Football Reunion Weekend

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Well before I found Literotica, I started chatting with a lovely young lady on a fan forum for our favorite football team. We hit it off well, both being in dead end relationships, and before too long, began exchanging sexually explicit private messages on the forum. Once a year, all the participants in the forum get together for a football reunion weekend, where we root on the team at a home game. This is a fantasy we shared about how we would love to meet in person at that event, and what we would do to each other if we did.

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I can’t believe the day is finally here. It’s Saturday night of the online forum reunion weekend and my wife can’t figure out what I’m so nervous about. I tell her that I’m nervous because I haven’t seen everybody in almost two years, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s seeing the person that I’ve never met before that really has me anxious.

I dress casually, jeans and my favorite player’s jersey. We pull up outside the End Zone Bar & Grill and I’m overcome by two distinct feelings…wild anticipation and near nausea! My heart is in my throat and “little johnson” is straining the peek out through my fly and see what all the fuss is about!

Just like I did at the first reunion, I burst into the place, like a bag of hand-grenades and shout “BIG JOHN’S IN THE HOUSE!” As I’m rushed by Keith, Moe, RJ, Psycho, Conan and all the rest of the cast of characters of the forum, my eyes dart around the room hoping to catch a glimpse of someone I know wouldn’t be the type to rush up and join the mass greeting after such a bombastic entrance. Of course, it’s crowded, dark, and having only one good picture to go off of, I can’t really see if you’re in the room.

What I do see though, is my wife rolling her eyes, knowing that this is going to be one of THOSE nights, where she doesn’t know anyone and feels on the outside looking in. I introduce her to the gang, as they show us over to the table where Moe has the customary name badges. I’m in luck, they’re alpha by last name, so it’ll be easy to tell if she’s here already or not…L, L, L….M, M, M….N, N, hmmmm, no Newton, YOU’RE ALREADY HERE! As I reach down to grab my badge, my other hand is reaching down to readjust the expanding uncomfortable situation that his happening in my pants.

I grab my wife and head straight to the bar, because the way my heart is racing, I could really use a drink. LadyHeart greats me with a big hug and sets us up with our first round on the house. As I’m glancing around the bar to take in the recent improvements of the expansion project, I spot a couple sitting at the corner of the bar, kind of away from the crowd. They’re sitting close, but they’re really not talking to each other much. Our eyes meet, and in a instant, I know it’s you. Your eyes are smiling much more than your lips are, and the telling shift on the bar stool let’s me know that you not only know it’s me, but the anticipation of meeting has been having the exact same effect on you.

Our eyes are locked on each other for what seems like forever, and while you continue to squirm in your seat, you’re not making any indication that you’re going to come over to me, so I know I have to make my way over to you. It takes like 20 minutes to navigate the crowd, having to stop to say hello to everyone from the forum, and of course introduce them to the wife. Being how I am, everyone gets a big hug, male and female alike, but I keep looking over the huggee’s shoulder to keep tabs on you. You are waiting patiently, and still nervously squirming.

FINALLY, I get over to the corner of the bar, and glancing down at your name badge, I say, “you guys must be Lois and Tony.”

The anticipation finally getting the better of you, you jump up and say, “and you must be Big John!” and give me a great big hug. As our bodies squeeze together for what feels like an eternity, I feel your breast on my chest, and can feel your nipples becoming hard and erect. I’m pretty sure you feel my growing situation too. Breaking our hug, I shake hands with Tony and introduce you both to the wife. We stand and chat for awhile about the team and the upcoming game and such, when Keith pulls me away to do some Jameson shots with the gang.

It is so great to be seeing everyone again, but I’m dying to get back to you and continue our conversation. As I’m getting pulled from this one to that, I’m keeping an eye on that corner of the bar. Things seem to not be going well, and I see you and Tony get up to leave. My heart sinks in my chest.

Thankfully, Renee heads you off near the door to ask what’s wrong. You explain that Tony has a terrible headache and wants to go back to the hotel. Our eyes meet as I’m watching this unfold from across the room, and we’re both looking like we’re going to cry.

