A Hidden Life – Fort Carson

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I was back in CONUS after being stationed with the 8th in Korea. While some soldiers liked being stationed in Korea, I was not to be counted as one of them.

Ft Carson, just outside Colorado Springs was to be my new home for a while. The scenery was stunning and promised all sorts of recreational bliss.

For a closeted homosexual like myself, the posting left a lot to be desired. The Army was pushing back after a relatively successful decade for the LGBT communities.

The Army didn’t like them being called ‘witch-hunts’, but they, along with the USAF seemed to be having a contest of sorts on who could hit the higher discharge rates.

I stood out as being single and in my upper 20’s, this automatically made me suspect and I imagine there were several investigations started and ended without my knowledge. At six foot, six, I was not going to be found around any club on the ban list, when I literally stood out in such clubs, it would have been a plainly stupid thing to do.

As I explained to one of my commanders, (whom I suspect was on a fishing expedition), I was having more than enough fun with the ladies as a single guy and when I retired, my retirement pay was not going to be in jeopardy.

I had bought a well used, but serviceable Subaru from an E7 who was leaving the post, and I rented a small apartment off base.

I also bought enough backpacking gear to allow me to go out in the milder weather and camp over the weekends.

I did go for overnight backpacking trips, actually quite often. I liked the exercise and I needed to ‘talk the talk’. Favorite spots? Sure, I could rattle off several. I even took the XO’s ‘friend’ out on a two night hike over the 4th of July holiday. If he was investigating me, the circuit hike I took him on would have made him work for it. Personally, I think the man was really interested in backpacking and probably enjoyed it immensely.

I was soon given the nickname ‘Euell Gibbons’ due to my penchant of enjoying the outdoors.

Every day prior to having at least 48 hours off, that backpack would be plainly visible in the back seat of my car.

Because of the ‘witch-hunts’ the Army wasn’t having, I never attempted anything on post. With one exception, I avoided doing anything in Colorado Springs also. No sense in giving the Air Force’s OSI a shot at me along with Army’s CID.

Through trial and error, I had located several, usually very slow, cruising spots fairly close to Colorado Springs. I was pretty certain the military did not yet know about. I also had plausible cause to be in all of the spots should it have come down to that.

The end result of the above discussion is that due to having to be extremely careful at all times, most of my encounters around this posting were furtive, quick sucks in cars, along trails and under stalls.

The first cock I sucked in Colorado came as the result of two weeks leave I had taken in late July where I was backpacking, camping and fishing in nearby Gunnison National Forest.

One week in, not quite 11:00 in the morning, I was cresting a ridge through large boulders when noticed two backpacks propped against a large boulder. No sign of the hikers though.

I put my pack next to theirs and started looking for a way up on top.

I could faintly see recently disturbed gravel along one side of the rocks. I followed the path between the boulders a little way then rounded a bend and saw the pair of backpack owners.

The dark haired man was on his knees, a blond mans’ dick in his mouth.

The dark haired man was facing the entrance at a 45 degree angle. When he saw me, he urgently waved me away.

I went back to the trail and waited for them. I didn’t have long to wait.

The blond came onto the trail first. Upon seeing me, his facial expressions went from satisfied bliss to startled panic, then false bravado.

“How long have you been here?” he asked.

“About five minutes.” I replied, “Just enough to cool off some. I saw your packs and figured I’d wait to find out which way you’re going.”

“We’re headed East.” The dark haired man replied, “We’ve got one more night out, before we get back to the trail head. If you’re going the same way, you’re more than welcome to walk with us.”

“That’d be nice.” I replied, “I’m three days away from where I parked, so the company would be great.”

I found out their names, Tony was the blond, Paul had the dark hair. From Paul I learned that both had been in Scouts. In high school, Tony had been involved in anything sports related while Tony was in band.

Apparently while camping together in the same tent in Scouts, Tony sensed Paul’s sexual orientation and took advantage, using Paul as he liked, and when he liked, always holding the threat of exposure over his head. According to Paul, even though they were both starting their sophomore years at UCCS, this backpacking trip was no exception.

I told Paul that when I had encountered them behind the rocks, my first thought was to join in. That certainly got his attention.

