A New Friend

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Hi All: Although I am a non-fiction writer/editor, this is my first Literotica submission, my first attempt at fiction.

I welcome all construction feedback/suggestions.


She offered me a ride just as I reached the sidewalk outside the building where the interesting talk about women and pay equity had taken place. She looked OK, nice in fact. It was early spring, and it still felt kind of chilly, so I said “sure.” As she leaned over to reach the passenger door handle, I noticed as her plump breasts pressed up on the seat and into the top of her v-neck sweater. I always noticed when things happened like that, and said a quiet thanks to the great mystery that delivered such joy in unintended ways.

“Where to?” she asked, smiling at me, implying we could go anywhere.

“Ah, I live by the Standish Metro station, and there is a nice little bar there. Would you let me buy you a drink for giving me a ride home?,” I offered.

“That sounds great. I just moved here and don’t know where to go. I don’t even know where that station – Standing, did you say?” Which way do I turn to get there?” she said.

“The Standish station is that way” I said, pointing left, smiling at her misunderstanding.

“Oh, OK, left we go” she responded. “And hey, I’m Katie Hayborne. What’s your name?”

I realized I had just started a journey with a complete stranger. “I’m Pat Simkin. Where did you move from? I asked, with just a little trepidation. I didn’t want to seem nosy, but it was conversational too, right?

“I moved from the great North West, from Seattle, because I got a job offer. I’d been looking for a long time, so although I loved Seattle, I thought if I had to go…”

“What kind of work do you do?” I asked, noticing that she wore a lipstick that really worked. For one, she had lips that were kind of full, and the fuscia color really brightened her whole face, which was framed with blond hair that looked tousled. There were rolling waves and long layers falling from the top of her head to below her shoulders.

“I’m a reporter. I got a job on Beth Smith Show on WADX, the women’s radio network. It’s all online, which is great, ’cause internet radio is the fastest growing media right now, so there’s some security in this format.

“Turn here, right I mean, turn right here,” realizing we were almost there. “That’s great about your job. I’m an old radio reporter/producer, and just been thinking I should start a labor podcast as I continue to look for a full-time job with a union. There’s the place just on the left. See it?”

“Oh, It looks so cute,” Katie opined, turning her car into the parking lot in front of the Bacchus Oaks. It was a neighborhood hangout that was busy enough for anyone to enjoy without scrutiny. There were actually stately oak trees at the edge of the parking lot, and those trees were just starting to generate their annual brown pollen strings, another sign of the imminent spring, one that caused me red eyes and sneezing, but that was miles away from what held my interest now. Katie parked, and we got out and walked together over the crunchy gravel in the lot.

We entered the dark space and headed for a booth in the back. “What can I get you?” said Sammy who was at our table almost immediately. She was the server who always wore low-cut sweaters and tops, which showed off her very attractive upper assets. Although she was older and smoked, I wondered if I could get a chance with her sometime. She seemed flirtatious with me, so my hope lives eternal.

“I’ll have a beer. What do you have in bottles?” Katie asked sweetly.

“Take a look a the list on the back of the menu” Sammy replied, flipping the menu over, winking at me.

“Bring me a Fat Boy, Sammy,” I chipped in.

“You got it darling” Sammy answered. “See anything you like yet” she asked Katie.

“I’ll try one of those Fat Boys. Thanks,” Katie said.

Sammy left to get the refreshments. I thought I noticed Katie glancing just below my face. I wasn’t sure, but I had that feeling. “Could it be? Oh my, this could be delicious,” I thought.

I have been on my own for almost a year, ever since Jos decided to move to California without me. We had been falling away from each other for months, so it wasn’t such a shock when she sat me down and gave me her news: she accepted a new position at a California güvenilir bahis hospital where she was going to be a director of patient care. I miss her though, and the curve of her aquiline nose, which pointed directly to her most spectacular set of breasts, so firm and high, with a “sky jump” curve that closed the circuit that started on her face. All that is true, but I was hungry to move on and I was beginning to sense there might be a start to that brewing tonight.

“So what stories are you doing this week on your show?” I asked as Sammy returned with the Fat Boys.

She took as swig of hers, and said “We’re working on a story about youth and who they like in this election cycle, but I also think I’ll propose a show with the author we heard tonight. Pay equity, the “mommy tax,” other countries’ family policies and impact on pay equity – there is a lot to explore even beyond what was presented tonight.”

I took a sip and answered that I thought that the youth engagement was a confounding situation. I also endorsed her idea to do a show on the pay equity. We drank and talked, and after one bottle we got another, then I said I would like to go home. She had reached out and put her hand on my wrist a few times, which after two beers (I was a lightweight drinker) seemed flirtatious. I was a little encouraged, even hopeful.

We got back in her car and I directed her to go back onto the main road and on to my apartment. In just a few minutes, we were there. I didn’t hesitate and asked “Would you like to come in?

