Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 24

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 24 – Vacation in Mexico. The Experience Again


Amazingly, Andy, Sheila, and I worked on the flight to Puerto Vallarta from San Diego; it wasn’t that far and we’d already worked that morning with a deal we were putting together. Andy and I had each brought a briefcase full of things to discuss with each other: ideas, contracts, proposals, personnel matters, and promotions. We talked the whole way.

As we were on short final into PVR – the aeropuerto at Puerto Vallarta, we folded everything up. I said, “Let’s see if we can limit this kind of stuff to only a couple of hours a day from now to next Sunday.” There was a chorus of ‘Amen’ from the others.

As the door of the plane opened we were awash in warm moist air that signaled we were a long way from home and in a land where people felt comfortable living outside almost all the time. Customs and immigration met the plane and we were rushed through.

John, my pilot, spoke to me, “Mr. Worthington, the larger plane just checked in. They should be here on the ground in about twenty minutes. My recommendation is to wait for them.” And that’s what we did. The larger plane arrived, and everyone cleared through customs and immigration.

Adjacent to where the larger plane had parked was a large Airbus Dauphin helicopter that Elsa had John rent on our behalf. I split us up into two groups making sure that Andy and I weren’t on the same flight, and the whirlybird took the first group of us to the villa – about a ten-minute flight once we got away from the airport.

I went in the first group with Ryan, Carter, Mike, Elsa, Melanie, KC, Margo, and two security men. We flew out over the Pacific Ocean and up the coast slightly before we approached the villa from waterside. The place looked more spectacular the closer we got. I could see Elsa was nervous about whether we would like it or not. I started to lavish praise on her for every little detail I saw about the place. This continued after we were on the ground with our luggage.

We went inside, and in moments the four women were in bikinis and poking around into every corner of the immense villa. The place had eleven bedrooms. From the air, I’d also noticed several ‘out’ buildings.

We hadn’t gotten very far in our exploration of the main house when the second load of passengers arrived via helicopter.

After everyone was inside, Elsa swung into high gear getting us organized. She led us around the house like a tour guide with a pad of Post-It Notes she’d already prepared. As we came to each bedroom, she put a note on the door to indicate who was assigned to that room for our luggage. Some people were doubled up – Andy and Margo, of course; me with Elsa and Cindy; and Carter and Melanie. The rest of our group had their own rooms for luggage and changing.

I asked, “Where do our security guys sleep?”

Elsa pointed out past the front porch towards an out building. There’s a guesthouse there with six smaller bedrooms. There are Lucas, Geck, Jack, and Marcia, who we brought with us. Bjorn and Mette are two bodyguards coming with Brita. We also have hired some local muscle, but they will come and go and don’t need sleeping space.

Back in the Great Room, as Elsa called it, she got several of us preparing and serving drinks. Once everyone had a drink, she gathered us around again. “OK, everybody, here’s the Scooby-doo about our sleeping arrangements.” From behind the sofa, she pulled a two-by-three foot foam board display. I could see everyone’s pictures on it in a double-circular arrangement.

Elsa began, “There are eight men, after Tom arrives later tonight, and seven women, after Brita arrives tomorrow. Ladies, I have decided it will be our pleasure to be sure we sleep with each man while we are here.” There was some brief applause. “Thus, on each night you will rotate on this circle one man in a clockwise direction – note the arrow to remind you of that plan. Now, since we have an extra man, the woman at the top of the chart that night gets to choose whether she wants the extra man to join her and her bed companion for some recreational nighttime activities. If she passes, the next woman gets to make that selection, and so on. Ryan has volunteered to be the extra man, so treat him nicely ladies. Make sure he has a pretty pussy to punctually park his persistent pokey canlı bahis pecker in.” She laughed.

Everyone applauded. Mike asked in a naïve sounding tone, “So that’s the only person we’re supposed to have sex with that night?”

