A Friend In Need Ch. 03

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We were an hour late getting to my sisters terminal. I was rather embarrassed after the last 24 hours or so but as luck would have it Cassie’s plane was late.

“Hey, Cass, sorry we’re late. Have you been waiting long?”

“No, the flight was delayed. I actually just got through the terminal about five minutes ago,” Cass replied. “God, you two look terrible! Must have had a pretty good time last night.”

I blushed.

“You wouldn’t believe it,” Jo laughed.

“Let’s get out of here,” was all I could muster.

Joann just laughed and Cassie just looked at us like we were nuts.

The drive home was mostly uneventful, but when we got to my apartment my embarrassment went right through the roof. Jo and I both had panties and various articles of clothing lying all over the living room. In my haste to get to the airport I had quite obviously forgotten to pick up.

I showed Cass around the apartment. She dropped her bags down in the spare bedroom and followed me down the hall. I showed her my bedroom next.

Oh fuck, I thought, more of “our” clothes on the floor. And of course my bed was still wet.

I stripped the bed and threw the other clothes into a basket. I was totally disheveled by this time. When Cass exited my bathroom it scared me and I jumped.


“Jesus, Jen,” Cassie said. “You sure are on edge. Are you okay?”

Jo walked into the bedroom grinning. “Sorry I spilled my beer on your bed last night, J,” she said giggling. “Thanks for the sweats this morning too. I’ll get ’em back to ya in a day or so. I gotta run home for a while. I’ll see you two later.”

She gave Cass a hug and then gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips before she left. At this point I know I was bright red and it only got worse as Cassie looked at me grinning from ear to ear.

The weekend went by fairly quickly as I showed Cass around town. We went to the mall, the movies and watched college and pro football at a couple of sports bars. Jo was with us some but she was also working back at her apartment all weekend too.

We spent the time catching up. I always saw Cass when I went home for the major holidays but she was ten years younger than me at 21. she was still in college back home while I had left our tiny town and moved halfway across the country for college and a career. She caught me up on all the latest and greatest news from back home (it seems nothing much has changed) and in general we had a fun weekend.

Cass was staying with me for the whole week. So I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her the whole time she was here. But since she majored in Graphic Arts and that’s what Joann did as a freelance artist, I figured she might like to hang out with Jo while I was at work.

I woke up Cassie around 8:00 to give her my apartment key and headed off to the office. When I got there my boss was already in my office waiting for me.

“Hey what’s the good word,” I asked.

Apparently there was no good word. My boss told me that our potential client had rejected my marketing campaign completely. It seemed they liked it just not for their company. Upon hearing that our corporate office had asked my boss to disperse my accounts to the other members of our local staff. I sat there. Frozen. Stunned. Finally, to break the intense silence my boss apologized and told me he would do what he could to help me find another job.

It was nice to know that he understood my abilities but it didn’t change the fact that I was now out of a job. Before leaving my office he asked if I would get some of the other people up to speed on my accounts. As I collected my personal belongings a few people stopped by to comfort me I guess. I was still numb. I gathered my things and walked out of the office for good.

Let them figure out their own god damned accounts, I thought. It wasn’t my fucking problem anymore.

I drove around the city for a couple of hours then headed back to my apartment. I knocked on the door but Cassie wasn’t there. I leaned against my door and cried for an hour.

Feeling somewhat in control again I took off my heels and walked over to Jo’s. I knocked on the door. I heard whispering and giggling inside.

“It’s open,” Jo called.

I walked in to see both of them looking rather flustered. Cassie’s shirt was buttoned wrong and Jo’s was barely buttoned at all.

Cass started to ask my why I was home so early then noticed my swollen eyes.

“Jen, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri what’s the matter,” she asked.

I explained what had happened at my earlier meeting. They both stood there in shocked silence.

Jo was the first to speak. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call me?”

I burst into tears again as they both rushed to me and led me to the couch. Jo pulled me into her breast and rocked me to comfort me.

“Shh, baby, it’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this,” she cooed.

I know it sounds corny but her words and her soft breasts had the desired effect on me. I instantly felt better than I had up to that point. It wasn’t much but it was a start. Jo immediately took control of things and after I had settled down a little she suggested that Cassie take me home and she would be by after she finished some things she had to get done.

As we walked back to my apartment I asked Cass if she’d had a good day with Jo. I knew full well that graphic arts hadn’t been the only thing they had discussed that day.

“Um…uh yeah,” she stammered. “We did a lot of stuff.”

“I’ll bet you did,” I laughed. “Fuck, Cass! What am I gonna do now?”

“You’ll be alright,” she replied, “you always land on your feet. Your good like that, J.”

Since when did my little sister call me “J,” I wondered. It must have been when she started hanging out with my most recent lover, I thought and snorted.

“Did you just snort,” Cassie asked me.

“What’s it to ya, ya little tramp,” I joked.

She just smirked as she opened the door and led me in by the hand. She led me back to my bedroom and went into my bathroom to start my bath.

