Her First Toy

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It’s later this afternoon, and you are laying back on your bed, you’ve been reading some erotic stories, so you’re slightly aroused. After a couple of the stories you figure what the hell, and pull your skirt up, pushing your thong panties to one side, toying with your outer lips, rubbing them lightly.

Your fingers push back and forth through the wetness forming beneath them, Rubbing your clit, your mind fills with images from the stories, images of pool tables, star lit nights, and hot tubs.

You push one finger inside yourself, rubbing your clit with your thumb, your body writhing underneath your touch. You didn’t hear me knock on your dorm room door. I’d tried two or three times, but you didn’t answer, one of your neighbors said that you were there, so I pushed the door open just a bit. I see you on your bed, your eyes screwed shut, your fingers buried inside of you. I quickly come inside your room and quietly shut the door behind me. I’m bringing you a late birthday gift, a brand new vibrator. I strip down as you continue to pleasure yourself.

“You really know how to tease a guy.” You jump at my words, but you’re too far gone to stop. You continue, staring at the new toy in my hand.

“Is that for me?”

“Well, it ain’t bahis firmaları for me silly, don’t stop.”

I walk over to your bed and help you take off your shirt, skirt and panties, and we make sure that between our hands there’s always something touching your wet pussy.

I kiss you on the lips and bring your new toy up to where you can get a good look at it.

“It has fresh batteries in it.”

Your eyes lit up at that comment. I put it to your mouth and you eagerly suck it in, I fuck your mouth with it briefly getting it good and wet before tracing it down your body, between your tits which I am now playing with and sucking on, across your stomach, circling around your belly button, before finishing the journey between your legs. I pull your hand out of your wet little hole and push the on button on the vibrator as I touch it to your clit.

“OOOOH,” you moan, “that is sooooo different…..I like it.”

Slowly I circle your clit with the tip of your new toy, before pushing it into you.

“Oh my god, that feels great.” Your mouth drops open with the new pleasure. I continue to push it in and out of you while I suck on your nipples.

Finally I can’t stand it anymore, I have to be inside of you. I turn kaçak iddaa you over and put you on your hands and knees. I push the head of my cock to your open waiting wet pussy. My other hand reaches around and puts the tip of the vibrator right on your clit, as I push myself into you.

You bury your face in your pillows because this new experience is going to make you scream soon. I begin quickly thrusting in and out of you pushing the vibrator against your swollen clit, you do scream into your pillow, followed by moans of pleasure. The vibrations are affecting me too, and I tell you that I’m about to cum.

“Pull out of me,” you manage to say between gasps for air.

I pull my cock out of you but I leave the vibrator right on your clit as I stroke myself. I suddenly cum without any warning, it splashes on your ass, seeping down the crack of your ass. The naughty feeling of my cum dripping down your ass is too much for you and you cum, our juices mixing together and running down your thighs.

I’m not done with you yet, though. I push my cock into that cum on your ass and rub it around getting it nice and slick to push inside of you. As I push my thick head into your ass, I push the vibrator up inside your pussy. Your face goes immediately kaçak bahis back into your pillow. I go slow in my strokes into your backside, but I have to hand the vibrator off to you, so that you can control the pace that it slides in and out of you. You finally get used to the large intruder in your ass and you are furiously humping the vibrator in and out of your pussy, moaning each time your hand grazes your clit on the in stroke. It doesn’t take long for me to match your rhythm, just the opposite of yours, as you push it into you, you push your hips back into me and I push myself deeper into you.

You remember the story about the hot tub and begin to grip my cock inside of you. Basically stroking it with the muscles in your ass. I can’t hold out any more and I pull back but not before I start to cum. The first shot goes in your ass, but the second is after I’ve pulled out and hits your pussy lips right where the vibrator is pushing you towards orgasm. You violently hit an orgasm, your whole body spasming and shaking as you drop your vibrator. I can tell that you only got half way through your orgasm so I quickly drop my mouth down to your pussy, pushing my tongue inside of you. That is all it takes for you to finish, with an earth-shattering orgasm that has you moaning into your pillows to try to keep quiet.

As you roll over on your side and I crawl up next to you I whisper “Happy belated Birthday, hon.”

“mmmmmmm,” is all you can manage to reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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