And then I hear Renee say, “I’m staying at the same hotel, I’ll be glad to share a cab with Lois if she really wants to stay.” Miraculously, bets10 Tony agrees, and Renee leads you over to the group she was talking with.

As if the stars are aligning, a short while later my wife comes up to me to say, “It looks like you really want to catch up with all these folks, and I’m kind of dragging you down. I’m going to head back to the hotel now. Have fun honey.” And just like that, we find ourselves both in the same place, at the same time, unencumbered by either of our spouses. This could get good.

Fighting the urge to just grab you and drag you away to a quiet spot to chat, I continue to work the crowd, but keep and eye on you the whole time. Ironically, you’re standing with Renee, Daniella, and a few of the other women, and you seem to be enjoying yourself. Your group is standing just to the right of the bar, and you’re standing with your back to the wall.

Keith grabs me and a few more of the guys and says, “What are we all…gay? Let’s go talk to the women folk,” and we all descend on your circle. Bravely, I choose to stand right next to you, and the gleam in your eye tells me you’re happy that I did. As Keith and I entertain the crowd, rattling off dirty jokes and filthy limericks, my hand accidentally touches yours, and the way you jump tells me it sent the same surge of electricity up your spine as it did mine.

As more people join our circle to add their own dirty jokes to the mix, we all have to crunch together, to accommodate the larger crowd. You take the opportunity to step slightly in front of me, and then push gently back, so your ass is now firmly planted in my crotch. I feel my knees weaken, and you clearly feel the results of your actions, my hardening cock nestling against your ass, and know that I approve.

The beers are flowing, the conversation is lively, but the most intoxicating feeling is from the contact between our bodies. You’ve been teasing me by pressing and circling your bottom, ever so slightly, so nobody would notice. Not to be outdone, I gently place my hand on the back of your thigh, and start moving it up your leg. I can’t believe what you do next. Shifting your weight from one foot to the other, you part your legs just a little more, allowing me to feel the heat and dampness emanating from your in-seam. I take full advantage of my newfound access, and gently stroke you from behind.

Renee mentions she needs to pee, and you say you’ll go with her. While you walk toward the ladies’ room I wonder if I’ve gone too far. When you and Renee return, you’ve brought me a fresh beer, and as you return to your previous position, I feel you stuff something into my pocket, as you whisper in my ear, “do not look at what I just gave you in public.” You give me a look to let me know you’re not joking. The curiosity is killing me, but I can’t betray your trust. I know I have to get to a private place to see what it is.

I immediately excuse myself to go to the men’s room. I go into one of the stalls, for maximum privacy, and can’t believe what I pull out of my pocket…it’s a pair of pink, French-cut cotton panties with an extremely damp spot in the crotch, and a wonderfully heady aroma. I contemplate relieving the stress I’ve been feeling since I was getting dressed for this evening, but the panties aren’t that damp, so I figure if you can wait, then so can I. As I walk back to resume my same position, nuzzled up behind you, I’m realizing now that there is one less layer of clothing between me and your silky pink parts.

After about another half hour of talking, laughing, and almost constant teasing of each other’s naughty bits, which is totally oblivious to the crowd, you excuse yourself to the ladies room again, this time going alone. As I’m fixated on your beautiful ass as you walk away, I see you’re walking toward the Family Restroom, instead of the ladies room.

You see, part of the recent expansion to the bar was to comply with a new local ordinance, requiring all public restaurants and taverns of a specific capacity to not only offer men’s and ladies’ rooms, but also to provide a private, single occupancy bathroom for couples with small children. The room is large enough to have a full sized toilet and sink, as well as a comfortable easy chair for breast-feeding, and a fold-down shelf for diaper changing. Since this is a private restroom, there is no stall around the toilet, so everything is open in the one big room. All throughout the evening, people have been using this bathroom whenever the line is too long at the ladies’ room.

As you place your hand on the door handle, before you walk in, you look back over your shoulder at me and give me a knowing glance. Or at least I think it’s a knowing glance. And at this point after all the teasing, I’m not willing to miss an opportunity, so I slide away from the crowd and make my own way toward the Family Restroom myself.

I turn the handle, and am shocked to find the door is not locked. I’m thinking “two halves of the same brain”, but bets10 giriş as the door starts to open, you shriek, “I’m peeing in here!”

