Some Like It Rough

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Note: Thanks to all the readers for the terrific feedback on my stories.

I wanted to describe myself to you so you can get a picture of what I look like and what these guys got to play with!

I am 5′ 6 with reddish brown hair to the middle of my back which my husband says gives a hint of the fire down below! I have Hazel bedroom eyes and long lashes that I bat to get what I want. My most obvious feature is my triple D tits that have very sensitive nipples. I am always wet and can fuck and suck for hours!

This story actually happened before the first threesome story in real life!

I was fairly active sexually in my 20’s which was not the usual way girls were at that time. I actually waited until I was 19 to have my cherry taken by my then boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong I stroked a lot of dick and gave an awful lot of head before I finally lost my virginity! But for all the sex I was having the one cherry I knew I was keeping for a while was my anal one?

My first anal sex experience happened very much as an act of opportunity rather than an experimentation of other things one usually tries with a sex partner. As you may have surmised by now, if you have read my other stories, I was very shallow when it came to men. The better looking they were the better I liked them. With looks comes an arrogance that does not always lead to my pleasure. I was dating an exotic looking guy who could turn me on with a smile, he was so gorgeous! We had been dating for a few months and he was very different from what I usually like in a man.

He was a very intense guy and would almost “Take” his pleasure from me which meant he was a lot rougher on me when we had sex. He was fixated on my big tits and no matter what position we were in he would grab them and squeeze them hard! My nipples would be bright pink after sex because he would bite on them and suck them so hard I would beg him to stop, but at the same time I didn’t want him to stop! Something was so different about this guy and the sexual energy was wild which caused my orgasms to be so intense!!

He loved to take me from behind like a bitch in heat, fucking me as hard as he could and pinching my nipples hard as we came. Even now when one of my guys fuck me I reach a point where I want an intense cum after a lot of teasing I yell “FUCK ME! Pound the shit out of my pussy!!” He had bahis firmaları a beautiful cock. It was 9″ of thick meat with the biggest head I have ever seen! When it came to sucking his cock he loved to shove his cock as far as he could down my throat till I gagged. He would fuck my face over and over again till I thought I would lose consciousness then pull his cock out until I stopped choking and then do it again! Finally when he was ready to cum and start spurting he would pull out to get it all over my face. He would hold me by my hair so he could look at his handy work.

One time I was in the shower and he startled me and came in and got between my legs with his face then spread my lips apart and thrust his tongue inside me, licking and biting my clit as I came and came till I could barely stand up. He picked me up and set my ass on the vanity and told me to put his 9″ cock in my pussy! He fucked me so hard the pictures on the wall were falling. That cock fit so good and hit all the right places I came and came over and over again!!

This guy was an amazing fuck, but definitely had a cruel streak in him. It was intense and hot but I knew I couldn’t take a steady diet of this so I decided to show him how it felt. The next time while I was giving him a rather spirited blow job I let my teeth purposely graze his cock several times. I could hear him grunting and groaning every time I did it. I was really working that cock my way and not letting him fuck my face like he usually does. It was more like I was hell bent on getting that cum out of his balls! Another time I was on top and straddled him for a nice long ride on that hard monster, but, this time I grabbed two handfuls of his chest hair and tugged real hard. At that point I figured he must have gotten what I was up to and would let up on me, but, he rolled me over and started to pound that monster against my cervix and never didn’t let up. I did the only thing I could do in that position, I dragged my nails down his back, scratching all the way down to his ass and I did it HARD!!! I thought that maybe he’d realize he’d been very rough with me and would tone it down, but it turns out that he loved it and told me that was one of the best fucks of his life!

After that I got used to the pleasure/pain of our sex life. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

One night we were kaçak iddaa out drinking B-52′ shots with another couple at a nightclub and I somehow ended up having 7 shots! I was ripped and as always very horny which I let him know by running my hand up his leg and squeezing that big cock! When we left the club we were in the backseat of our friend’s car. I undid his zipper and stuck my hand in to release his already hard cock. I could see the other couple looking at us through the rear mirror, but that just turned me on even more. I straddled him and started to kiss as I rubbed myself on his cock. He ripped open my shirt and popped my tits out of my bra and started to suck them right there! My back was to the other couple, but I knew that they could tell what was happening. We got to our house and I covered my tits and got out of the car and ran to the bathroom. When I came out to find my boyfriend the other couple was still there and making out on the couch! He wanted to watch to see what they were going to do but I didn’t care about them and told him I needed to get fucked NOW!

He took me onto the bedroom and started to rip and tear off my clothes. This was more than a little rough, even for him, but I figured he had been drinking too, so I just got into it. It helped that at this point; my pussy was swollen and cum was dripping out of it. He flipped me over on the bed so that I was now in the doggie style position, and I got ready for him to slide that big beautiful cock in my hungry pussy!. Suddenly, he shoved me down so that I was on my stomach with him on top of me using his knees to spread my legs open. I still was so drunk, I didn’t quite realize my predicament, but did feel as if something was not quite right about how he was acting.

Suddenly his cock was at the entrance to my ass and he started to press down. I lurched forward and tried to squirm away and told him “Hey! Wrong hole!”

“Not tonight” he said “I’m fucking you up your ass!”

“No way” I said. Only then I realized that he was holding me down and that I couldn’t get up! I started to panic and really started to struggle in earnest, but I couldn’t get away! He was stronger and I was much smaller than him and drunk, I was in trouble.

His cock now started to push HARD against my asshole and it seemed as though there was no way it was going to go in. It was just kaçak bahis too small of an opening for his big dick. It hurt though and I started to groan and plead with him to let me go and told him how much it hurt. He acted as if he hadn’t heard a word I’d said and continued to press and push till finally I could feel something give and the head of his cock was inside me, stretching me out and opening up the hole. That was the first time I screamed.

I was humiliated wondering if the couple in the living room could hear us. Part of me wanted them to come in and save me, but part of me didn’t want them to see me impaled by his dick. His cock slowly, painfully continued to push deeper and deeper into my ass as I begged him to stop and began to whimper. My ass was on fire and I was moaning and shaking my head as tears were starting to flow. With a grunt from him he stopped pushing and I could tell his cock was finally buried to the hilt up my ass.

Then he started to roll his hips and gyrate in a circular motion and he started to bite and lick the back of my neck. He tried to snake his hand under my body to pinch my nipples but I closed my arms around my boobs. His right hand reached under my body and covered my pussy as his index finger slid in and started to rub my clit. All of the sudden, everything changed in a heartbeat. My clit hardened instantly, my nipples were erect and my hips were now gyrating as well. My ass was still on fire, but something was hitting a nerve in there that was incredibly intense and next thing I knew, I was having one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I started to moan and shake as the waves crashed over me. He started to moan and I could feel his cock expand inside me and then a warm feeling washed through my ass and I screamed as I came over and over. I must’ve passed out awhile and when I woke up I was alone. I had cum dripping out of my sore ass, bites on my neck but shit I was so relaxed, I was a limp noodle.

I got up and cleaned myself off and came out to the living room where he was sitting watching T.V. The other couple had left, but they had left a note that said “Shit! You two are HOT to watch! Talk soon.”

I asked him “Why he had done it that way”

He said “You were so drunk that I had to take a shot at it, and I figured that YOU would like it and forgive me”

I told him he was right about the first part, but not the second. I guess, after the pain of it, I did end up liking it, but I never did forgive him. I was never with him again, but I’ve learned to love anal sex, so for that I’ll always remember him.

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