A King’s Edging

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Long ago the worlds of machine and magic had collided. The expansion of new ideas and the clash of differing worlds had created a rampant spread of chaos throughout the lands. For hundreds of years societies and factions rose and fell. It seemed that a truly functional world was perhaps an idea of the past. The grand cities and civilizations of old were all but myth. That is until Grand King Draven took power. His ancestors had already built a sizable community, but it was nothing the tired world had not seen before. “It would be gone before long” many of them thought. But to their surprise Draven proved them wrong. It’s unclear why, but his leadership brought his city of Edendale into a new age.

Some speculated that he was in the first generation to posses’ blood that was truly a mix of the arcane magic and the science of old. As his influence grew larger more cities began to rise up in distant lands all hunting for power and territory. The world was rising again and this time it would be even grander than it had been before the dark ages. His blood and the techniques that humans had acquired had kept him young through many years and it seemed that he may live forever. This all changed around the 160th year of his rule.

His kingdom had known of a wild and ancient sorceress that lived near their borders. She was a danger to the prosperity of the kingdom and so they attacked. They killed her, but in the final days of the siege she prepared a very complex and widely forgotten curse. She cursed Grand King Draven, among other things, to be killed by his next child. The scholars that explored the lair of the sorceress discovered the curse and told the king of it. This is where our story begins.

Even in the darkest of nights the city of Edendale was alive. It’s promises of a brighter future shone as brightly as it’s skyscrapers against the dark world. The low-class citizens who worked nights were scrambling around on the streets below. One hundred and fourteen floors above them Grand Kind Draven slept in the government sanctuary, a summer breeze drifting in from his balcony. The past year and a half had been one of his most difficult as a leader. Some of the other nations were getting more cunning in their attempts to overthrow his kingdom. The curse of the sorceress was another axe that loomed over the heads of both him and his people. She had been both clever and… thorough in her implementation of the curse. Beyond the threat of death, it had altered the king in some particularly obscene ways.

The first and most recognizable was in his genitalia. His shaft had grown to an uncomfortably long 12 inches with a bulbous 2-inch head on top. The thickness had increased too, almost making it too big to fit his hand around. His testicles had swollen to the size of duck eggs making his testosterone levels skyrocket. The size barely diminished when flaccid so when he wore the tight clothing required for the government officials, his manhood stuck out like a sore thumb. He might as well be naked most of the time. He did admit that it wasn’t a bad intimidation tactic, but most of the time it was very embarrassing.

It also garnered unwanted attention from the women he ruled. Practically everyone wanted to bare the child that would be his doom. Aside from his penis the curse also made him grow hair on practically every inch of his body and his sex drive was nearly too much to manage. The stress was been getting to him and he had gained almost 60 pounds making him look around 50 instead of the 40-year-old that he had looked like for the past 170 years.

Every night he practically races to his bedroom to relive himself of the pressure in his bahis firmaları loins using either one of the sanctuary attendant boys or taking care of it himself. Although he slightly preferred women, he couldn’t risk getting one of them pregnant. His new penis produced an unholy amount of semen and Draven was almost sure the sorceress would have manipulated his sperm count in some way as well as making it impossible to perform a vasectomy without severing the appendage completely.

On this particular night he was grateful. The lustful pangs that seized him almost daily didn’t arrive and he was able to fall asleep alone. He knew that he would have a considerable buildup of seed by the morning and his phallus would surely be greeting him at full mast. However, tonight he wanted to go to sleep without ejaculating. He was on his back and sprawled out on his bed. His miraculous member was resting between his hairy thighs waiting for the slightest of disturbances to awaken it from its slumber. The moonlight shone on him and the sounds of the distance city life hummed away beneath his feet.

Suddenly the king awoke from a sharp pain in his hairy belly. He tried to sit up and see what happened. He felt the place where the pain wand felt a small bump as if something had bit him. He looked all around the room and saw only an empty moonlit suite. He examined the spot again and, seeing that there was no difference laid on his back once more. After a few minutes he starting to feel strange. Something deep in his brain came alive.