Elsa almost leapt around the room to throttle his neck. “NO! Of course not! It is open season on sex from the time your eyelids pop open in the morning to the time you go to bed. This space in the living room is our Great Group Sex Hall. There is also the beach, however, some boats or kayaks may pass close. You may ask those individuals to join in if you wish. The chaises by the pool are doublewide and very comfortable for lovemaking, I’m told. Enjoy.”

KC asked, “When will Tom be here?”

A voice from the front door said loudly, “Right about now.” Tom strode into the room amid laughter. His timing was impeccable. Several of the people near the door shook his hand and the girls gave him generous hugs.

Elsa said, “I’ll fill Tom in. As for the rest of us, it’s eighty-four degrees out, the sky is blue, the sun is still up, and the pool or beach beckons. I’m going swimming, and I don’t think I need this suit much longer.”

Everyone cheered. There started to be a mass movement of suitcases towards each person’s assigned bedroom until everyone became aware that Elsa was slowly stripping off her clothing, one piece at a time.

I stared at my love object. She was such an unpredictable hot sweetheart of a sex maniac. It took her all of thirty seconds to shed her bikini. She did a little happy dance that she was naked and in such a lovely warm climate. I love how her boobs shook as she did her circle dance.

Elsa walked seductively out the wide open doors towards the Pacific Ocean and the long negative edge pool. Once at the pool, she made a graceful dive into the water.

Cindy was about thirty seconds behind her – also nude, followed by Melanie, who jiggled more than the other two put together as she strutted to the edge of the pool. KC went next, and made my mouth water even more, and then Sheila and Margo. The men started to follow; room assignments be damned.

I wondered how I’d get through the nine days without my penis falling off my body from over use. Right at that instant, it was trying to point to some distant star hidden by the blue sky.

I stripped off my slacks and other clothing, and joined the fray in the pool who were splashing each other with great laughter and intensity. Tom was beside me. I still found it somewhat embarrassing to be shaking my associate’s hand as we both stood there completely nude. I somehow thought Europeans were less intimated by homophobic tendencies, which I guess I nursed somehow.

We jumped in the deep end of the pool and got in the splash fight. Somehow, I was lucky enough to get Cindy on my shoulders. Having her warm pussy snugged tightly against my neck perpetuated the hard-on I’d already started when seeing the women’s sexy bodies.

After swimming in the pool for a bit, Elsa led us all out of the pool and down a sloped path and several terraced steps until we were on a private beach that sat about fifty feet lower than the level of the pool. The sand was pristine, warm, and inviting. We all splashed into the ocean. The water temperature was cool, about seventy-five Fahrenheit, and for me more refreshing than the near bathtub temp of the pool. There were delightful giggles and screams as others hit the water.

Cindy slid into my arms and kissed me, and we kind of duplicated a love scene at the edge of the surf by lying there making out. We weren’t the only ones.

Eventually, Mike spotted a couple of small boats headed our way, so we all went back up the stairway and into the pool again. After the rinse, many of us got drinks and then lounged around the edge of the pool. A few people were still making out.

I asked Elsa, “What are the plans for dinner?”

“We have a private tourist bus picking us up at seven o’clock to take us to a seafood restaurant about four miles from here. Security has it all checked out. The dress is casual – shorts, sport shirt, and flip flops would fill the bill.”

I went with Elsa to shower and change. We made out in the shower, and she extracted a promise from me to make love to her later. I would have skipped dinner for the honor. I loved my partner, and thought more of her in that way everyday.

I looked sharp and like I was on holiday in Bermuda shorts and a flowered shirt. I had leather slippers on my feet.

When I looked at Elsa, she had just slipped into what she called a black strapless tube dress; only it was patterned with large stretch holes everywhere with little bits of stretch cloth in between. Most of her skin was exposed. She tucked two skin-colored pieces of cloth into the top of the dress to cover her areolas and nipples. She then stepped into a skin-colored thong that barely covered her sex. The rest of her body – ass, navel, cleavage, sides, back, bahis siteleri and front were pretty much exposed through the various little cutouts of the stretchy material.

Elsa held her arms in the air and faced me, “You like?”