“I sure would, Miss Pat,” Katie replied, showing dimples in a broad smile. “She sure is cute!” I thought.

“Great. Follow me,” I offered, as I got out of the car and turned toward my door. We walked to my building’s door, and soon we were at my apartment’s door. As I fumbled to get my keys out, I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“Hurry up, my new friend,” Katie said stepping back, and giggling. I had found my keys and flung open the door, extending my arm wide to indicate that she should enter. She smiled broadly and walked past me into my apartment. I thought things were going to get interesting.

“Let me take your coat,” I offered. “What could I get you to drink?

“Wine?” Katie asked.

“Sure. Red or white?” I asked.

“Red, please,” Katie said.

“A girl after my heart” I thought as I poured the wine into two new glasses. We sat on the couch and laughed and giggled, talking about the election and candidates, how we got started in radio, my blogs – both my political one and my new food blog, including my latest post about the caramelized apple french toast, a spur of the moment effort that resulted in the most amazing result.

“As I turned the apples over and over to coat them with the sugar and butter in the pan on the high heat just because I was in a hurry, I noticed this incredible aroma coming out of the pan. It was familiar and sweet but I thought it was just the hot apples, and but then as I scraped the “apple juice” out of the pan over the apples piled on the French toast, I realized it had caramelized. It was so delicious” I effused, leaning back on the couch, remembering the unexpected bonus that morning.

“Pat?” Katie wistfully asked. As I turned, she looked directly into my eyes, leaning her head on a folded arm, inches from me. “I feel like kissing you. Do you want me to kiss you?” As we talked, we had gradually moved closer together.

“Well, yeah, I would,” I said moving even closer, and tipped my head to get the kissing started.

She was tentative at first, so I asked her if she wanted to play a little kissing game.

“Hmnn, what is that?” she asked dreamily, resting her head back on her arm.

“Well, we would sit up and face each other, but have no contact, except for our lips. The first one to touch as we kiss looses and has to do what the winner says she wants. Are you game? I know this will be hard for me as you have such spectacular tits,” I said, sitting up and facing her, pecking her quickly on the lips, feeling embolden with the frank use of sexual description.

“I’m game, but I have to say, it’s just been a while for me. My last girl experience was my college roommate, more than ten years ago. I’ve never forgot how much I loved sleeping with her though, and have longed to find another situation where I could feel that way again. türkçe bahis And oh, thanks. And I noticed that you have a nice curve in your sweater. I couldn’t help noticing, I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Mind? Are you crazy? I love that you noticed – I wasn’t sure, but thought your eyes were not always on my face. Here, why don’t you sit up and face me, but arrange yourself so you aren’t touching at all, but are close enough to kiss.”

Katie shifted off her folded arm on the back of the couch, and sat up, turning so she faced me. I adjusted my position to align with her.

“Are you ready?” I asked now that we were in position.

Without answering, she leaned toward me, with those full lips, painted fuscia, puckered, eyes closed. I leaned towards her, and started very gently to kiss her. She kissed me back softly, but her lower lip was so plush I was lost in trying to trace it with my tongue. I made my way like a blind man exploring a new sensual entity. I even imagined him, a short white man in a black suit, reaching out, head bowed, to feel the velvet covered wall before him, moving his hands slowly over the pink rolls and curves of the wall. Visible to my imagination was a large protuberance emerging behind his pants zipper, as my own warm bloom began to open in my pants just as I rounded the seam of her upper and lower lips. I continued along the lush outer folds of her upper lips, licking to the center, where I entered softly to kiss with my tongue and open mouth. She began to kiss me back, and then, gloriously, she took off her sweater.

I pushed her down onto the couch so I could feel her, so I could run my hands over her full breasts, squeezing them as I straddled her. At that point, I had lost the game, and she laughed.

“I think it’s game over, for you Pat,” she said, as I covered my face with my hands, in feigned shame.

“It’s true, I lost it when you took off your sweater. I just could not help myself. You have such pretty, high, firm, soft, gorgeous, juicy pillows that I just have to have my hands on them, and to be fair, my mouth. Now, dear Katie, what is your command for my next move for your pleasure?”

She pointed a finger thoughtfully on her chin in mock contemplation, and revealed her wish: “I want you to take off everything above the waist.”

“Your wish is my command” I happily said as I peeled of my sweater.

“Come on, come on, don’t stall, off with the bra. Release the prisoners!” she said, gesturing with her hand turning it around and around in a little circle, indicating feigned impatience.

I immediately complied, reaching behind me to unhook my bra. “The prisoners have been in revolt ever since my lips touched yours,” I said as I slipped off my bra, and my bare breasts faced Katie. My pinky brown nipples stood at attention, waiting for a caress or more.

She turned me around and pushed me down and kissed me as she played with me. She knew what she was doing – she was twirled and pinched the nipples, then she moved to suck them. I was in heaven.

