A Personal Moment to Share with You

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Oh! It will be nice to get know one another… Now I think you are wondering if a woman likes sex? Well I do like sex, alone doing my masturbation, or with a man or a women, or at swinger parties. I thought about my sexual pleasure for a long time, and I wanted to share those moments with you.

I am Monica, who just turned about 40ish. I was married once in my twenty, and I had a girl(she is now living with her father). My hair is shinny jet black, with a face that you would remember when you see me, my body is in great shape, which made my 36″ breast, my ass is good to look at or fell after working out, my legs are long making me about 5’8″ tall. Are you wonder what else you like to know about me, well you’ll have the read this story, as well as many other sexual stories.

Going to the gym today on Friday. I’m working out with weights, and going to the tread-mill walking machine cause it feel really good afterwards. I do like the tread-mill as it lets mind wonder with music playing in my ears-phones. My thoughts begin to contemplate about me and masturbating my pussy later on today.

When I work out, I push myself to workout harder, which makes me get dripping wet all over my body, my arm pits and my pussy get really soaking wet, making me feel horny deep down inside myself(feeling my sexy between me and God). Gripping the handles tightly on tread-mill, I can feel sexual sensation ripple throughout my body, as I speculating what it be to get fuck by a man. Have him take me off the tread-mill to take me to a padded bench, spreading my legs wide as he begin ripping off my cloths, and ram his cock as grinder against my cunt lip before grinding his cock all the way in me with my sticky moist cunt lips gripping even harder(I like to say cunt when I am really horny). He ramming his veined, rigidly firmly hard cock deep in my cunt as it touches, and probe my sticky white cream cunt as it pours out of cervix whole. Oh yes; Fuck me stud, fill me up with your hard cock, and cum in my wet cunt. Yes I want it now, as I thought, suddenly I have lost almost my time on the tread-mill. With my thoughts of sex I have to leave now to go home.

Oh god, this is going to feel really good, taking off all my cloths in my kitchen as I get naked. I want to get fuck in my wet cunt so badly as thought deeply. Dropping off all the rest of my cloths to the floor, stroking my titties and pussy lips, as it is driving me crazy. I tasted my fingers, smelled them with my sexual odor as my sex radiate out of me. Felling my naked body all over more in the my kitchen, caressed my firm titties making my nipples points get even harder, as it make me feel more intense sexuality.

I had to stop, going to refrigerator to get some white wine, I take a couple sips and knowing I need get some marijuana. Going to the living room, I get some marijuana out, lit it as puffed several times on. Letting the sensations of marijuana go throughout my body and mind. I let the smoke several times in my lungs, as it goes throughout me, along with the wine. I could feel myself getting more laid-back inside me as I touching myself as I slide my finger between my cunt lips, feeling how bahis firmaları wet my cunt is as I laid down on the couch.

Taking another sip of wine with couple more hits of marijuana as I letting my mind wonder off in my as my sexual craziness takes over. I’m wonder how it would feel to have a man lay his hands on me, caress me, taste my soaking juicy wet cunt lips as I suck on his stiff cock, and eventually pushing his thick cock deeper in my mouth. My feeling take over; thinking about the my sexuality sensation, as I take my 8″ thick dildo to penetrate my juicy wet cunt. It caressing my inner wet cunt walls as I press the dildo in me, as it comes to rest against my cervix opening. My sticky wet cum out in spasm, feeling my dildo go around and around in my cunt till it makes me even more wet, with my sticky cum oozes out of my cunt. I want my dildo to make me cum till I pass out. The feeling of my dildo, caressing my inner muscled cunt walls, as it tighten around deeply as press on, and eventually felt myself laid back, enjoying the deep penetration as it goes way, way deeper in my cunt. My mind take over, feeling my sex explode in me, and my mind-set the moods, as it increased, flooding throughout my naked body. What thought I am having, and I need to go to my bedroom.

In my bedroom I turn the light on low, turn on the TV and CD player. I see I had porno on already; revealing as a woman an man get together having sex. I get my 8″ dido cock as laid back on my bed.

“Oh God it feels so good being turned-on sexually” as I thought out loud by stimulated myself. Taking some wine, enjoying the movie of the man eating out his girlfriend’s pussy. I like it when a man goes down on woman’s cunt, licking her swollen clitoris with his tongue as she get sexually intense.

“He got her cunt even wetter around her vagina lips.” as I moan out. Thinking that looks good in the movie, as I caressing my really wet cunt lips as my juices flowed out of me, and I slide my dildo into my cunt. Yeah I need that, with my hands reach out, as comes into contact with my outer soaking wet cunt walls.

“Yes more sensation, deeper in my cunt wall. Oh yeah more.” as I cry out loudly. “Oh yes… Play with your titties it makes my nipples really hard. Oh yes that feels good as I pinching firmly hard, makes my nipples get even harder. Oh yeah… Pinching your nipples some more, and make them them even harder baby.” as I thought out loud.

I can feel with other hand how wet my cunt is, screaming out loud, “Oh yes more playing.” as my mind is wondering off even deeper in sexual satisfaction. As body goes deeper on my dildo so I can ride it really hard. Stimulating my juicy wet cunt for a long time, making my cunt lips really soaking wet as my lips swell up, “Oh…Yeah!! Fuck me hard baby.” moaning out loud.

I can feel my thoughts as it caress my cunt lips, as I go even crazy erotically in my mind. I like slipping my fingers around my clitoris, massage the outer edge as it making it swell up, as cunt start send me over the edge sexuality. Wanting to cum, but I can’t. I like taking myself to edge of cumming, then stop, and continue on again. Stopping kaçak iddaa I’m griping the sheets with hands as it makes me even more intensely hunger for a release of my cunt walls. I can feel how hot I am, and wanting more pleasure inside my cunt.

