My New Toy

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When I come into the room you are lying back on your pillow, and rubbing your hand across the fabric of the silky, sexy material covering your cock. You have got a super hot movie playing on the screen. You are entranced as you watch a gorgeous woman sucking one man’s cock, while being fucked from behind by a hunk with a huge cock!

I enticingly lie back on the bed, and slowly run my hands down over my sheer, black, one piece body suit. It has halter neck, and is crotchless. A long black shoe lace forms the center seam. The sexy criss-crossing goes from the open crotch, up between my large breasts, and ties just below the nape of my neck.

The suit is open-cupped, so I am able to softly run my hands over the soft mounds of my breasts, and down over the sheer nylon bodice. My fingers lightly brush over my soft mound at the open crotch, and then I run my hands back up my body to lightly tease my hardening nipples. They become real stiff as I very lightly run my fingers over my womanly flesh, while blowing a stream of air across the nubs.

“Mmmm, yeah…” I murmur out loud.

My hips are squirming, giving away my growing excitement. I’m getting so hot! I move one hand down to slowly stroke my hot slit, while my other hand is still caressing my boobs. The soft black nylon feels so sexy under my finger tips!

I illegal bahis grab the new toy you just got me. It looks like a long tongue with a big nose sticking up at the end, above the controller. This toy is made so the tongue rotates in either direction, at the touch of a button. A separate set buttons makes the nose vibrate. Just picking it up and looking at it is keeping my pussy steaming!

I bring the soft pink material to my mouth, and lick and suck on the long tongue, getting it ready for my anxious pussy.

Unable to wait any longer, I slide smooth tongue down my body. I slip it into my slit, and give it a couple of slow strokes. Now that I’ve spread my juices around, the tool is sliding smoothly in and out of my dripping hole.

With anticipation, I push the power button to the rotating tongue, and then the rotation button. The long tongue starts swirling round and round inside me, just like when you are licking me out real good!

“This feels fantastic!” I gasp loudly.

As my excitement continues to rise, I push the button for the vibrating nose. It starts out with low deep vibrations making the nose bump steadily against my clit. I can feel an orgasm start building deep within.

The strong vibrations, mixed with the whirling around of the tongue send me over the edge. I begin cuming, and cuming!

In illegal bahis siteleri my excitement, I accidentally pushed the button that controls the rotation of the tongue!

Suddenly, I feel the tongue swirling around my wet juice in the other direction!

“Wow!” I scream.

I really like this change of rotation! My orgasms just keep intensifying. I love it, and don’t want this feeling to end!

To stoke the fire in my loins, and increase my excitement, I push the control that increases the intensity of vibrations against my swollen clit!!!! My whole body begins to convulse, as continuous orgasms wash over my hot body.

I continue riding the tongue for a while, and then slowly begin reducing the intensity of the vibration of the nose, so I can gradually come down from that orgasmic high.

As I hit the last setting to stop the vibrations against my clit, my pussy is still spasming around the tongue swirling in my wetness. I continue the wonderful, swirling sensation as I begin to come down.

All of a sudden, my hand slipped a bit and hit the vibe button!

“Oh, oh, oh!” I stuttered, as more glorious spasms are immediately sent throughout my body!

I’m cuming so hard that my pussy clamps down on the tongue so hard that it can barely move. I keep cuming for quite awhile, canlı bahis siteleri relishing the wonderful feeling!

“Ok, I’ve got to calm down, and take a break”, I tell myself.

I turn the power button off, and slowly pull the long tongue out of my soaked pussy, cuming one last time as the tip slips from tight pussy.

I lay back on the pillows, still breathing hard.

As I slowly catch my breath. I look over to you and ask, “So, did you enjoy my hot little show?”

“I know how much you like to watch me play with my toys!”

“That nice hard cock you’re stroking tells me that I put on a stellar performance for you”.

“Are you ready to help me out with Round 2?”

“I need a real cock in my hot pussy, now!”

You just grin at me, and then dive between my legs, tonguing me to yet another gushing round of orgasms!

After several minutes, you look up at me and say, “I love watching you cum!” “You’re so hot!”

“Are you ready for Round 3?” you say, as you move up over me.

I’m speechless, as you plunge your big, hot, rigid cock deep inside of me. You fuck me relentlessly, making me orgasm repeatedly. “You’re cock is so hard!” I say, as I’m once again pushed to a higher orgasmic plane.

My pussy muscles squeeze tightly on your cock. You suddenly scream out your pleasure, as I feel the hot streams of cum shooting deep inside of me. We hold onto each other as the waves wash over us!

Finally, totally satisfied, we collapse into each others arms.

I whisper in your ear “Thank you for my new toy, I love it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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