“Where’s your lavender,” she asked. Immediately followed by “never mind I found it.” She came back into the bedroom. “Hey,” she said, “you need one of those world famous baths Jo Jo told me about.”

She started to unbutton my blouse and there was a definite tension in the air. Her fingers were trembling slightly and when I felt her fingers brush against my bra covered breast I inhaled sharply. Her hands stopped. Her eyes traveled from her hands up to mine in the most painfully slow manner. She was studying my chest, my neck, my face and finally my eyes.

Cassie is about 5’5″, she is thicker than me making her weigh more than me. Her breasts are a large c-cup. I was always jealous of her larger tits. Especially since she’s been showing them off since she was 14. She had a big butt that was always accentuated by her big tits and toned thighs. Her hair, when dry, was curly and down to her shoulders. It was much longer when wet. She was a dirty blonde and her hair framed her face perfectly.

She had pouty lips and innocent sea blue eyes. It was her eyes that pulled me in at this point and when she closed them is when I realized that we were kissing passionately.

Holy fuck! I’m kissing my sister I thought as I pulled away.

“Whoa,” I said.

“Shh,” was her response and she went back to work on my blouse buttons.


She put her finger to my lips to shush me again. Not saying a word she continued to remove my clothes. It took an ungodly amount of time but again I stood before a woman completely naked.

But this is my sister, I thought. How could this be happening? We stood staring at each other. My mind traveling a million miles and hour.

Cass grabbed my hands and led me to the bathroom. She inserted me into the tub and reached for my poof. After rubbing my back her other hand pushed my chest back so that I was reclined in the tub. I felt her hand on my breast again only this time no bra. I lay my head back, closed my eyes and sighed softly. I let Cassie caress my front and I let the lavender caress away my stress.

It wasn’t until I felt Cassie’s lips on mine that I noticed her hand was gone. But I quickly found out where it had gone. As her tongue penetrated my lips I felt my waterproof vibe penetrate my pussy.

Apparently I had dozed off because when I put my arms around her for a hug I noticed that she didn’t have any clothes on. Instinctively, I hugged her tighter pulling her off balance and into the tub with me. I was glad it was a big tub because now that I had her in the tub with me I didn’t want her to get out.

Cassie and I had always been as close as our 10 year age difference had allowed us to be. She had always been my sister and my friend. Now we güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri were both women and I wanted nothing more than to make love to her. For hours, forever!

Our lips met and our hands began to explore. Her tits were even bigger than Jo Jo’s. Her skin was soapy and slick. It felt so good, so right in my hands. I kneaded her tits as our tongues continued to explore each others mouths.

The vibe had been forgotten about when Cassie fell into the tub. Now I felt it moving gently with the motion of the water. It was bumping against the tight pucker of my ass. I gasped. We both opened our eyes and stopped what we were doing.

“There’s a vibrator trying to crawl up my ass,” I explained.

“That sounds delicious,” she grinned.

Then I felt Cass’ finger approach my pucker. I clamped my legs around her arm but it did nothing to stop her wrist and finger from trying to penetrate my tight hole. She grinned at me the way she used to when she knew she was going to get her way with our Mom.

“Oh no,” I said, fear rising. But by the time I got the words out she had penetrated my backside.

“Just relax,” she soothed. Of course as she said it I immediately tensed even more. No one had ever entertained my backside and I wasn’t sure what I thought about Cassie doing it.

“I’ve never done that before, Cass,” I explained.

“Please, J,” she begged in a whisper. She flashed me her innocent puppy dog eyes and gave me her best lower lip pout.

Jesus Christ, I thought, when did I become a bisexual, incestuous, anal slut? I was really having the best week or perhaps the worst week of my life. I sighed heavily. We stood up and ignored the towels Cass had set beside the tub. Stepping out we walked into my bedroom hand in hand, dripping wet. She turned me around and gently laid me down on the bed. She crawled up beside her huge tits hanging down almost to the bed.

Softly Cassie kissed my eyes closed and then covered my face with kisses. She moved lower to my neck and began the process again still only touching me with those exquisitely tender lips. She glided about the bed still not touching me but kissing my upper chest and arms.

My entire body was aching for sex but Cassie didn’t stop what she was doing. She bypassed my tits and straining nipples that much more. Slowly, she moved to my belly not missing an inch of skin. For a minute nothing, then suddenly she started to suck on my toes. Sensuously, she worked each of my toes like a little cock. I wasn’t sure if I was dying or if I was already in heaven but I didn’t want it to stop. Ever!

She tickled the soles of my feet with her tongue then slowly worked her way up my thighs. I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass like hot lava. Every nerve in my body was tuned in to what Cass was doing to my body. Never in my life had I been made love to so perfectly. Maybe it was because she was my sister.

Bypassing my pussy again Cass moved back to my perky little tits. I felt her nose and lips nuzzle the underside of my left tit. Slowly circling my mound until she was almost to my nipple.

