First Time Fumble

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I went to my cousin’s bachelor party only because he was a relative. I already knew there’d be no strippers as his fiancé wouldn’t allow it, not even vids of strippers. I wasn’t expecting anything exciting or even fun to happen so my plan was show up have a drink, wish Ernie well, and split as soon as I could. I kept wondering what you do at a stag party with no women but I was soon to find out as I walked in to a party of guys playing video games and drinking tequila shots. I remember Ernie use to love playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ yet that was another item not allowed by Brenda. Oh yeah this boy was in trouble not even married and already pussy whipped beyond repair. They were now playing something called Paper Mario and it looked confusing to me so I steered clear of it.

I’d already had about three shots of tequila when someone came up with a drinking game where every time a new character came on the screen everyone had to take a shot. I soon found out this is a fast paced game so there was a lot of shots going down and when I noticed we were down to the last bottle of tequila I volunteered to run down to the corner for canlı bahis more.

When I returned the video game was off, I think everyone was too hammered to play anymore, now everybody was sitting in a circle on the floor. It didn’t take long to find out what was going on, one by one, each person was to sit in the middle and tell about his first time. They would spin the bottle to determine who’d take a turn, no turn downs allowed. When it pointed to Ralph first, he tried to decline but was pushed in the circle and instructed to tell his story. I knew he was a religious fellow and was sure he wouldn’t do it but I guess the tequila had loosened his tongue enough for him to tell his tale.

“Linda and I had a pledge of purity and other than kissing we waited until our wedding night to consummate our love. Neither of us knew much about ‘s.e.x.’ as not even our pastor would talk to us about it. This was to be our special night, yet we were both nervous as we wondered if our ignorance would hinder the actual act itself.

Linda went to the restroom to change into her nightgown and I was glad as I needed the alone time to bahis siteleri calm my nerves. This was something I’d waited so long for and now that the time was near, I realized I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go through with it. It took Linda over forty-five minutes to prepare herself yet I must say I was disappointed in her choice of sleepwear for our wedding night. She had on a flannel gown that covered throat to ankle and her first words were that she was not ready to expose her body to me; next, we prayed together to ask god to assist us with our first act of coitus. She then turned out the lights and crawled into bed before I was allowed to touch her nightgown. Linda told me she was so glad we had waited for this special moment and she was now ready. My body covered in sweat I took my place atop my bride. As I knew god does not approve of men who touch themselves I worked to insert my member untouched into her opening as she began to cry in anticipation of the pain of losing her maiden head. I was having no luck at all until Linda decided that if she spread her legs it would be easier. I believed I reached penetration although bahis şirketleri I can’t be sure and I did achieve the ejaculation I had been looking forward to for so long. It was over in minutes, even before I had a chance to touch her vagina but I guess that was OK, as I’ve heard that a vagina smells bad anyway.

After, my wife said she was so happy we waited for this magical moment because it now was not a sin and that at the end she almost enjoyed it. As for me I was utterly disappointed and if it wasn’t our need for children I could forgo the act and never miss it.”

We all sat in stunned silence, the game now over almost before it started as nobody would dare tell of his exploits after Ralph’s tale. After a long while Ernie spoke,

“My fiancé and I are virgins, is it going to be that bad for us too?”

I jumped up and grabbed his hand,

“Not if I have anything to do with it, you’re coming with me cousin we’re off to see a hooker I know.”

I took him to go see Lucile, I figured that if his first time was with a her she at least would know what she was doing and then he’d be able to know what to do on his wedding night. I knew I had done the right thing but still I was happy that when Ernie returned from his honeymoon, he called me to report that thanks to Lucile and me everything went perfect on his wedding night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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