A Cup of Cream Ch. 01

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Note: All characters are above 18.


Part 1:

It was the 3rd day of her well-deserved vacation and after 2 days of sleep and pampering, Blair was getting restless in her bed.

She rose languidly and made her way to the balcony, it was almost noon and she was alone in the house. Her husband William left for work some time ago and won’t be home for quite a few hours.

As she stepped out into the warm sun from her cool bedroom, she feels the heat on her skin and breathes in the warm air filling her lungs she stretches like a cat in the sun feeling her body come alive in the heat.

She just takes in the silence of mid-morning, no traffic, no neighbors, just pure silence.

As Blair takes a seat to lounge in the sun for a few minutes, something catches her eye that drives the little bit of sleepiness still in her.

The neighbors had trimmed the trees a few days ago and now she had a straight line of sight into their walled pool, And what a sight it was. They were fucking right there on the lounge chair.

She was right opposite them and couldn’t see their faces but she got a good view of a firm ass plowing into the girl whose legs were held over his shoulders.

Blair stepped back and settled into a chair so she wouldn’t be spotted. Her eyes riveted on them, Something about watching them fuck and that was the only work for it, there was nothing gentle, nothing nice, he was fucking her and Blair didn’t need to look at their faces to know that they wouldn’t stop until they were spent.

Blair watched as the girl brought her legs down, around him and pulled the man into herself pushing him in deeper. And then she heard it the first sound the low pitched keening of a woman trying to control herself as she’s orgasming, she watched as the man’s back tense and relax she knew he came inside her, Coating her inside with his warm cum.

Blair watched as he stood as the woman opened her legs releasing him and as he stood he pulled the girl up with him and pulled her in for a kiss. She got the first clear look at them. It was the twins Jessica and Asa her neighbor’s children.

She watched as Asa dip one hand into his sister’s cunt and as he brought it up Jessica devoured his fingers lick it clean and they continued their incestuous kiss tasting themselves.

She smiled to herself as she thought that, they were 21 only 5 years younger than her and she knew Jessica quite well, All the stories they swapped and she never suspected Jessica was this kinky. That little cum slut.

As she watched the twins gather their discarded clothes and towels and head back into their house the gears were turning in her head.


Part 2:

It was almost 3, and Blair was finished prepping.

She picked up her phone and called Asa.

“Hi, Asa. It’s me, Blair.”

On the other side of the fence, Lying in bed besides his sister, Asa answered the phone.

“Hello, Blair. Do you need to talk to Jessica?”

“No, I actually called to talk to you.”


“Can you come over for a minute?”

“Now? I mean aren’t you at work?”

“I’m on vacation, We got a week off as bonus.”

Asa kept a light hearted tone but his mind was screaming ‘The Trees, The fucking Trees. She knows, She saw us.’

“Oh, Sure. Give me a minute.”

He cut the line and looked at his sleeping sister, He didn’t want to worry her when he wasn’t even sure that they were caught, He disentangled himself from his sister slowly so she wouldn’t wake up, got dressed and headed out.

The door opened before he finished knocking, and what he was left him speechless.

Blair stood in the doorway her black hair pulled over one shoulder, in a long white silk robe sash loosely tied, giving Asa a peek at the red lace corset. She took a step back drawing his eyes to her legs clad in red stockings.

“Come in, Asa.” Blair exclaimed. Reaching one taking him by the arm, “Don’t be shy. Don’t mind my dress I usually don’t dress up when I’m home alone.”

Asa his arm now trapped firmly in Blair’s pressing bahis firmaları into her breasts stammered a response. His head was spinning, This was not what he expected, he got a great deal of practice with his sister they never practiced seduction.

And Blair blabbered on as she lead him through the house and to the deck, Asa went with her nodding his head, he could barely concentrate on her words.

Blair sat him down on a wooden chair on the deck and took a seat opposite him in the sofa, She ran a hand over herself and as Asa watched she undid the sash opening the robe and letting the robe hang free. And she waited in silence.

Asa was now thoroughly aroused and confused, He tried not to look at her directly, he was a guest and she was married but couldn’t help himself from looking at her, he saw the her legs rubbing against each other and saw that she was wearing garters not stocking.

He tried to move his chair back and was surprised at how heavy it was, he looked at the table which has a cloth covering some things, He looked at her and saw her corset matched the garters, With a neckline so deep it was obvious she was shaven.

Blair too watched him and it took Asa a few minutes of silence to recognised her demeanor, he released she was putting on a show, for him.

He began to relax a bit and asked “You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes.” Blair smiled, “I wanted to congratulate you. That was quite a show you put on today.”