“You illegal bahis wanted sucked?” Paul asked.

“Actually, I would have taken your place in that scenario.” I replied.

I told Paul that I was new to the area and hadn’t yet found anything that was both safe for me.

Paul told me the name of one of the parks/open spaces near the UCCS campus that abutted an arroyo. The city had put up a six foot redwood fence sometime ago in order to block off the arroyo from the park. Since that time, sage and other brush grew out from both sides of the fence.

There were several paths that would get you through the brush to the fence. Once you are along the fence, you will come to a spot where the bottom of four or five boards are cut off.

If you say ‘Marco’ or ‘Ping’ and get the response ‘Polo’ or ‘Pong’, then you have a cocksucker on the other side.

The cock was always on the park side, the sucker on the arroyo side he said.

“Watch for snakes, lots and lots of rattlesnakes in that brush.” Paul warned.

“How many people know about this spot?” I asked.

“I’m not sure of that answer, but if you were to hang out there all day on a class day, you’d probably get two or three during the late morning/lunch, then another maybe three or four in the late afternoon.” Paul said. “No one goes there when it’s dark. Also, I’m probably the only person ever to be on the arroyo side.”

He continued, “Since it’s summer, those numbers will be a lot lower.”

“I’ll definitely look into it.” I said, “I think the Army has everything south of town pretty much covered.”

“Oh, yeah.” Paul said, “This spot has only been going for less than a year, so far it’s mainly jocks. I’ve never noticed either campus security or city police snooping around there.”

We camped that night in the tree line, about 200 yards off the trail. Both men had their own stoves and pots, but there was only the one tent. I noticed that Tony looked a little sheepish when he was explaining that his tent needed waterproofing so they were sharing Paul’s tent for the trip.

The next morning, as I was making coffee, they were breaking camp. According to Tony he had to get back to the Springs early in order to practice for some sport. I was okay with whatever he told me, as I was going to let them go, then break camp and head back, past where I discovered them, towards my own car.

I had to wait until the next weekend before I could get out and search for the location Paul had told me about. After locating the park, I attempted to locate the glory hole from the park side first.

I had brought a hiking stick in case I ran into any snakes, although I heard them rattling occasionally, I did not see a snake at all. Walking along the edge of the brush, I counted at least five entrances into the brush. I’m not sure they all led back to the fence, but according to Paul, at least two of them would.

I looked around to see if anyone was observing me, and finding no one watching, I slipped into the second entrance from the left. It seemed to have the most footprints leading in.

As I approached the cut off boards, I said “Marco” in a low voice. No response, so I tried “Ping” in a slightly louder voice. No results with that either.

Paul had said that most of the time, he entered the brush from the park side and slid through the hole. I wasn’t going to slide through anything when I couldn’t see what was waiting for me. I opted to take the longer, end run around the fence and enter from the arroyo side. Again, no snakes, but there were several sketchy holes that I planned to stomp down when I left.

I arrived at the back side of the glory hole. I examined the fence where the boards had been cut off, someone had rasped the edges of the boards and heavily shellacked the edges. They had also used the cut off boards to support the upper board to the main fence, preventing them from prying loose when someone pressed against them.

The sound of clothing swiping against sage made me duck down instantly.

“Marco.” came the call.

“Polo.” I replied softly.

A long silence, then “Who’s there? You’re not the regular guy.”

“I’m not.” I answered, “I’m filling in for the regular guy right now. You still get the same results, though.”

He paced in front of the hole for a couple of seconds, unsure of me. In the end, he walked away.

I waited for another hour with no luck and then headed off, back to my apartment.

I was back the following day, being careful to park my car in a different area and enter the arroyo from the other end. I had left the hiking stick at home.

I had been behind the fence for about a half hour when I heard someone coming through the brush on the other side.

I quietly turned around so that I could observe the glory hole. I was just in time to see a smallish fairly erect penis being shoved through the opening, tan running pants already lowered down to mid thigh.

“Ping.” Said the voice.

After scaring off the person yesterday, I was illegal bahis siteleri really hesitant to answer. I wanted this penis in my mouth. It occurred to me that this person had already violated protocol by not waiting for an answer before showing his penis. Ultimately I decided I would follow what Paul had told me.