For some reason the most primal part of his brain was whispering to him. He had become very familiar with that whisper over the past 18 months. It was the part of his brain that urged him to do filthy things to his attendant boys. It had kept him awake for hours some nights urging him to get all of his seminal fluids out. That whisper had been the call of the void ever since the curse had taken effect. That whisper was telling him to fuck and to breed. He opened his eyes and looked down at his penis. It was slowly filling with blood. The head was stiffening and rising off the bed. The whisper was getting louder unnaturally fast.

He needed to do something about his erection very soon. He told his hand to greet his rising member, but it stayed still. He tried again and his hand didn’t budge. Then he tried his other hand. No movement. The he tried his legs. Nothing. His entire body was paralyzed, and his penis was getting harder by the second.

“What is going on?” the king thought. His mind was racing. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was about twice the size width of a gallon jug and a meter tall. It was boxy and it had a few weird things about it. It had limbs, two legs and two arms. The limbs were shaped like a humans, but they had a robotic and lifelike quality about them. Its strangest feature was probably its torso. In the middle was a large clear and empty container that looked to be about 2 quarts in volume. The king recognized it as an enchanted automaton. These were customizable robots with magical properties that people used to get menial jobs done throughout the city. “But what is this doing in my room?” thought the king terrified. Naturally he thought that this was an assassination attempt, but something was off. If one of his rival wanted him dead, then why wasn’t he dead already?

It had already stung him with something, and the city had access to poisons that could kill him in seconds. He desperately tried to think through everything , but he could barely form a though. His cock was now rock hard and the whisper in his head was a full-on shout. All he could think about was cumming. kaçak iddaa Then the small creature started to walk towards him.

It climbed onto the bed and walked to his groin. Then the small robot did something the king did not expect. It grabbed his penis and spread its legs. He understood what was happening now. There, in between the robot’s legs, was a very small , smooth, and fleshy looking hole. The robot was here to collect his semen!

The robot stood there quietly whirring away. It had paused almost as if it were thinking. The king knew that he should be horrified at the prospect of being milked by this machine, but he knew that if he wasn’t paralyzed be would be mounting it and having his way. Whatever he was injected with was extremely powerful. The robot was slowly moving its right hand along the king’s manhood leaving moisture wherever touched. It was getting the pulsating cock ready. The penis was adding its own lubricant to the mix. His cock was spasming with the precise strokes of the mechanical hands and with each jerk a glob of precum leaked out of the head. After a minute or two, all 14 inches of the king’s sex organ were thoroughly lubricated. The robot lined the cock up with the tiny hole between its legs. The king could feel his heartbeat in tip of his dick and the human-like heat the robot’s engine was producing in its nether regions. The robot slowly lowered itself onto Draven. The whole was so much smaller than the cock that the king though that maybe he would be safe, but there was no such luck.

The sex machine moved its hands toward the point of entry and applied more lube. At the same time, it steadily pushed harder downwards. It pressed harder… harder… harder until… POP! The massive head slid in. With the precision only a automaton could achieve it stopped when just the head was in and slid down at an excruciatingly slow pace. The fleshy cavity of the robot was heaven. It seemed to be stimulating every nerve in his royal rod all at once. His dick was on fire. The king was baffled by how good it felt. Then he remembered what was happening. His couldn’t let this thing extract his cum! He needed to do something. Just then the robot placed his left hand on the king’s stomach. There was another sting, and the king nearly forgot about the curse. As soon as the robot stung him, he was no more intelligent than an animal in heat. He prayed from the robot to fuck the hot load out of him!