“I love it. You are hot. The dress is hot, in fact it’s the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen.”

She shook her head. “Wait until you see Cindy’s. It’s even more daring.”

“Are we going to get thrown out of the restaurant we’re going to? I can only imagine what some of the other outfits might be like.”

“Ours are the most risqué, and I sent pictures to the Maitre d’ and he said they were well within bounds of propriety for the place. Apparently, other patrons have adopted the place as a near-nude restaurant.”

Cindy came rushing in about then, and in a few seconds she had on a bright red dress that hugged every curve and crevice of her body. It did have straps around her neck, but I could see her areolas through the thin material. The dress had been cut away down the front in a large ‘V’ all the way to the bottom, and then held together with half-inch matching red straps of cloth about an inch apart from the top of her cleavage to just below her pussy. As I looked, I realized I could see her pussy through the straps.

I asked Cindy, “Are you going to wear underwear?”

Cindy frowned, “No. Why would I? It would ruin the whole effect. I was just going to tell Elsa to lose the pasties and thong too. We should be a little daring; we’re on vacation.”

Elsa perked up, and the thong and the areola covers disappeared in seconds. She did adapt the top of the dress so that the stretch material covered her nipples, but it wasn’t wide enough to completely mask her areolas.

After the two women slipped on some of their new ‘fuck me’ shoes, we joined the others in the living room. Elsa and Cindy got an ovation for being the sexiest dressed. Melanie was a close third with another tight dress that enabled you to see her body in the right light. It also revealed a lot of cleavage, to the point I thought her breasts would literally pop out of the dress if she turned in either direction. KC, Margo, and Sheila were more conservatively dressed in short mid-thigh dresses. Everyone was commando.

I watched the eyes of the security men accompanying us to dinner bug out of their heads at the dresses. I found pleasure in rattling their cages, and I know the girls did. I was sure our nude romp around the pool and beach had been observed earlier. I did notice our female bodyguard was attractively dressed in casual clothes, but nothing even close to daring like some of my lovers.


Dinner was so much fun. We had a big long table for the fourteen of us. As we sat, I calculated that Brita was probably just getting ready to leave Denmark to join us the next day. I silently prayed that she would fit in, and that all the vibes between us all would be good.

The girls at dinner kept rotating so as to sit next to different males during the meal. We were very affectionate with them. Affectionate in this case meant kissing, hugging, French kissing with lots of tongue action, having them feel our breasts, our feeling their bulges, and having them touch and finger our pussies. Yep, we were all affectionate – lots of PDAs.

I was so glad I’d decided not to wear anything under my dress. I was showing more bare skin than anyone else, but I was also more reachable when someone wanted to finger me. Mike and Tom each made me cum. I was sure some of the other patrons knew what was happening even though we were off in a little alcove; their hands were moving rapidly and visibly near my crotch but below the tablecloth. What else could it be? We got a couple of interested looks from several couples. I wondered if any of them wished to join us.

Mark started to relax and get into our games too, but it took a little while for him to come out of his work mode. Despite having been on the ground in Mexico for almost five hours, I could tell his mind was still doing deals, moving people around, and doing business analytics. I’d have to fuck that part of him away after dinner.

I wasn’t aware of another game going on at the other end of the table while I was being toyed with. Cindy was sitting where she had a direct line of sight to the bar. The bar crowd was mostly handsome single men, both Caucasian and Hispanic. Cindy also wore nothing under her dress … and she was born an exhibitionist. She started flashing the guys at the bar while talking and flirting with Ryan and Carter. She apparently caused quite a commotion, and a bunching up of guys who all wanted that line of sight to her pussy. Had she wanted to get fucked, she could have had a dozen willing men – Gangbangs-R-Us.

We took the special bus back to the villa after dinner. The sun had set, so there was more sexual playing on the bus. I watched Margo fish Mike’s cock from his pants and start to give him a blowjob in the seat adjacent bahis şirketleri to where I sat with Deke. I thought that was a good idea, so I started the same maneuvers. It was only a fifteen-minute trip, but we had some really solid wood developed by the time we pulled up at the villa.

