A Hot Day at the Beach Ch. 02

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*All characters in this story are 18 years of age or over.


They splashed into the water, swimming and diving, both Baby Girl and Ricky never venturing far from Daddy. It was like he was the sun in the centre of the universe and they were two small body’s set to orbit about his warm glow. The only difference was they could get close enough to feel the burn of his skin.

Baby Girl was still amazed at the outcome of the day, though happy beyond her wildest dreams. Her Daddy loved her, the same way she loved him — a way that was wrong and nasty and so fucking hot it made her throb just to think about it. And; to know that she had her best friend Ricky to thank for it all, well Baby Girl just knew she’d have to make it up to him somehow. And she had a pretty good idea how she was going to do that.

Baby Girl and Ricky splashed at each other as they frolicked, full of youthful exuberance and Daddy watched on indulgently. But Baby Girl never forgot he was there and would come back to him time and again to give him little hugs and kisses that ranged from sweet and innocent to hot enough to curl Daddy’s toes.

Ricky hovered on the outskirts not quite sure if he should act so familiar with Daddy. She could tell from the way he watched the two of them that Ricky really wanted to be a part of the ‘snuggles and kisses’. He’d had Daddy’s cock in his mouth and all but Baby Girl sensed that her best friend wasn’t quite sure how to act around her father. She smiled as she realised now was as good a time as any to repay the favour she owed Ricky.

Baby Girl swam around behind her Daddy’s back and wrapped her arms about his neck, draping herself over his shoulders. “Oh Daddy would you look at poor little Ricky over there?” Baby Girl said loud enough so her friend would hear. Ricky glanced at both of them and then looked away as a blush infused his cheeks. “He looks kind of lonely over there all on his own Daddy, don’t you think?”

Daddy ran his hands along her legs when Baby Girl wrapped them around his waist and cupped her bare bottom. She felt the lips of her pussy spread open under the water and she gently rubbed the top of her mound against Daddy’s butt cheeks. “Mmm, he does look a little lonely Baby Girl.”

“Yes he does. Very lonely, Daddy.” Baby Girl had to stifle a small moan as her Daddy’s fingers began pulping at her ass cheeks, squeezing and rubbing them as she humped against his ass. Her nipples pulled tight as she pressed her full globes against her Daddy’s back. Baby Girl smiled as she watched her best friend pout. “I think he’s feeling a little left out Daddy. Don’t you? I think Ricky would really like to be giving you a little sugar Daddy, but I think he’s a tiny bit scared.”

At Baby Girl’s words Ricky’s skin flushed even darker and he bit his bottom lip to stop himself pouting. He kinda half turned as if to hide his face from father and daughter. Baby Girl felt her father’s fingers dig into the soft globes of her ass. “Be nice Baby…” Daddy told her. His tone was soft but she heard the warning. “But I am being nice Daddy.” Baby Girl said as she nuzzled his ear with her nose. She sucked his lobe into her mouth and drew back on it before letting her tongue lick along the ridge of it. “I’m only telling you so it’s all out in the open. So he won’t feel so self conscious or left out. And I think it’s only fair you know that Ricky loves you just as much as I do. Ricky wants to be your baby too Daddy.”

With her arms and legs wrapped around her Daddy as they were she could feel almost everything that was happening with her Daddy’s body. She felt his pulse quicken under her lips, she felt his breath catch under her hands, and under her legs? Well she felt her Daddy’s cock twitch and slowly start to grow. The thought of Ricky being his baby too excited Daddy as much as it did Baby Girl and Ricky. She smiled to herself as she dropped her head and planted small kisses along the top of her Daddy’s shoulder. “Is that true Ricky?” Daddy’s soft, deep voice asked her best friend gently. Baby Girl smiled again as she saw Ricky nod. There was a spark of deeply shielded hope in his eyes that Baby Girl knew well. Ricky always looked at her Daddy like that when he thought no one was watching.