Blair kept the smile on her face but she was overjoyed inside as she watched the blood drain from his face. So far everything was going as planned.

“No need to be shy, Asa. We are all adults here.”

Asa nodded and replied shakily “Thank you.”

Blair stretched out on the sofa and lifted her legs, Asa moved back in his chair to avoid her legs she placed her feet on the edge of his chair in between his legs, her stocking clad toes lightly brushing his crotch. His cock already hard flexed at that brush.

Blair’s smile was now a cheshire cat’s grin. “Your girlfriend is a very lucky girl Asa.”

“Girlfriend … ” he mused.

“Unfortunately I missed most of the show.” Blair was now tracing her toes over his cock through his shorts and his cock was responding rising and falling in a pronounced bulge.

Asa thought ‘She doesnt know. She didn’t recognise Jessica.’ and with that realization his fear turned into confidence.

“How long have you 2 been seeing each other?” Blair continued.

“Not that long.” Jessica was waiting for him back home but here was a beautiful, mature woman, seducing him and now no longer afraid Asa now going to take full advantage of it. “Is’t Willam home yet.” He asked with a smile of his own.

“He won’t be home for some time yet.” Blair answered. “That’s mainly why I called you here.”


“Yes, Think you’re up for an encore?”

“Absolutely, But my friend already left, And it’s a 2 person act.”

“Maybe. I can fill in her role? With some slight modification.”

Asa his eyes on her “Won’t Willam mind?”

William won’t mind at all, but there’s no need for Asa to know that just as there’s no need for him to know that Blair knows who his ‘Girlfriend’ is.

“What william doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Now strip. And come over here.”

Asa tore away his shorts and his shirt and stood up nude, his cock free and erect, Blair still on the sofa reached out and delicately stroked it. Pulling his closer until it was a few inches from her face.

A little twist and a command “Down Boy.” and Asa was on his knees between her spread legs.

Asa placed his hands on Blair’s garter clad thighs pushing them apart, lifted her leg and draped it over his shoulders and with his other hand pushed her other leg making more space. Running his fingers over her legs, He unhooks the garters and gently kissed her thighs. Making his way up one tiny brush at a time.

Blair reached down placing her hands on his haad, running her fingers through his hair, she shivers in delight as the garter hooks snap free, Asa’s more skilled that she would have given kaçak iddaa him credit for.

Asa reached her crotch and leaning in he licks her labia through the sheer panties, Blair raises herself up letting him pull down her panties, Then she pulls him in until his face is close enough to feel her heat.

“Now, Show me what she thought you, Boy.”

Asa just grins, and shows her what he learned.

He leaned into her and once again licks her vagina, this time without any filter, he takes his time slowly running his tongue letting his drool drip down onto her lips adding to the wetness and taking in her taste, her scent. Once he reached the top he pulls away creating strings to drool between his face and her vaginal and staring from the bottom he does the same again and again it doesn’t take long before Blair starts quivering below him letting out small moans of pleasure, Her grip on his hair tightens and Asa knows she’s close.

Asa reaches up and cups Blair’s breasts, feeling her nipples poking through the corset, As he started to cup them and pinch her nipples to just give them a little tweak, Blair catches his hands and pulls them down and firmly placed them on her ass, She places her hands hack on his head and applies more pressure.

“Not yet Asa, One thing at a time.”

But Asa’s impatient as much as he’s enjoying eating her out he wants to fuck her, he wants to to have his cock buried deep in this hotwife, he wants to feel this sluts, his sisters sluttl friend’s lips around his cock. So he dives in and this time he’s not gentle, he pushes his tongue into her his lips mashing against her pussy, as Blair’s moans increase in face of his sudden penetration and he pulls back and lightly nibbles on her cilt, now wet and glistening in his drool and her juices.

Blair screams as she orgasms, the taboo act she was committing coupled with Asa’s eager skilled tongue and the unexpected jolt of pleasure pain from her cilt pushes her into an orgasm. Her hands now firmly gripping his face she pulls him into her pussy, his tongue working to reach deeper inside her, Riding his face as she cums.

As she comes down from her orgasm, she pulls back Asa’s face from her pussy and looks down at him, his hair plastered to his face, his face covered in his spit and her juicers. She knows he is going to be so much fun.

Asa tries to rise, but Blair’s hands on his head firmly keep him down, not painfully but firmly, He’s on his knees and his cock is flexing, pre cum dripping down in cockhead staining the wooden boards. All he wanted to do was rise and fuck Blair’s steaming cunt. He grabs hold of blair’s ass and pulls her to the edge and Blair steps on his cock her silken toes firmly pressing his erect cock onto the warm floor.

“Aahh. Blair…” he whimpers in pain at the sudden pressure.