Laying back, watching the movie, as the man is sticking his cock inside his girlfriend’s cunt from behind, knowing I wanted to get fuck like that in the movie.

I could feel my fingers sliding between me swollen cunt’s lips, probing my inner cunt walls, “Oh god it feels so good as I am sliding my finger deep inside me know.” as I moan out loudly in pure pleasure. Thinking I have to stop, taking a sip of wine, and I’m letting my mind wonder off with more sexual stimulation ramble around inside. Just letting my mind ramble about with sexual thoughts, as I reach for my dildo, pressing further into my cunt.

I needed to relax, feeling my warm sticky juices from my cunt oozes out of my cunt. I let my other hand caress my firm, hard areola nipples, feeling the stimulation as I pinching each one again, as let go of my frantic sexual stimulation as it takes over me. Taking another sip of wine, I look at the couple on screen, seeing the woman got on her knees as the man got behind her, and stick his cock really hard in her cunt.

“Oh fuck!! That must feel really great to get fuck like that. Let yourself to get fuck like that again and again.” as I play with my dildo as I thought loudly.

As I lay back, pressing the dildo cock head against my cunt’s opening again, letting it get sticky wet with my juices. I gradually inserted it deeply in my cunt, it penetration goes really deeper in my cunt.

“Oh man that feels so good. Oh it would great to get fuck right now. I want to feel a man, stuff his stiff prick deeply in my cunt.” as I moan out loudly.

Feeling more of my sexuality ecstasy as it rush throughout my body, “Oh god that feels good. Stuff that dildo deeper in me.” as it slide in, goes all the way deeper till my dildo is rubbing against cervix opening.

“Make it wet you bitch. Fuck me. Fuck me deeper. Oh Yeah.” screaming out in sexual excitement. I can feel myself barring down on it, riding it, moving around inside me, to feel all of it sexual pleasure radiate outwardly.

“Oh god, that feels so good. Penetrating my cunt, riding it like I would ride a man right now. Oh God that so fucking good riding it. Ride it again in your bitch cunt,” as I press against cervix opening as I moaning out loudly delirious.

I can’t get enough as my dildo penetrated me way deeper, feeling are making my cunt more saturating moist inside my cunt walls as I moan out, “Oh god, Fuck me. Fuck me deep. I want to feel all of my dildo enter into my cunt. Rub my cervix you bitch cunt. Fuck me, Fuck me you bitch cunt. I want it all. Fuck me harder, penetrate my cunt.” moaning out even loudly in deep in a sexual voice.

I can feel my fingers touch the moistness of each stroke against my cunt opening, feeling my hard clitoris as my finger goes on and on playing with it. I can feel the erotic pleasure building up in me as my cunt spasm with each stroke, moaning out loudly in my room, kaçak bahis “Oh I can feel it, Building up inside me.”

Little spasm squirting out of my cunt as it really turns me on, and moaning out, “Oh Yes! More of cunt comes.”

Feeling more of erotic pleasure as it is building up with each spasm, letting get really sticky wet in my cunt cums, releasing even more pleasurably moments in my nude body.

“Cum you bitch cunt.” loudly screaming out. I can feeling it building up in me stronger, with my legs and cunt spasm uncontrollable with each squirt cum juicy.

“I am cumming so much. I want to pass out like a bitch cunt. Fuck me. Fuck me harder and deeper.” as her erotic intensity builds up in me, screaming out so loudly in my bedroom.

I am moaning out in pure erotic sexual intensity, feeling it go all over me, and inside my nude body as I start to cum. Riding with the dildo, inserted deeply in my wet cunt, pressing against my cervix opening as it is grinding back and forth on my dildo. I can feel my cervix opening getting harder as it is rubbing against it.

I am moaning out screaming out loudly in my bedroom, “Yes, Yes, cum you bitch cunt. Feel it you bitch.” I am so lost in erotic intense sexual desire, no movie phase me, no outside noise invades my sense, just the feeling of pure sexual energy as it craving my hunger as it takes over inside my nude body.

I so engrossed in sexual feeling; I don’t know how far I have gone or even how often. I’m cumming so hard. I can feel my in sides, push out of my cunt sticky cumming cream. I can feel it with my fingers, stroking it, and tasted it.

“Oh that feel incredible inside me. Cum, Cum, Oh Yes. Keep cumming you bitch.” as my thoughts screamed out loudly. I can’t take it any longer, as I scream out with my dildo, driving down on it as my dildo press against my cervix opening even harder.

“More, keep cumming you bitch cunt.” as I moan out loudly. I didn’t realize my arms went to my sheets, gripping them, my pussy walls gripped my dildo, and released it, then grip my dildo again, and again.

Playing with titties as I stimulate hard nipples areola, I screaming out loudly, “Oh God, make me cum, and cum on my dildo.” My ecstasy takes over my nude body and mind together, as I cream out, “Cum you cunt bitch.” Cumming in my cunt’s walls; I loose consciously as I pass out…

After waking up slowly again, gripping my temples, I open my eyes, realize with ecstasy, how warm I am inside my body. I feel my body all over, as I know the feelings of me cumming for a long time. Get more conscious, I notice my clock, and I see I have been out for a little than four hours. I look down to feel my titties, caressing my nipples, and I notice I still have the dildo buried deep inside my wet pussy. I shake my head, and marvel how lovely these felling have enthralled my mind and body through-out. I slowly slide the dildo out of my cunt, as I notice that my dildo is really creamed all around it. With exhausting taking over, I lay back.

I finally felt I need some rest, know I am gradually falling asleep again, and know my dreams will come back again. Bye for now.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I will tell you some more about me, and quest for sexual pleasure. I hope you don’t mind me as I am telling you this story, I had to scream out loudly and relate that way with you with quotes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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