As Katie sucked, I unhooked her bra and wiggled it off, exposing her very nice ones. They were substantial, with nice reddish tan nipples that stood out indicating she was aroused. I wanted to feel her below, and give her a little hand action. I knew I was incredibly wet and guessed she was too.

“Katie, let’s go to my bedroom. I want to feel how wet you are, you know?” I asked.

“Great,” Katie said, standing up, waiting for me. I scrambled to my feet, my tah-tahs swayed a bit. Katie got behind me and danced as she placed her hands over them, forming a little bra of her hands.

In my room, standing at my bed, I turned and unzipped her pants and pulled them down, along with her panties. I had wondered if she shaved or was a natural. I liked both ways, but hers was a combination with just a trimmed strip in the middle which was incredibly sexy, especially with Katie’s wetness just visible in the shine on the middle of that strip of sex.

I slipped my finger on it, and bent it inside the glistening wet folds of her glorious pussy while she worked off my pants. “You pussy just trimmed! Arauh! Me must lick! Me want you spread legs and me put tongue on pussy!” I said in my best cave woman act.

Katie laughed and then we fell together on the bed, naked and wet. Her nipples stood up like blackberries at the güvenilir bahis siteleri center of her gorgeous tits. I fit one into my mouth and sucked it a bit while she worked fingers along the inside of my thigh, close to my cunny. She then worked on the outside first, and only then began to finger fuck me. I bit her nipple and flicked my tongue across the juicy fruit, then switched breasts as Katie seemed to find my channel of pleasure as her fingers kept up their exploration of my dripping wet cunt.

I love to suck tits, that’s true, but it seemed time to move down to Katie’s pussy, which I couldn’t wait to lick. I started to kiss my way down, stopping to suck her fingers as she pulled them out of me, then turned up to kiss her and suck her tongue a bit. It gave her the smell of my pussy in full bloom, and the taste too. I so love the smell of women’s privates I have a small collection of underpants I’ve saved from aroused donors. I confess I love to smell them when I masturbate – there is nothing more erotic to me, and I love to share my own arousal scent with my lovers. I’ve only had self-pleasuring since Jos had moved.

So we mashed mouths, as Katie moved her hand to massage my breasts. She said “Your tits are so full” as she played with my as yet unsucked assets. I turned to her beautiful strip of pussy hair. She brought her knees up as I worked my way down so she was spreadeagled by the time I reached her peach. Looking at her eyes, I dipped a finger in and worked the wet there around her plush labia. Then I lowered my mouth and kissed deeply, inhaling the delicious erotic scent as I kneeled between her open legs.

First,I applied my tongue to the flesh exposed between the sides of that exquisite pussy hair strip. I like to start wide and hard, then work my way in for softer more intricate tongue work, ultimately ending flicking my tongue gently over the clit. That’s exactly what I did with Katie.

As I did, she played with her significant tits, pinching her nipples, and squealing softly as her hips bucked and rolled. She then came all of a sudden, sitting halfway up and pressing my head down into her convulsing snatch. I lapped up her juices, and twirled my tongue against her convulsing, wet, pussy walls. I felt proud and was so turned on I couldn’t wait to see what came next.

I didn’t have to wait long. As she collected herself, she rolled onto her side as I came up and laid next to her, face to face. I brushed her hair gently away from her smiling, satisfied mien, kissing her sweetly. She thanked me and rolling onto her back, do I massaged her irresistible breasts, squeezing them and rolling her nipples in between my thumb and fingers, sucking them a little. Then I draped my leg over her, and noticed I could smell my own pussy, which was wet and wanting. Was she going to lick me or should I move my other leg into a trib position?

I didn’t have to wait long before she started to move. She sat up and pushed me flat on the bed. I laid back with my arms raised over my head, and waited. She sat for a second, gathering her hair behind her head, pushing her beautiful breasts forward. The sight made me gush even wetter than I already was, which I didn’t think was possible, but I was so ready for whatever came next.

She moved so she was positioned right between my slightly raised legs, opened wide. She started to lick and then stopped for a second to report: “You smell so deliciously spicy, like… ” she paused as she lowered her head and drew in a deep draft of what was now her face flower.

“Yes, you smell like tree bark when you snap a piece off,” she said, returning to her licking, moving slowly on the inside walls, just barely touching my clit at the top. Once she had moved some of my dripping to the top, she focused on my clit, licking and teasing it out of its hood.

She didn’t let me cum yet. She moved to stick her tongue inside me. Oh my God, this woman was a pussy licking artist! She knew what to do as I came once, then again, and again as she twirled around inside me. She finished me by coming back to my clit, and flicked her tongue quickly across the happy bulb. I came again in an intense finish that left me limp, but oh so happy.

I had found a new friend with benefits who could become more. There was so much I wanted to do with her. I thought she was so good looking and her body was to be ravished. We had had a great evening just talking, leading as it had to bed where we both had a great time. So there was more to come, I was sure. Right now I held her in my arms and said a quiet prayer of thanks as I drifted to sleep.

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