Blair her words low and harsh “I said, One thing at a time. Asa” She looks down at him and slightly increasing the pressure on his cock “What part of that did you not understand.”

Looking into her cold eyes and grim smile which had no trace of the sultry vixen of a few minutes ago. Asa’s confidence fled, as he realised she had him at her mercy.

“Blair, Please … ” and that was all he could say before she stopped him, her fingers in his mouth his tongue held in a vice like grip.

Blair already satisfied with her second orgasm. ( First was with Willam earlier in the morning. ) Felt a pang of desire deep inside her chest as she look down at the boy and the fear in his eyes. She rose her breasts still heaving and she pulled Asa up by the tongue, She grasped his cock by the head with her other hand and forced him backwards, into the chair.

“Now, it’s my turn. Just sit still Asa and relax.”

But looking at delight at his pain and with his cock throbbing in her hand he could only nod in fear and anticipation.

She let go of him.

“Blair, I don’t …”

“Hush, Boy.”

She grabbed 2 somethings from the table and came back one was a massage oil and the other were handcuffs, Leather with intricate designs and a long chain between them.

She kaçak bahis put the oil on the chair between his legs and walked behind the chair, deftly taking his hands and cuffing them behind the chair. The leather was soft and warm.

She walked back and stood in front of him. She shrugged out of the white robe and stood in front of him, hand on one hip and another on his shoulder in nothing her corset and unhooked garters. He could see her wetness staining the crochet.

“Tell me Asa, Did she every massage you?”

“Yes, But never when I was handcuffed.”

Blair picks up the bottle and upends it over Asa’s chest. He hisses as the cold oil hits him and starts flowing down his chest over his nipples, his thighs and on and around his erect cock and onto his balls. Blair doesn’t stop she keeps pouring more and more until the oil is dripping over his onto the chair and down its legs to the floor, when she felt that she emptied about half the bottle she stopped and put is aside.

Blair reaches and runs her fingers up his sides lightly running her fingers up and down, the sensations only making it more unbearable for Asa who’s cock so far was left along.

Asa moaned in frustration, “Please, Please…” he begged and blair whispered, “Patience ” into his ear but started running her hands over his chest the oil warming up between her hands and his skin.

Asa’s cock was twitching and Blair felt his body tense up as and knew he was about to cum without even being touched directly, So she finally knelt down between his legs and took his cock into her oil slick hands, as she slowly stroked it letting the oil mix with his drooling precum and as he came with a moan she kept her hands on his cock not letting one drop of it spill out.

Once he finished cumming into her hands her hands cupped around his cockhead with a little pool of oil and cum. Looking into his eyes she bends down and starts licking her hands clean and with every lick her tongue ran over his sensitive cockhead making him whimper.

Once finished licking her hands clean, Blair straddles Asa on the chair, his now semi-erect cock resting nestled in her lips and as she ground herself into his cock she kissed his feeding his the remnants of his cum.

“Well Asa, Did she ever do this?”

“No.” He rasp out. For most part it was vanilla sex between him and jessica and while they experimented a little, Something about Blair just made it more intense.

“So you learnt something new then.”

He nodded. And as he opened his mouth she sealed it with hers.

He feels he reaching around him and standing up, His cock still wasn’t ready for round 2 but with his hands locked behind him he couldn’t do anything.

He felt her fingers on his cock and felt something cold and heard a click.

He pulled back from her face and looked at his cock and at the metal on it and with growing horror realised what it was.

“Blair, What is that?”

“It’s a chastity cage.”

“Well, yes but why is it on me.”

Blair replied smiling like an angel “I don’t like to share, Asa. If you want to fuck me you’re fucking only me.”

“But you’re married!” Asa exclaimed.

“So?” Blair replied looking puzzled.

“You’re married and you’re cheating with me. But you don’t want me to cheat on you.”

“Ah, You get it now. Of course if you don’t want to fuck me. I’ll let you free.”

“Really.” He said his voice full of hope.

“Just have your girl come over, I’ll give her the key.”

And Asa realised just how screwed he was.



Blair removed his handcuffs and gave him some towels to clean himself off. And she watched as she wiped off the oil leaving a clear sheen on his skin.

He kept glaring at her, But she wasn’t bothered by it. There were only a few ways this could end and Asa will do exactly as she pushes him to.

“Come by tomorrow at the same time.” She tells him as he pulls on his clothes. “Or send her by anytime, She looked lovely.”

And as Asa left, Blair touched her tatoo hidden under her corcet and wondered should she bring in William in now or wait until the twins were trained…



P.S Please leave a comment if you liked the story. I’m a new writer and am looking for feedback.

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