Isabelle’s Awakening Ch. 02

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My second submission. Check out the first for the storyline.

I hope this doesn’t seem weird or insulting to anyone. If you like this/want more drop me a message!

= = =

Isabelle turned the door handle and went inside her flat. She almost ran to her computer and hit the power button with two fingers. The machine whirred up, slowly, starting to turn on.

She put down her handbag by the desk and slowly lowered herself into the seat. It was a swivel chair much like her work one. The room she was in was her bedroom – it was a tiny flat, with little more than a small kitchen and living room, a toilet, and a bedroom, but it was ample space for her. It was dark now, being November, so she had the lights on. The room was only dimly lit. She had a large mirror to the side.

Around her room, she had her odd decorations – her posters, mainly. Most of these were just pretty models she adored.

She felt tired – usually she would have got a cup of coffee at this point of the evening to keep her awake. Usually in her spare time she just read – it was a quite pastime and didn’t require any level of eccentricity. She shook her head to wake herself up as the desktop appeared on her screen. She opened up MSN to get to check her mail.

Wait, was that a good idea? If Jessica was on at the time, there could be quite an awkward moment. Isabelle was terrible at those.

Sadly, before she could switch to “invisible”, she was in. She had only a few work friends as contacts, who were online… But no Jessica. Phew.

Isabelle hadn’t got any additional texts so now she had to face up to the e-mail. Why the hell couldn’t Jessica just tell her what she wanted in the text?

Hotmail flickered up on her screen. Yes, there was a new e-mail. She clicked that tab to open it up, not knowing what she was getting herself into. All the while, Jessica’s panties still burned around her, almost suffocating her groin.

There it was. The e-mail. Having not selected it, she couldn’t see what it said, but the subject gave nothing away – it was simply “xxxxxxxx : ) : )”. But, there was an attachment. A .zip file, no doubts containing more than one file inside.

With shaking hands, Isabelle clicked on the e-mail. She read almost without blinking:

“heya Isabelle,

I hope ur loving my panties! I LOVE YOURS, theyre so big and cute. Ill give them back tomoro, but im gonna make the most of em now x

I know we have nevr talked about this but when I got home I had to masturbate.., in ur panties! Im sorry but I was just sooooo horny.. i came so fast, u turn me on soooooooo much xxxxx : )

After I decided to pay you bck, with sum pictures, theyre attached. I made a video of me playin wit myself too, so youu know what to do ; )

So enjoy those, im gonna shower nd wank some more, maybs we can get on webcam l8tr 😀 :D:D:D

Ilu,, Jessica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Isabelle didn’t really register any of this. She read it twice and slowly reeled back in horror, and fear. What had Jessica done?! Apparently, she had “cummed” in Isabelle’s panties. She couldn’t even picture it.

But then again, she didn’t really have to, realising the attached files would show her what had happened. She felt furious, but failed at holding onto the correct emotions for long enough, sliding between confusion, fear and anger – but she had to see the pictures.

After all, at least she’d find them attractive, right? Her face, at least, she could always admire her face, however uncomfortable her body position may be. And she had to see what had become of her panties. At least she’d be getting them back…

The .zip file downloaded quickly, almost arriving far too soon. It was fairly large – almost definitely due the previously mentioned video.

She took the plunge. She opened the folder.

Inside, there was 1 video file and loads of images. Isabelle was no where near ready to see any videos so she went straight to the pictures after extracting the files to a folder.

Isabelle bedava bahis expected to see worse. Jessica was still wearing her work suit (a knee length, light skirt, with a tight shirt). Isabelle saw no tights, but she simply marvelled at the crispness of the image – it was taken into a mirror, and the room was well lit behind her. She could clearly see Jessica’s face, her pretty hair, long and lush. Her eyes were deep and piercing, her facial expression could only be described as ‘seductive’.

However, Isabelle could tell the other pictures wouldn’t be as clean as this. She clicked next to see the scene had barely changed – but this time, Jessica’s free hand was clutching her skirt at the bottom – not lifted, just raised a little. The facial expression was one now of pure glee.

Next, Jessica was holding her skirt up to her chest. Isabelle saw the back of it behind Jessica’s legs. And, that’s when Isabelle recognised her panties. They didn’t quite fit and were very ruffled. Isabelle was suddenly reminded of Jessica’s panties, slowly choking the bad feeling up through her spine.

From here on, the pictures only made Isabelle feel worse. Next, Jessica had dropped the skirt but her hand was deep inside it. She was biting her lit, hard. Next, Jessica was without a blouse, leaning forwards to show off her breasts before the mirror. Her hand hadn’t moved.