Baby Girl loosened her legs from about his waist and dropped them a little lower as she smoothed a hand down her Daddy’s chest. She moved her hand lower and took a light grip on her Daddy’s semi erect shaft, stroking it softly and slowly as she watched things unfold. She felt Daddy’s breath catch as she gripped his cock and his fingers dug into the top of her knee in answer to her movement. “Daddy don’t you think Ricky would be sweet baby for you too?”

“Mmm I do. Ricky, Baby, come to Daddy.” Baby Girl heard her father say to her best friend. Ricky glided forward quickly and Daddy pulled him into a hard embrace. Both their cocks mashed together, both hard and erect and Baby Girl changed her grip to encompass both in her hands. “Are you gonna be Daddy’s sweet bahis firmaları baby too Ricky?”

“Oh god yes! Yes please, Daddy” Ricky whispered desperately.

Baby Girl watched the interchange, taking in every detail as Daddy’s hand came up and stroked Ricky’s cheek. “Mmm you are such a pretty boy Ricky, with a luscious girly mouth, just ripe for kissing and sucking Daddy’s cock.” Daddy’s other hand had moved and Baby Girl knew exactly what Daddy was doing to Ricky. Ricky was panting and whimpering as Daddy touched him. “But you know, if you’re going to be my baby I’m going to need more than just your mouth don’t you Baby?” Ricky gulped and nodded as Daddy leant in and brushed a teasing kiss across his lips. “Mmm, you know that Daddy’s going to want to push his hard, throbbing cock deep inside that tight little ass of yours don’t you Ricky? That sweet, sexy little ass that Daddy could just fuck for days on end?”

Baby Girl knew Daddy was fingering that tight ass right at that moment. Daddy was filling Ricky’s ass with his fingers and Ricky being the little slut that he was, was pushing back onto Daddy’s fingers so that they’d go deeper. Ricky shivered and trembled and his voiced wavered as he answered Baby Girl’s Daddy. “Oh God, Daddy you can fuck my tight ass whenever you want too, anyway you want too! Just please Daddy, fuck me now!”

And just like that Baby Girl knew that all three of their lives were about to change. Daddy’s cock absolutely raged with pulsing heat while his devious Baby Girl held his shaft against Ricky’s and stroked them both at the same time. Though Ricky was so feminine in so many ways, he had an amazingly hot, hard cock, with a beautifully shaped head and long, thick shaft.

Daddy was feeling downright giddy. He felt so good he was about ready to dive into anything with anyone. He was so happy about Baby Girl’s and his feelings for each other finally coming to the surface that nothing could compare with the exhilaration he felt. And then the confession she practically forced out of bashful Ricky had just been icing on the cake.

Until a couple of hours ago, Daddy actually felt jealous of Ricky. He was his daughter’s best friend, and for a girl to have a male best friend couldn’t help beg the question of whether or not there was something more than friendship going on. Suddenly, Daddy didn’t feel jealous any more. Not when Ricky’s ass would soon belong to him just like his sweet Baby Girl’s wet pussy.

Baby Girl squeezed their throbbing cocks together nice and tight. She squeezed them both so snug Daddy and Ricky both moaned as their smooshed together knobs oozed little rivers of precum. Daddy pulled Ricky’s face to his and kissed him hard and deep. He gave Ricky’s snug rim hole teasing little pumps with his finger while his tongue swept through Ricky’s mouth. “Fuck,” Baby Girl exclaimed as she watched her Daddy and best friend kiss like hot, star-crossed lovers. “You two are fucking gorgeous together!”

Daddy’s cock rippled with heat at hearing Baby Girl’s words. Being able to share it all with her only magnified every hot sensation. Daddy finally broke his kiss with Ricky, leaving the younger man breathless.

“Mmmm, that’s a nice tight little asshole, Ricky, baby,” Daddy crooned. “Are you sure you want Daddy’s big, bad cock up there?”

Baby Girl snickered like a sweet devil.

