Male Chastity Device

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Janice and Mike (not their real names) are a married couple in their mid forties. Married about twenty years. About ten years ago they started playing with a male chastity device and discovered they were having a lot of fun with it. They have been using it ever since.

The device is a stainless steel or plastic tube about three and a half inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter with a forty-five degree bend in the middle of it. A steel ring is attached to the tube. The flaccid penis fits into the tube and then the steel ring is fitted around the base of the testicles and locked into place with a small padlock.

Once locked into place the penis cannot be touched or stimulated and it prevents the wearer from getting an erection. Janice and Mike agreed that Janice would be the keeper of the key. She decides when it will be locked on Mike and for how long. When he is locked up, she wears the key to it around her neck on a chain, claiming that the key is to her jewelry box.

Mike has always been submissive to Janice so he never protests when she wants him locked up. He claims that Janice has become very exciting and mysterious for he never knows when she will want him locked up or for how long.

When not in use, Janice keeps the device in her dresser draw under her underwear. When she feels that her marriage is becoming boring, routine or Mike is becoming inattentive, she takes out the device and locks him in it. She claims that from the moment the lock is clicked, Mike becomes very attentive and stays that way until the device is removed.

All of his life Mike was able to touch and fondle his penis. He could masturbate anytime he wanted but now Janice has full control over his penis. The sensations of touch have become very special and treasured to Mike. The device has added some excitement to their marriage.

Male Chastity Device and the Cuckold Lifestyle

The male chastity device has proven to be a useful tool in cuckold relationships as well. Because of the intense emotional pressures that a willing cuckold goes through before and during his cuckolding, he will masturbate incessantly.

When the willing cuckold is finally united with his wife but because of his masturbating, he will be unable to perform which adds to his feelings bahis firmaları of inadequacy and impotency.

I had suggested to a young wife, who is in her early twenties, that she should have her willing cuckold purchase a chastity device. She claimed that he would never accept that. She never believed that he would have asked her to cuckold him but he did. He would gladly have her be the keeper of the key to his chastity device but she will never know, if she doesn’t explore it with him.

This young wife, views the male chastity device as a tool for bondage and torture. Janice and Mike see it as a toy for marriage excitement and I see it as a tool to regulate a cuckold’s ejaculations. It’s better that he climax in his wife’s arms and not alone in his hand.

I advised the young wife that after you leave on your date, your husband’s arousal and excitement will turn to feelings of abandonment. He didn’t know that he could feel so alone and awful. He saw how aroused and excited you were for your Bull when you left on your date. He knows that you are going to be fucked like you have never been before in your life.

Your husband has always been so gentile and tender in his love making but now, tonight, he knows that you are going to be taken roughly and forcefully by a macho man with a very large cock. In the cuckold’s mind, the Bull always has a much larger cock.

Your husband waits at home for your return, feeling so inadequate, ashamed, humiliated, remorseful and so damn aroused. He can’t control his arousal. He doesn’t want to masturbate. He wants to be ready for you when you return but he can’t help himself. He lays on your marriage bed, masturbating to the thoughts of you, till he ejaculates. Once he has climaxed, the feelings of arousal fade and are replaced by feelings of remorse, buyer’s remorse. He feels so ashamed. He should never have done this, he should have kept it a fantasy but now it’s too late. By now he has become your cuckold.

He didn’t want to climax, he wants to be aroused and ready when you come home, if you come home. His penis is shriveled, shrunken, wet, and sticky, covered with his semen. He hopes that you don’t come home and find him in this state.

He cleans himself up. He can’t get the thoughts of you and your Bull out of kaçak iddaa his head. The feelings of jealousy, shame and humiliation overwhelm him. He becomes aroused again, a victim of his own passions. He can’t help himself, his erection is so demanding. He is so depressed and lonely for you. He tries so hard to fight the urge, but his hand finds his erection and he strokes himself to climax again.

Over and over through out the night, his emotions drive him to masturbating insistently and uncontrollably. When you finally come home, his shriveled, shrunken membrane is sore and spent from the hours of masturbating. He wanted to be fully aroused for you but he’s not. He feels so inadequate.

What they should have done; In the week before his cuckolding, when they were shopping for her sexy underwear and clothes, they should have also purchased a male chastity device. In that week before his cuckolding, he could have started getting use to wearing it.

On the night of her husband’s cuckolding, he will be locked in the chastity device and she will have the key hanging around her neck. Her Bull may ask, “What’s the key for?”

She’ll smile and say, “It’s for my jewelry box.”

While she’s sucking her Bull’s cock, she’ll think of her husband’s cock, at home, safely locked in it’s cage, waiting for her return and attention, anticipating her gentle touch. She’s saving the best for last.

But for now she spreads her legs and her Bull begins to push his cock into her vagina, the very act that will transform her husband into her willing cuckold. She’s confident that the chastity device will prevent her cuckold from masturbating. He will be ready for her when she returns home.

After she and her Bull have completed the cuckolding of her husband and they are resting, waiting to recover their strength, she may give her cuckold a mercy phone call.


“Hi Babe. How are you doing?”

“I’m lonely for you.”

“Well, just give me another couple of hours and then I’ll be home.”

“How is it going?”

“Oh, it’s wonderful. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.”

“Am I now your cuckold?”

“Yes, you are. Are you alright with that?”

“I think so.”

“It was best that we did it this way. I have to go now. I’ll kaçak bahis see you in a couple of hours. I love you. Bye.”

By not being able to masturbate and climax, the cuckold will remain in a state of arousal. He will not be overcome with those strong feelings of buyer’s remorse, self doubt and self loathing that always follow after he has masturbated. In that respect, the male chastity device is a merciful device as it spares the cuckold the awful feelings of remorse.

Now when she comes home, she will unlock him and he will be ready for her and they will share the most intimate time of their lives.

When the cuckold is permitted to watch his wife with her Bull, he will sit on a nearby chair, mesmerized as he watches the Bull’s buttocks humping up and down, his muscular, hairy legs like some kind of animal between her parted delicate legs.

The cuckold will masturbate in sync with the Bull’s pounding of his wife. The room will be filled with her cries of pleasure, her Bull’s grunting, with the sound of his large, hairy testicles slapping against her anus. Then he will watch as the Bull’s muscular legs and buttocks stiffen and grind into her as he begins shooting his seed deep into her womb.

When the Bull is finished fucking her, he will roll off of her telling the cuckold, “Your wife is such a great fuck. So tight and sweet, like she’s never been fucked. Hope I didn’t stretch her out too much. I’m finished for the moment. It’s your turn.”

The cuckold will see her legs parted, her vagina all open, raw, red and oozing her Bull’s semen. She will gesture to her cuckold to come and take his place between her legs. She is so hot. She’s not done, her motor is running, she squirms on the bed, she’s got to have more.

The cuckold will move toward her, only to discover that his penis is shriveled, shrunken, his hand and penis, covered in his own semen. He didn’t realize that he ejaculated while watching the Bull climax into his wife. Having just ejaculated, he is incapable of fucking her.

Frustrated, he watches as his wife turns to her Bull and begins fondling his flaccid penis.

What they should have done; The wife should have had her cuckold locked in the chastity cage preventing him from masturbating. Then she could have given him the key, allowing him to continue the pleasure of gratifying her.

The male chastity device can be a fun and pleasurable tool in submissive male marriages. I don’t believe it would be received in a male dominated relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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