Next, the skirt was leaving, almost falling down between pictures, leaving Jessica with Isabelle’s panties on and her bra – of course, a crimson red colour, matching what Isabelle was now wearing.

The pictures went on. The bra vanished, leaving her tits hanging down. She was licking them in a few photos, leaving a clearly visible residue across them. Her hand moved back to the panties, and her face became more and more red, her expression more and more desperate. The skill at taking pictures was also becoming worse, as some shots were our of focus and

Isabelle was skipping through them quickly now. The panties went, and Jessica toyed with them for a while – in her mouth, between her breasts, kissing them softly. Suddenly her clean shaven pussy was visible and her fingers were jammed up there.

Reeling back properly now, Isabelle realised she had come to the last shot. Now it was just the videos. The last one was obscured, since Jessica had collapsed onto the bed – all she could see was the pussy, her fingers, and her large breasts, all between her legs.

Standing up, Isabelle forced herself to stay calm… It was alright, she could wash them, right? She wasn’t going to get some STI or something?

Maybe she could just get rid of them. Throw them out, even burn them. They weren’t expensive anyway.

No. Clear your mind, Isabelle. She decided to go to the toilet and get a drink.

Sitting down, hitching up her skirt, and dropping her panties, she went. She put her head in her hands, worried, and distressed.

However, now, looking down in the clear light, she could see the panties. Jessica’s.

They were wet.

Isabelle wasn’t innocent enough to know what that meant. She was horny.

Oh my god! It must have been the photos. Isabelle had found them appealing, almost beyond belief. They were so new to her, raw, sexy. She’d never really seen another pussy before.

Isabelle put a shaking hand to her groin. Sopping wet. She pulled her hand back, a clear sense of right and wrong compelling her to behave. As she washed her hands, she saw her face was bright red.

No. No more. She decided to get very serious. She would delete them, and stop talking to Jessica. She was a terrible influence, ugh! How could she be so aroused by them?!

She walked a back to her PC. She wiggled the mouse to remove the screensaver but stopped dead soon after, seeing the picture again – Jessica, spread legged over the bed, fingers furiously pumping.

Sexy. It really was. For the first time ever, she felt a deep, warm, lustful feeling inside her for Jessica. The bedava bonus wetness in Jessica’s panties was only getting wetter. Dirty thoughts were now sneaking into Isabelle’s head. Bad thoughts.

It all suddenly made perfect sense to her now. She allowed herself to move towards the video in the folder too, now shaking in anticipation.

The video ran. First it showed the camera being moved about on her desk, changing angles to aim towards the bed. It was fully lit up from the widows around the room. Isabelle’s panties lay in the same place as before.

Then, Jessica walked on after a few moments of adjusting. She turned to the camera straight away – she was completely naked. She held her breasts tenderly with a noticeable grip, and her body seemed perfect to Isabelle in all ways. Slender hips. Beautiful legs. But the breasts… They were a new addiction.

She instantly started to talk, “Hey Isabelle, oh my GOD. I love you so much. And your panties!!!”

She picked them up from the bed (Isabelle’s pussy lurched with excitement as she revealed her breast) and held them up. “When I got home I came in them straight away, it was so awesome. Oh fuck…” Straight away she was rubbing them in between her legs, as if they were a fresh new sex toy.

Isabelle watched as she masturbated on them for a moment. She had never seen how it was done and Jessica was showing her all the moves. Already her face was pure joy and she was clearly moaning out loud. She could have sworn she heard “Isabelle” underneath her voice. Isabelle was loving it now. Jessica’s panties no longer felt tight, but they hugged her together perfectly. As she swayed, she felt her clit being stimulated.

Jessica kissed the panties and threw them backwards. “I’m gonna have another wank now and I really want you to watch. Please do the same as me, you’ve never done it and it’s such a perfect thing.” She blew one more kiss to the camera before putting hand to pussy and beginning.

The look on her face was one of pure joy. She was making the loudest moans Isabelle had ever imagined – rocking on her fingers, rolling her fist around her pussy like it was a perfect sex toy. She had lost track of the camera and was just focusing on her own hot body. She circled her nipple with her free hand in the sensual rhythm she had created.

Isabelle felt her pussy warm up and dampen through to the seat. Her things were sticky and her skirt was ruffled. She felt herself join Jessica’s pace with her own shaking, her hands gripping her face in horror and awe.

God, Jessica was ploughing herself quickly – Isabelle could barely count the pace as she gradually became higher and higher pitched, squealing now, squeaking “Isabelle! Isabelle!” with every breath. Her climax approached fast.