I reply, “It’s me.”

“Well then, come on in and lock that door behind you.”

I walk in and stop in my tracks. You’re sitting on the toilet fully enjoying the final moments a very powerful piss that comes after this many hours of being at a tavern. My eyes are drinking in the sights and the smells of this unbelievable view. I’m staring at your sparsely covered but neatly trimmed pink parts, which are fully engorged and I swear I can see your throbbing pulse as your stream slows to a dribble. Instinctively you reach for the toilet paper roll, which breaks me from my trance. I gently touch your hand and say, “allow me.”

You seem a little confused as I slowly kneel in front of you and press my face down toward your crotch. When my tongue first hits your clit, you jump a little off the seat and let out a throaty moan. I tell you to lift your feet and place them on my shoulders, allowing me freer access to finally and fully take care of your needs.

I slowly lick up and down your velvety slit, and suck your labia into my mouth. The texture is pure ambrosia, and the taste is a combination of the nectar from all the teasing, sweat, with just a hint of your recent relief. I alternate between digging my tongue deep within your womanhood and gently licking, nibbling and sucking on your prominent and responsive clitoris. Your moaning provides encouraging feedback, and your squirming tells me I’m hitting the right areas. As you get closer to orgasm, you reach down and start stroking my hair, and push your feet harder onto my shoulders, lifting yourself off the seat. I reach up and hold your bottom in my hands, as I lick and suck you to an incredible climax. I look up and see that you’re biting the shoulder of your shirt to keep from screaming. Our eyes meet, and the look of pure ecstasy and satisfaction on your face is an ultimate reward for a job well done.

You pull me up to you and we share our first kiss. A deep, soulful kiss, with our tongues wildly exploring each other’s mouths. We continue our embrace, like each was the other’s sole source of oxygen, caressing and rubbing each other, neither one wanting to be the one to end the moment. I feel you reach down to start undoing my belt buckle, and once again I grab your hand but this time I say, “Wait.”

You look at me with a mixture of confusion and disappointment. I explain that we’ve been in here way too long, and don’t want to arouse any suspicion. You come back to your senses and quickly agree, as you pull up your jeans and throw some water on your face. Taking a deep breath, you give me a quick peck on the lips, and slip out of the bathroom. I take another moment to collect myself, and after waiting a sufficient amount of time, slip out of the bathroom too, and rejoin the crowd.

When I make my way back to the crowd, I see you’re giggling a little to yourself, noticing the difficulty I’m having walking due to a certain unresolved situation in my jeans. There’s a look of total satisfaction mixed with a little guilt on your face, as you take some evil pleasure in my discomfort.

The big crowd has broken into smaller groups again now, and we get pulled into different conversations. I’m drinking a little more than you, which means frequent trips to the bar. Each time I go to refill, I make sure to plot my course to intersect with the group you happen to be talking with at the time.

“Excuse me,” I always say, as I gently place my hand on a part of your body, and let it linger there as I squeeze through to get to my destination.

The first time, it was your shoulder that got a gentle massage. The next time it was the small of your back, and I let my hand trace your spine down to your waistband. The third time it was your ass that got a playful pat, while my other hand pressed in between the heavenly globes of your ample and intoxicating bottom. That maneuver was the most risky, but given the activity of the crowd, we were able to continue to steal these precious and naughty moments, without anyone being the wiser.

I thought I was keeping an eye on you, but as I’m plotting my fourth trip through the crowd, this time heading to the bathroom, I seem to have lost track of where you are. I’m scanning the crowd, desperately trying to find you, hoping to God you and Renee didn’t leave. Would you really leave me like THIS? And without saying good night?

“AHA!” I say out loud, as I see Renee, so I know you have to be around here someplace.

Instinctively, I walk back to the last bathroom I was in, which was the Family Restroom. In my rush to relieve myself, and being distracted by not seeing you in the crowd, I must not have locked the door. Because as I’m standing there relieving myself, I feel a strange hand reach around me from behind, reaching for my penis to help aim the stream.

Have I really had so much to drink that that I bets10 güvenilir mi didn’t even hear you come in?