The automaton continued lowering itself onto the king inch by inch. Once it was 10 inches down the king felt it really go to work. All the inner mechanisms in this fuck robot whirred to life messaging and vibrating his dick from the inside. It was almost too much for the king to handle. The sliver of sanity he still had was the only thing stopping him from spraying the fuckhole with hyper potent baby batter that his massive balls had made during the previous day. The robot continued downward while its vast amounts of data it had received on how to please a cock made sure there was no chance the king would hold out. He was so close now that he could practically feel the semen climbing up his shaft. “I have to hold out, I have to hold out, I have to hold out” the king feebly thought. He knew it was no use though. Whomever was behind this, was going to get his semen.

Just as he felt the last bit of his mind give way to the machine, it stopped. He could have sworn that the semen had just reached his head when the machine just stood still. The cum fell back down into his body and the king would have sighed if he weren’t paralyzed. Why had it stopped? What was it doing?

Sting! The chemicals flooded his brain again. The machine slowly kaçak bahis woke up and began again. The fucking continued and the king understood what was happening. It was bringing him to the edge in order to increase the volume of the ejaculation. It then hit the king what kind of night he was in for. The robot would continue to fuck him up until he couldn’t take it anymore, then stop. He was in heaven. No, maybe it was hell. He couldn’t tell. Over and over again the robot teased him as it brought him to the brink of spewing his seed. The king was sweating profusely as hours passed and something strange began to happen. Reality seemed to come in and out of focus for him. His cock seemed to become the center of his consciousness. Everything seemed to vanish from his mind except his hedonistic perverted sexual thoughts. As the robot drove the sanity from him, he started to identify more with his sex organs than with his brain. He and his penis were becoming one. Without him even noticing the sunlight started to peak over the horizon.

The robot’s job was almost finished one last fuck and it would return to its owner. It would deal the killing blow to the cock this time. The fuckhole came to life and fucked the sex crazed king once again. It hit all the extasy inducing beats it was trained to do. The godlike cock was about to blow, then once the time came it knew what to do.

The king had nothing in his mind except his penis. He hadn’t noticed that the robot stopped paralyzing him hours ago. While it was on top of him, the only thing that he was capable of thinking of was cock. Another peak came, then it backed off. Again, he fell inches short of pure bliss. Again, and again and again and again and again and again and again the robot teased him. There seemed to be no end in sight. Then without warning it changed. He was reaching another peak. His cock was pure electricity. The tightness and the warmth of the hole once again sparked a part of his brain that he didn’t know even existed. He was hopelessly addicted to this feeling. He felt the orgasm wind-up then it happened. The semen he would have done anything to protect mere hours ago was leaving him he looked up to see the glass chamber being drenched with his cum. It was beyond anything he’d ever seen. The amount and speed it left his piss slit made it truly look like a hose of cum.

Over and over his body spasmed and came. He wanted to feel this way for the rest of his life. His cock continued to drench the inside of the container. It a quarter of the way full, then half, then two thirds, then it was completely full. All two quarts of the basin had been filled and he was still cumming. The robot’s job was finished. It pulled off of the king and escaped the way it came, out the balcony. The king was still cumming on his bed, drenching himself him his own fluids. The last thing he remembered before blacking out from pleasure was trying to make the semen hit as much of the walls as possible.

He woke up hours later with another pleasant feeling. His favorite sanctuary attendant, a young brunette boy, was burying the kinds cock deep in his asshole. “I hope you don’t mind your highness. I know that you love your morning wood taken care of.” The boy said while moaning and masturbating his own cock. The king looked down at the matted hair on his belly and chest, and the soaked bed sheets. The robot had gotten away. The sorceress’s curse would be fulfilled. He didn’t care.

His child wouldn’t be old enough to kill him for years. In the meantime, he had a young adult bobbing up and down his king cock. He let the boy ride on him for another 20 minutes and filled him with cum. It spewed out of his stretched asshole and down the king’s shaft. Draven was still mesmerized with his newfound passion. He knew the reaper would come for him, but until then he had was gonna being fucking someone any second that he could.

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