Her lips left my tit and I whimpered quietly. In the next instant though she attacked my nipple. She sucked me hard and bit me even harder. I exploded. Coming hard I screamed. I knew everyone in the building could hear me but at that moment I couldn’t have cared any less.

“Oh, Cass, fuck me! Use me you little slut,” I yelled. “Suck that titty you teasing bitch!”

she bit down again on my right side and I could feel her large mams slap against my left. I orgasmed again. Not quite as hard this time but my juices were flowing down my ass. She moved up and we kissed passionately but my pussy was throbbing and I could feel a burning need deep inside.

“Please, Cassie,” I begged breathlessly. “Oh God, Cassie you’ve got to eat my pussy.”

She grinned wickedly, got off the bed and sat on the floor. Grabbing my legs she slid me along the bed-through another wet spot-and buried her face in my pussy. My clit was tingling until her nose rammed into it. Then it was buzzing and burning.

Quickly I started to ramp up again as her tongue explored my inner folds and her nose continued to grind on my clit. I could hear her slurping up my juices. Cassie removed her face from my steaming hot box and again I whimpered. I felt her nose slide between my lips as her tongue poked my ass.

“Ahhhhh,” I responded.

Her güvenilir bahis şirketleri hands gripped my thighs and pushed up. I felt her tongue enter my back hole and start to explore, stretching my rubbery ring. She pushed her face in as deeply as she could between my ass cheeks and her nose bumped my clit bringing on my third climax in short order.

My entire sex spasmed once…twice and on the third flexion I squirted my kid sister right between the eyes. Cassie quickly moved her mouth to cover my pussy to drink me in. I had one last spasm that squirted in her mouth. Finally, my whole body relaxed and I melted into the bed.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Jo Jo said.

Neither of us had noticed her entrance and her words scared us both. She was sitting on the floor in the doorway, sweat pants around her ankles one hand pinching a nipple through her shirt, the other hand buried to the knuckles in her dripping box.

We just stared at her astonished.

“Sorry,” she said and blushed. “The door was unlocked so I let myself in.”

“How long have you been here,” I asked.

“Long enough to cum twice and wish I’d got here sooner,” she laughed. She crawled on her hands and knees over to Cassie and gave her a heated kiss. “And I think your the only one who hasn’t got off yet,” Jo said to Cassie, “but I intend to change that right now.”

I listened intently to Cassie’s high pitched squeals and moans. Damn, it sounded good. Unfortunately, due to my emotional and sexual exhaustion it wasn’t long before the soothing moans of the sexcapades on my bedroom floor helped me drift off into a nice slumber.

I woke up a couple of hours later and got dressed in some comfy clothes. Walking into the living room I noticed everything was quiet. There was a note taped to the TV. ‘J, We are at Jo’s. Come over if you get up in time for the game. Love, C&J’ I grinned and headed out the door.

I entered Jo’s apartment. The girls were sitting on the couch laughing and drinking beer.

“Wanna get some beers before ya sit down,” Jo asked.

Bringing three Rolling Rocks back I sat between Cass and Jo. They both rested their heads on my shoulders. I sighed contentedly and drank my beer.

The game was over and we all had a pretty good buzz by now. Jo suggested we all spend the night at her place.

“I think we should probably have a talk,” she said, “and my bed will hold all of us.”

we all went into the bathroom together and each of us took turns doing our business of peeing, brushing teeth and washing faces.

Jo got some extra pillows and we made our way under the blankets. Three naked bodies for an adult slumber party. I was in the middle of the other two again. It was amazing how comforting those two naked bodies felt wrapped around mine.

I knew I was going to make it through this difficult time with the support group I had curled up with me. I knew we’d all be better off in the long run.

We spent the next several hours revealing our dreams and desires about life, love and happiness. All three of us learned a lot about each other. Maybe even some things about ourselves we’d been afraid to admit in our own minds.

Cass revealed that she had been bisexual for the better part of 5 years and even told us about her first time. It was funny to hear about her feeling of awkwardness as she was with another girl before she was with a man.

She asked about our relationship and I let Jo Jo fill in all the details as she had already started to tell Cass some of what had happened earlier in the day before I had come home. Her steamy retelling of the story was accurate to a fault and we all squirmed with the sordid details.

It seemed Jo had been with other women in college but nothing more than drunken heavy petting of the sorority girl experimentation variety. She said she had enjoyed it but other than that nothing had ever come from any of it.

I ended up being the least experienced never doing more than some light kissing and a brief feel up during a high school game of “seven minutes of heaven.”

The conversation wound its way back to what had transpired in the last week and a half. None of us felt ashamed about what we had done. We all agreed that we were better off for the experience and the trust and love that came with it.

I was lying on my back and the other two were wrapped around me with arms draped over each other as well. Turning my head to my right I gave Jo a kiss. Then I turned my my head to the left and repeated the action with my little sister. I told them both that I loved them and drifted off to sleep totally happy to be in bed with my two most recent lovers. One my friend. The other my sister.

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