Just inside the door, Cindy, Melanie, and I stripped away our dresses. The other women made it a few more feet into the villa before their dresses disappeared. I looked really funny, and that inspired a round of laughter from everyone. The dress I’d worn had been very snug and stretchy from my thighs to shoulders. My skin showed the pattern of the dress perfectly, as did Cindy and Melanie’s. The elastic marks took over an hour to dissipate away, in the meantime I had these little ovals all over my skin.

I caught Mark and molded myself to his body, removing his shirt in the process. Soon, I had a nude lover who seemed to want to sink his fingers deep into my body. He teased me as we kissed. He whispered to me, “Public? Private? Inside? Outside?”

I told him, “Public and outside on one of the chaises on the patio.”

He led me across the room and through the expansive doors leading to the patio. We settled onto the nearest double chaise, cuddling up together. Mark’s large cock flopped across my thigh, showing me he was nearly ready to couple and do great things together.

Mike and Margo took the chaise next to us only a couple of minutes later. They too were naked and worked up sexually. Beyond them, I saw Sheila and Ryan on another daybed.

I could feel Mark shift gears. He left his whole business demeanor somewhere else and focused entirely on me. I think I even heard it drop with loud thud somewhere near the end of dinner. I loved having Mark make love to me, and I responded to him more than to any other man in my entire existence.

Before I knew what was happening, Mark was giving me The Experience. He had a hand in me stroking my A-spot, I was cresting and soaring into the stratosphere high above Orgasmland. The climax hit me like a freight train full of pleasure. I could just about feel all the circuits in my brain starting to misfire because of all that bliss. I was such a hedonist for this.

I passed out. My world went blank right in the middle of perhaps the most intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life … or thought I might ever have in the future. Ryan had done this to me … but now Mark? Even in my comatose state, I was vaguely aware of Mark’s kisses and cuddling, and of the continued surges of euphoria through my body, like an effervescent glass of bubbly champagne that titillates every pleasure nerve in your body.

When I came back to reality, Mark was holding me against him and kissing me. I started to kiss back, and then we really made love. I wished there were a way I could bring him as much pleasure as he’d just bought me. My heart and soul overflowed with love for him. After I was awash in his semen, we lay together with his cock deep inside me. I felt on top of the world and he told me he did too.

Mark eventually lifted me up and carried me down the stairs and into the pool. We floated around together, often kissing and whispering words of love to each other. I stored up a whole lot of Mark because I knew he’d be with others later and as the days went by and I couldn’t monopolize him. I wanted him to enjoy himself with the others and not just me.

I thought about that thought. I didn’t want to monopolize him. I liked being with other men … and women. I loved seeing Mark in romantic or sexual situations with other women, especially the two situations together with one person such as a sister.

I asked Mark, “Does it bother you seeing me be with other men or women – I mean sexually or romantically?”

Mark thought for a couple of minutes as we floated close to each other. He finally said, “No, but I think I should explain myself. You told me you had a high sex drive and that you loved being with other people, especially in group situations. I love you and don’t begin to want to take that away from you by imposing some arbitrary set of societal rules on you about exclusivity or monogamy.

“You’ve brought me to a new place as well. I enjoy not only you, but also your sisters and our female friends. At this point in my life, perhaps I’m selfish, but I don’t want to see that end. Even more, when I see you in a sexual situation with someone I get a jolt of arousal that is stronger than any possible drug that man has devised. I like … no crave, seeing you fucking others … even being romantic with them. I feel that way about all of you. Maybe it’s a cuckold thing, but it doesn’t feel like that because I never feel disrespect or debasing from you for any reason.”

I ventured, “We all act kind of slutty.”

Mark laughed, “Slut. S is for sexuality; thank heavens we can be sexual with many of the people in our lives. L is for love, and we like a lot of that. U is for understanding, because we don’t act on things the way they appear but on a great deal of additional information and emotions. Lastly, T is for tolerance that we give to each other so that we always come at life in a positive way.”

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