“Oh god, Daddy, yes…I’m dying to feel that luscious cock pump me so full,” Ricky said in moaning twang.

Daddy snickered just like his Baby Girl. Daddy gave her a nod, and she grinned back with unspoken understanding. While Daddy pulled Ricky into a tight embrace, she waded back out to get what she knew he wanted from the blanket.

Daddy ground his burning cock against Ricky’s and fondled his hard, young ass with his big, strong hands. As much as he and Baby Girl teased Ricky about being so smooth and slender and girly in so many ways, he also had a ripe virility about him that was driving Daddy crazy. “Ricky, baby,” Daddy sighed, “you make Daddy’s cock so fucking hard.”

Ricky whimpered and eagerly ground his cock back against Daddy’s strong body while Daddy plundered his supple mouth with hot, greedy kisses.

When Daddy spotted Baby Girl wading back into the water with the tube of lotion in her hand, he took Ricky by the hand and led him in toward shallower water. Ricky got down on his hands and knees while Daddy knelt behind him. Baby Girl knelt beside Daddy and kissed him like the horny vixen she was while Daddy reached between Ricky’s thighs and massaged his rock hard cock and swinging balls.

“I think you know what to do, Baby Girl,” Daddy said in a soft but serious tone.

“You know I do, Daddy-love,” she said. “Just let Baby Girl grease that hard, luscious cock so you’ll slide nice and slick up Ricky’s ass.”

“Oh fuck,” Ricky moaned in anticipation.

Baby Girl squeezed a large amount of lotion in her hand and started coating her Daddy’s ripe cock.

“Oh my god, Daddy,” Baby Girl cooed, “you’re kaçak iddaa fat cock is so fucking hard. You’re gonna split Ricky’s tight little ass wide open.”

Daddy snickered. “Oh, Baby Girl, something tells me sweet Ricky is gonna love your Daddy’s cock.”

Once Daddy’s cock was thoroughly coated with lotion, Baby Girl curled her hand around the base of his shaft and held his dripping fuckstick in position, with his thick dome pooching right against Ricky’s taut little rim hole.

Ricky was already shivering with the anticipation of getting fucked by Daddy’s rippling hard cock. Baby Girl reached under her friend and started stroking his cock while she kept the other hand on Daddy’s, eagerly waiting to see him make his first, nasty plunge.

Daddy’s cock was throbbing like mad. He looked in his Baby Girl’s gleaming eyes with a thousand feelings all going through his mind.

“Do it, Daddy,” Baby Girl nearly hissed at him. “Fuck him now…your Baby Girl is dying to watch your cock slide up Ricky’s ass. Do it, Daddy…fuck…oh fuck…c’mon…do it now!”

Daddy couldn’t help but laugh, yet at the same time, he couldn’t wait any longer to feel the tight ring of Ricky’s ass clamping his fat, throbbing cock.

Baby Girl chewed on her bottom lip in an effort to keep from demanding again that Daddy hurry up and fuck Ricky’s tight little ass. Her heart beat fast with excitement as she gripped both cocks in her fists and she could feel her young pussy beginning to drip with arousal.

As Daddy pushed forward, the spongy head of his thick cock pierced Ricky’s rim hole for the first time. Baby Girl squeezed even harder on the base of her best friends cock and pulled down on his length. She heard Ricky gasp loudly and smiled a wicked gleam in her eyes as she stared into her Daddy’s gaze and he smiled back at her.

She pulled back on Ricky’s cock and felt his whole body shudder against her hip as he jerked his hips forward and then leaned back into Daddy’s thrust. Ricky’s voice warbled as Daddy cursed behind him, Daddy’s fingers digging hard into Ricky’s slender hips as his slippery cock slithered past the tight ring of Ricky’s ass and embedded itself halfway inside his hot canal. “Oh Fuck!” Both Daddy and Ricky cried out as they felt their bodies joining and Baby Girl groaned as she bit her lip harder, her eyes glued to her Daddy’s thick cock as it sank deeper into Ricky’s clenching butthole.

