urge passed by. Ralph rolled over with his cock sticking straight up into the air.

“Straddle me and sit on my cock.” He ordered me. I did just that and his cock seemed to go even deeper into me in this position. I had my legs folded back and held on to my feet as I rocked back and forth on his dick. My butt cheeks were on his pelvis and thighs and my dick was bouncing in front of me on his stomach. Ralph grabbed hold of my dick and began pumping it with his hand. This was the hottest position yet for me and I told Ralph that I was going to cum soon.

“Go ahead Andy. Shoot all over me.” He said. It took only about 30 seconds after he said that for my dick to explode cum all over his face and chest. It was the most intense orgasm that I think that I have ever had. When my dick was done shooting, I collapsed on top of Ralph and his dick became limp and slipped out of me.

We lay there for a while naked in each other’s arms until it was time for me to get cleaned up, dress and leave. Ralph remained naked as he said he was always when he was home. We hugged and kissed and gave each other a look as if to say this is just the beginning of a fantastic sexual partner relationship.

When I left, I did not know when we might get together again. After all, this was my first anal sex and I was not sure that I was even going to like it. Well, Ralph and I are getting together again this Sunday for what I hope will be another unforgettable time. My goal is to get Ralph to cum in my mouth or my ass. I will keep you posted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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