Suddenly, she was screaming out of the top of her lungs, her pussy on fire, her pulse racing. With one roar of “I’M CUMMING!!!” she released her built up energy, her hand halting, grabbing her wettening pussy to hold herself down. Her whole body shook throughout. What a beautiful climax.

As soon as Isabelle came to her senses, she realised it was her own turn. Her wide eyes still transfixed on the post-orgasm Jessica who was panting on screen, she moved the chair backwards and rose, her hands now clutching her skirt. Her eyes transfixed, she took off her skirt to improve groin access. She also realised she may get very hot and sweaty, just like Jessica, so she took off her shirt and her bra too.

The video ended with Jessica shakily wandering to the camera. She switched it off and all that was left was the frozen frame of her breasts, still in shot, as her arm leaned across.

Isabelle was still high with this new, wonderful sensation. She gazed down at her own body, never expecting to find it so appealing. Her breasts were pumping up and down, full and perky, their shining skin tone filling the room with reflected glory. Her nipples were also visible. She started there.

She lightly trailed a finger deneme bonusu down to them, and they responded with a light pang of excitement. She giggled, pushing them in, like some kind of pleasure button. The response was immediate, filling her mind with dirty thoughts.

Looking up she spotted herself in the mirror. She aroused herself – I guess that was a perk of being the way she was. The light seemed to emanate from her breasts, whilst her panties and pussy were in shadow.

She stopped for a second, as if she was about to breach a holy barrier that she would regret later. Past her breasts, her shadowed legs seemed to herald a new beginning for her.

But she couldn’t say no – not now. She continued rolling her nipple around whilst observing herself in the mirror. Soon, this minor stimulation was not enough, she needed the real deal. Falling back onto the bed, she saw herself in the full light. Jessica’s panties were hot in so many ways – a turn on beyond anything she could imagine. Sliding a hand onto her groin she felt the warmth fully – and the wetness.

Eyes transfixed now on the reflection of her hand, she watched it as it charmed its way into the sweaty inside of the panties, and finally making contact with what was growling for attention below – her pussy. Almost instantly the feeling registered and spiralled upwards, spinning in her stomach, creating butterflies to amplify the intensity. She could barely feel her fear.

Then, like Jessica, she let her fingers slide around. Her cooler hands made circles around her pussy – oh, what a feeling it was, her mouth gaping open, eyes now straying away from her reflection and into fantasy. As she brushed her clit, electric sparks of pleasure lit her up. Gasping, she found a pace and set to grinding away in pure ecstasy.

He other than grabbed her nipple again just to add to the effect. She couldn’t believe she had ever done this before – her whole body was now rolling on her fingers, sweaty and sticky. Her bed picked up the juice and her thighs were soon sticky with liquid. She teased her fingers in, letting out a quiet “Oohh…” as they slipped into her pussy. The warmth was intoxicating, she had to push further, feeling pleasure spots light up on all sides of her pussy.

As she forced her way in, she suddenly became limited by the tight panties. Feverishly, she pulled out, releasing the pure smell of female into the air, and tore off Jessica’s panties. She dropped them to the side and went straight back to where she was, not a single breath wasted.

She began to thrust harder, her breasts jiggling out of control below her, moaning now with ever. “Oh my god,” she groaned, now pumping herself with one finger, inching to insert another as Jessica had done. She looked straight up and screamed as it went in, fucking and fucking herself, getting wetter and sticker, only imagining one face and body in her mind – Jessica.

“Uh… Uh… Ugh…” she cried with each successive push, loving the sweet juicy smell the room filled with, feeling her breasts float around under her grip, firmly caressing her nipples, providing another path to climax. Isabelle could feel something stronger approaching, an overture to an explosion inside her. Her pussy was only pounded more with this feeling, adding more and more delight to each successive pum of her fingers

She then felt a glorious wave of power overwhelm her – this was it! Her orgasm ripped through her body like an earthquake. “FUCK!” she squealed, as wave after wave flattened her, feeling her pussy pulse with sexual energy around her feverishly pumping hand, bouncing on the bed, feeling fire rip though her body and her mind.

She breathed deeply as it subsided, still swearing, still thinking of Jessica. Her pussy had had its fill now so she withdrew her hand, and dropped both arms either side of her as she fell back on the bed. Her pussy still raced with the slowly fading aftershock. She closed her eyes and gripped the bed, whispering “Jessica…”

Then, suddenly, consciousness seemed to fall back into place, the dream like world faded away. She gradually brought herself to the colder reality of where she was now, and what she had just done. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she sat upright, aghast at what had just been done.

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