“Pong.” I replied.

He didn’t pull away, so I wet my lips and slid my mouth down the length of his penis.

“Very nice.” Came the voice.

This was the first cock I had in my mouth since leaving Ft Campbell. I wanted to taste his cum and thought I might give him aggressive head to meet my need, but I also wanted to simply enjoy the feel of a man’s cock in my mouth for awhile.

I opted for the latter, so I lightened the pressure my lips had on his cock slightly increased the tempo, only occasionally letting my tongue lap at the underside of his cock.

When he was ready to cum, I quickly swallowed the accumulated saliva increasing the pressure of my lips around his shaft and keeping my lips right over his frenulum.

I was soon rewarded with much more than a mouthful of sweet cum. Those of you who have read my past stories know that I love to milk the cum out of a cock. Returning a dry, completely flaccid cock to its’ owner.

As I finished milking this stranger on the other side of the fence he said, “If you’re going to be here for a little bit, I’ll tell Tim that you’re okay. He was the one down here yesterday. When he didn’t recognize your voice he got scared and took off. The regular guy hasn’t been here all week.”

“Anyone know why?” I asked.

“No, he just quit showing up.” he said.

He backed away from the fence and pulled up his pants.

“If he isn’t down here in fifteen minutes, then I couldn’t find him.” he said.

I brushed my teeth and looked around a little more back here. No snakes

Using my heel, I created a small trench and spit the toothpaste in, then covered it up.

I was making my way back to the fence when I heard a quiet “Marco.”

“Polo.” I replied, “Same guy as yesterday, by the way.”

“Sorry. I wasn’t sure.” he said.

“No problem, if the situation ever feels sketchy to you, you are probably best avoiding it.” I said.

“But now that you know what I’m here for, are you going to show me what you’d like help with today?” I asked.

He wasted no time, unzipping and pulling out what was soon to be eight inches of hard cock.

After his body was flush against the fence, his erection was not quite pointed straight up, close though.

I let the finger tips of one hand wander around the shaft of his cock, my other hand was caressing and hefting his heavy scrotum.

I ran both of my palms lightly along the sides of his shaft and said, “You have a nice cock. I wish I had got to suck you yesterday.”

“Mmm.” was his response.

Still caressing him I said, “I haven’t done this in a very long time so I might choke on you. If so, let it happen, I’ll make it worth your while.”

I let my thumb and index finger close around his shaft about halfway down. I moved my grip towards the head of his cock. His precum spilled out and over my hand, running down his shaft toward his pubes on the one side and his balls on the other. My tongue caught the slippery liquid before it got to his scrotum.

“This sounds funny because of what side of the fence you’re on, but I’m going to need you to kneel for me.” I said.

Without a word he knelt.

My mouth quickly sucked in his glans, my tongue feverishly exploring his frenulum, then circling around the rubbery edge of his corona. I let some saliva, precum, drool, mix flow out of my mouth and down his shaft, my fist spreading it evenly. I moved forward so that his glans was pressing against the back of my mouth.

One hand encircled his scrotum close to his body, then lightly pulling him toward me, I swallowed another two inches of his cock and then held on for the ride as my gag reflex kicked in hard. As soon as my gagging became manageable, I swallowed the rest of him. I gave him about three or four full throat strokes where I pulled back still keeping him in my throat before pushing forward again, before pulling off so that I could breathe.

I pulled my mouth all the way back on him, letting his cock go past my lips, and into my throat until he couldn’t get further, then letting him slide back until just before his glans left my mouth before repeating the process. Since I was able to breathe while he was in my mouth there were no breaks and he came after less than two minutes.

Although most of his cum had gone straight down my throat, there was still some left to taste as he softened.

When he was down to about four flaccid inches, I released him from my mouth.

“I’d wouldn’t mind doing that again sometime.” I said.

“If you give me your number I can call you when my roommate will be gone for a while.” he said.

“Tim, right?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah, how did you know that?” he asked back.

“The canlı bahis siteleri guy that got you today mentioned your name.” I said.

“Also, why we’re throwing names around, mine is Dave.” I said adding, “What’s the chance of you knowing a kid named Paul?” I asked.