As Daddy drew back and thrust forward once more, Baby Girl heard the wet slap of skin against skin; her hand still firmly wrapped around her Daddy’s cock, and whined through her nose. “Oh God Daddy, that’s so fucking nasty!” Baby Girl release Daddy’s cock to slap the rounded orb of Ricky’s tight behind before leaning forward to give her Daddy a wet, sloppy kiss. Her tongue burned inside his mouth, sucking her Daddy’s breath out of him.

Baby Girl began jerking on Ricky’s long prong, stroking it firm and tight, milking it so dribbles of precum drooled from the tip to coat her fingers. Baby Girl rolled her fingers over the knob, teasing at the slit as she listened to Ricky pant and gasp as her Daddy fucked his ass and she wanked his cock.

Ricky’s arms were shaking, almost like he was struggling to keep himself upright as his gasps of pleasure and pain filled the air. It was almost obscene to watch Daddy’s cock plunder his tight ass, but Baby Girl couldn’t take her eyes away. Daddy’s big cock split Ricky’s ass wide open, pushing and pulling at the rubbery ring of flesh that vainly tried to protect his little ass from intrusion. Not that Ricky fought against it any, no… Baby Girl watched as Ricky pushed back with more and more force on every stroke, his moans getting louder with every thrust until he was almost snarling with lust.

“Fuck Daddy, fuck my ass, oh god yes, fuck it!” Ricky growled as he threw his head back.

Baby Girl smacked his ass again. “Mmm, Daddy, yes go on, fuck Ricky’s sweet little ass. Fuck it nice and hard Daddy!” Her hand got faster as she pumped Ricky’s swelling cock. She could feel it pulsing in her grip. “I think our little Ricky is going to blow his load soon Daddy-Love.”

“Not before you get down there and suck his knob for him Baby Girl!” Daddy said. “Now.”

Baby Girl licked her lips and smiled. She leaned forward and gave her Daddy another hot, wet kiss that was deep and full of emotion too. Baby Girl tried to impart just how much she loved her Daddy and how free she felt being able to share and experience everything they were together. It made her head dizzy and her heart beat fast to know that her Daddy knew what was in her heart and could not only indulge her… but himself as well. Baby Girl needed that so much, and now she knew, that her Daddy did too… and so did Ricky. Baby Girl smiled at her Daddy again. “Yes Daddy…” She answered in her sweetest voice and then giggled when she heard Ricky curse beside her. “Oh fuck, if you do that Baby Girl I’m not going to be able to hold out!”

Baby Girl pumped kaçak bahis her hand even faster as she manoeuvred her way into position under Ricky’s body. “That’s okay sweetie, it won’t be the first time you’ve cum in my mouth…” Baby Girl heard Daddy’s loud grunt and felt Ricky’s hips thrust forward from the force of Daddy impaling his succulent ass with his long, throbbing cock. Baby Girl heard the sound of Daddy smacking Ricky’s ass cheek and Ricky’s answering whimper.

“Oh really? So you’ve cum in my Baby Girl’s mouth before today have you?” smack-whimper “Well now I think I’m going to have to punish you just a little bit for that Ricky” Daddy’s voice was almost light, but there was a tiny edge to it as he thrust his hips forward harder. “Do you like the way Daddy’s cock feels inside your asshole baby?”

Ricky groaned hard as Baby Girl started sucking on his knob like her Daddy told her too. “Yes Daddy, fuck.”

“Mmm, you really do don’t you? You like Daddy’s big, nasty cock fucking you up the ass, pounding your sweet little ring harder and harder don’t you, you little slut?”

“Daddy… please…” Ricky’s voice gasped as Daddy’s thrusts got faster, harder… Smack! “Answer the question.”

“Oh… oh … oh god… yes Daddy, I… I fucking love it!” Ricky panted.