When I finish, you ask, “What do I do now?”

“You that you have to shake it a couple of time to knock off any remaining drops,” I reply, reveling in the feeling of your soft hand on my stiffening cock.

Your reply, “I can do better than that,” and give it a few playful shakes, and then start rubbing and stroking me gently.

I lean back against you, and swear I can feel your breast piercing into my back. With your free hand, you push against my hips to turn me around to face you. We share another long and soulful embrace, exploring each other’s mouths like we’re looking for the lost treasures of the Sierra Madre, all the while you’re stroking me and feeling me grow in your hand.

I reach my hand around your neck and caress your nape and behind your ears as our lips remain stuck together. I move my hand to your shoulder and gently press down. You get the message and break our embrace, licking your lips as you kneel in front of me.

You easily take my entire length in to your mouth, and I can feel your velvet tongue working up and down the underside, and it’s pure heaven. You draw your head back, almost allowing me to pop from your mouth, and then circle the tip with your tongue. Increasing your suction, you move your head forward, slowly, until your nose is buried deep in my curly brown pubic hair. I look down and watch, as you slowly repeat this process, rubbing your tongue on the bottom, drawing back slowly, circling the head, and then taking me deep in your mouth again, as far as you can. Your eyes look up at me, and my smile is all you need to see to know how incredible you are making me feel.

After a few more minutes of this, I lift my foot up onto the toilet, and tell you to lick my balls. You slowly remove me from your mouth, and bend it up so it’s flat against my belly. Then you stick your tongue straight out, and I’m amazed at just how long and agile it is. You move forward, and I can feel your tongue on my most tender area, and my good knee nearly gives out it feels so amazing. You then suck one nut into your mouth, and then the other, gently running your tongue over each one without hurting me. All the while, you’re gently stroking me, and can feel that I’m getting close to climax.

“I’m close,” I say, which is all you need to hear, to replace your mouth around me, and continue the tongue and sucking action, only now increasing the pace. Instinctively, I say, “I’m going to cum,” because I’m used to having to give my wife a warning, however this just encourages you to increase the suction as well as the pace. I reach down and start stroking your hair as the first jolt of my orgasm rips through me. You reach around to my ass and pull me to you, and then swallow hard, continuing to swirl your tongue over the head, until you feel me soften in your mouth.

I pull you up and draw you close to me, and without saying a word, our lips again meet in a wild, deep and soulful kiss.

I reach my hand into your jeans and am glad you ditched your underwear earlier, as I easily slide two fingers into your vagina. Your pink parts are again extremely moist and very inflamed. After a few moments, it’s you that grabs my arm this time, reminding me of how long we’ve been away from the crowd.

Amazingly, we again slip out individually, and without being noticed, but now it’s you that’s all charged up, and again, in need of some relief.

The crowd is thinning out now, as more people say their good byes and head back to their rooms to get ready for the game tomorrow, but you and I are no where ready to leave and end this incredible night. We both know that before the night is over, we’re going to have one more trip back to that restroom. A trip we’ll never forget.

I’m not sure if it’s the drinks, the full night of constant teasing, or the two previous trips to the Family Rest Room, but we’re no longer being coy or trying to hide our affections. The bar has pretty much cleared out, except for a few couples talking quietly at various tables, so to anyone who didn’t know better, we just seem like one more couple enjoying the end of a fantastic reunion party.

We sit at a table by ourselves in the furthest back corner of the bar, but the way we’re gazing into each other’s eyes, we might as well be the only two people in the place, or in the world for that matter.

We’re holding each other’s hands on the table, periodically rubbing a forearm or massaging a palm as we talk about god knows what. Your shoes are off and you’re running your bare foot up and down my leg and over my feet. You playfully stick your foot in my crotch and grasp at my cock with your toes, just to watch me jump at the table.

You push your chair around so we’re sitting next to each other now, a maneuver that’s done without ever releasing the grasp on my hand. I pull one hand away so I can begin rubbing your back and caressing your shoulders.

I love the way your skin feels on my palm. I can feel your bones and your muscles respond to my touch, as my hand roams all over your neck, shoulders and back. You are relaxing and leaning back on me, and I hear small purrs coming from your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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