“The Paul that hangs around Tony a lot?” Tim asked.

“Yep, that’s him. I met both of them while out backpacking last week.” I said.

“Nice enough guy. He sprained his ankle before coming back from that trip.” Tim said.

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”, I replied, “Here’s my number, you can leave message if I don’t answer, but please, no details of why you’re calling.”

“No problem, Dave.” he said. “I’ll probably call about Wednesday.”

Unbeknown to either of us, as Tim and I made our respective ways out of the brush, Tony, hearing that a blow job had been given at the fence was not going to let that pass without getting in on the action.

Unfortunately for Tony, his calls of ‘Marco’ and ‘Ping’ went unanswered that day.

Tim’s call on Wednesday was disappointing as it was to inform me that he and his roommate were ordering pizza in.

I spent a couple of my evenings further exploring roadside pull offs, rest areas, etc. I thought it best to leave the glory hole alone until the weekend.

On Saturday, I was away from my apartment by 07:00. I headed to a restaurant to get a light breakfast and also to make an attempt at seeing if I was being followed. It appeared that I was clear, so I made my way north towards the university. I parked several blocks away and then headed to the arroyo, arriving by 09:30.

“Ping.” came the call from the other side of the fence.

“Pong.” I replied and positioned myself on my knees in front of the hole.

The same tan running shorts and small erect cock appeared in front of me.

I quickly got him in my mouth and started to give him the same blow job I had yesterday.

About what should have been part way through, he suddenly pulled out, hands flying to his lowered pants.

“It’s cool, I can wait.” said the new voice.

Mr Running Pants, turned away from the newcomer, and pulled his pants down in the front just enough to get his penis out.

I again took him in my mouth. It quickly became apparent that a slow blow job wasn’t going to cut it as he was going soft on me. I gave him an aggressive blow job. Designed to make the man cum quickly, the tempo, suction and pressure of the lips and tongue were all increased. In this case, it was just enough to get him to cum, but not get him fully erect.

He pulled out and bolted before he even finished ejaculating.

The new man, to his credit, asked if I needed a minute. I said that I definitely could use it.

I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth before returning to the fence.

“I’m ready.” I said.

The man stepped in front of the hole, pressing his body firmly against it and saying “It’s all yours.”

My hands went to his belt, easily unclasping it, the outer button, slide clasp and the inner button followed. Before I unzipped him, I traced the outline of his penis on his slacks with my fingers, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I unzipped him and let his slacks fall to reveal light blue boxers with a sizable bulge at just the right place. My hand slid up under his dress shirt and hooking the top of his boxers and slowly pulled them down.

The chocolate colored skin on his abdomen was a surprise for me. The thick, meaty, uncircumcised, black cock that was revealed a couple of seconds later was a very pleasant surprise for me.

I carefully pulled his foreskin back with my fingers and then flicked the tip of my tongue at his frenulum. I enjoyed feeling his cock jump with each touch of my tongue.

I released his foreskin and then lightly sucked his cock. The feeling of a man’s foreskin sliding back and forth along his cock in synchronization with your mouth and lips is pretty awesome. Almost like a little helper for the cocksucker.

I could hear the rapid breathing on the other side of the fence, he was going to cum soon. I pulled his foreskin away from his sensitive glans and held it tightly, exposing him completely to the sensations of my mouth and tongue. Very lightly, with a minimum of suction and a very quick tongue, I teased him to orgasm.

I thought he was going to bring the fence down as he came. I struggled to keep up with the volume of cum being shot into my mouth. At one point, pulling him from my mouth so that I could swallow completely.

As he finished, I used my lips to clean his cock, carefully avoiding the glans until the last moment, and then very, very, lightly.

“Mother fucker!” he almost shouted as I released his cock, “I damn sure want some more of that shit.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow, about the same time.” I said.

“Fucking A.” he said, “I won’t be doing any waiting either, I’ll push anyone else out of the way, they can circle around and wait.”

“Heh. See you tomorrow then.” I replied.

I decided to call it a day on my side of the fence and walked back to my car.

On Sunday, I was again arrived at the back of the fence at about 09:30.

I could see the piece of folded notebook paper from about fifteen feet away. I quickly opened and read it.

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