“Mmm that’s right, because you’re a sexy little whore aren’t you Ricky? And Daddy’s going to own your sweet little ass just like he owns Baby Girl’s tight little pussy, isn’t he?”

The slap of Daddy’s skin against the back of Ricky’s legs and his fucking nasty words were driving Baby Girl and Ricky wild. Baby Girl’s cunt was throbbing as she fingered it hard and fast, digging three fingers deep inside her wet centre as Daddy’s thrusts pushed Ricky’s cock deeper into her throat. She moaned hard around the head of Ricky’s pulsing cock knowing that any moment he was going to unload big globs of sticky cum.

But not before Daddy had his wicked way with Ricky’s ass…

Daddy was practically shaking at how good the tight stroke of Ricky’s ass felt along his pumping shaft. Then Baby Girl started raking her hand between his and Ricky’s legs, caressing both pairs of balls with long strokes. Part of him hated hearing that his precious Baby Girl was intimate with the taste of Ricky’s cum, but he wasn’t surprised. Even before today, he’d known Baby Girl was wired much like he was, even if he didn’t know how much. He only wished they’d confessed their mutual love and desire sooner.

On the other hand, the idea of his Baby Girl being such a driven sexual creature made Daddy’s balls boil with spunk, especially now that he was driving his white-hot prick deep in Ricky’s ass. He knew damn well his own steaming gush of cum up Ricky’s ass was going to set the younger man off until he couldn’t keep from filling Baby Girl’s mouth with the same, creamy spunk Daddy knew she’d tasted before.

“You greedy little fucking whore!” Daddy growled as he raised his hand and smacked Ricky’s ass again. “You’re a nasty little slut for Baby Girl’s wet mouth, and you’re just as much a slut for Daddy’s hard cock, aren’t you?”

“Oh fuck, Daddy, yes, yes, yes!” Ricky shrieked.

Daddy was going nuts. Ricky’s ass felt so tight, and now Baby Girl was teasing his rim hole with her finger. He could tell she still had a mouthful of Ricky’s cock since she hadn’t made a sound except for hungry cock slurping.

“You’re such a little fucking slut, you want everything!” Daddy growled as he pumped Ricky’s ass even harder. “You even fucked my Baby Girl’s pussy, didn’t you? Right in my house!” Daddy rained five hard smacks down on Ricky’s ass. The younger man’s cheek was beginning to turn a bright shade of scarlet, and Daddy didn’t know how he’d ever get enough of fucking that hot, girly-boy’s asshole.

“Oh, Daddy, no!” Ricky confessed. “She only let me fuck her ass. She said the first man to ever have her wet pussy would only be you.”

Daddy was stunned. He plowed so hard into Ricky’s ass it was beginning to make Baby Girl gurgle around Ricky’s cock as Daddy’s forceful thrusts kept shoving Ricky’s slender body forward. Then, as if to underscore the fact that Daddy had actually been the first one to ever really fuck her pussy, Baby Girl wormed her finger up inside Daddy’s rim hole.

Baby Girl’s finger gave Daddy’s asshole teasing little pumps, and Daddy arched his spine and howled as he felt the waves of a forceful orgasm rip through every tense muscle in his body. His cock rocked with spasms as his slick, foaming spunk shot deep in Ricky’s ass.

“Owwww, fuck!” Ricky cried as his own cock responded and spurt jet after jet of his cum into Baby Girl’s mouth.

After Daddy and Ricky both spent every last drop of cum, Baby Girl scrambled back to her feet and threw her arms around her father. She was so happy she just threw her arms around him and kissed him, mashing her perky, wet tits against his broad body. Daddy drove his tongue deeply into his Baby Girl’s mouth, feeling excited by the telltale traces of Ricky’s cum inside her mouth. Daddy felt very greedy and possessive over his precious Baby Girl, but the taste of Ricky’s cum in her mouth as she kissed him was enough to make his blood boil.

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