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F4MM DDF was all it said.

I had to parse it out for myself. Yes, a female looking for two males. Didn’t remember seeing that before.

Must be a shill.

Of course, I went into fantasy mode and my imagination took over. Maybe there was a chance it was real. I clicked the Heart icon and didn’t think much more about it.

Later, I got a reply “I’m looking to have a threesome with two guys, send stats if you are interested.”

I’m older so I subtracted a few years and smaller so I added a inch, and clicked Send. Still unconvinced I wasn’t sending a note to some Eastern European guy.

“Okay, you’re in” was the reply.

I had never had a threesome before. I had imagined what it would be like and it was one of my go-to porn searches but the opportunity had never come up. I mostly imagined two women but the two guy thing was pretty sexy too. There was one detail I needed to clear up.

“Question” I wrote back, “Are me and the other guy going to be on opposite corners of the bed?”

“Nope” was the reply. “It is my fantasy to watch two guys going at it.”

“And it’s ‘The other guy and I'” she added.

I smiled, a shill wouldn’t correct my grammar. Then I took a deep breath.

“Let me think about it” I wrote back.

I got a quick response. “Fine, but I’ve got lots of other guys interested.”

I had never done anything like that before. I could not get it out of my fantasy filled head.

I like women. I look at women. I look at their bodies. When they are walking toward me I’m looking at how their jugs jiggle with every step and any hint of their nipples standing out. When they are walking away I’m looking at how their ass jiggles with every step and any hint of their panty lines standing out. If a skirt is swaying, I’m looking at it, especially if it is a breezy day. When they are getting out of a car, when they cross their legs, when they are climbing stairs, when they are bending over, I’m looking to get a millisecond long glimpse of their unmentionables. I undress women with my eyes.

I don’t look at men.

I keyed ‘bisexual’ into a porn search. I found lots of clips but the pro stuff was fake, boring and predictable, the amateur stuff was poorly lit, at bad angles and low resolution. There seemed to be a difference between MMF and MFM but nobody was following it.

As usual, I started obsessing about it, clicking on every clip I could find.

I was getting turned on.

Finally, I screwed up some courage and replied “Let’s do this.”

“Cool” she replied.

She set something up for two weeks away. I decided I was going to hold off so I got pretty damn horny as the day approached. We were to meet at her apartment, she was going to arrange everything.

We had exchanged a few messages sharing our stories. She was divorced from her first love and didn’t have many experiences to draw from when she fantasized. She said that she had started having the experiences she had dreamed about and to add this experience that would live on in her fantasies.

I told how I was separated and was halfhearted searching for a new love but hadn’t connected with anyone yet. I told her I had’t thought about anything bisexual until I started my recent porn search. It was going to be my first time with another guy.

It was going to be the first time for the other guy too.

I was greeted at her door with a cocktail and a little blue pill. The other guy was already there with a half finished drink. She was wrapped tightly in a towel, just out of the shower. He had showered too and was in a robe. My heart was beating faster with anticipation.

Her place was a one room apartment, a main room with table, chairs and a couch, with a separate bedroom. We exchanged pleasantries.

She handed me a towel and robe and pointed to the bathroom.

I hustled through a shower, dried off, and slipped on the robe.

She was sitting with the guy at a table and motioned for me to join them.

“Can we talk first?” She asked.

“Um, uh, sure.” I said as I looked over at the other guy, he had a puzzled look too.

She said she found sexy stories the best way to get herself going. She said erotica turned her on more than any porn she had seen. She wanted to relate an example so we could see what she meant.

She told in exquisite detail the story of a recent lesbian experience. We listened in rapt attention, both of us squirming to hide bulges growing under our robes.

“See?” She said with a smile. “Now you try.”

“Okay, I’ll go” said the other guy and he related a story of a wild bachelor party, also sparing no detail.

Me and her… sorry… Her and I… no… She and I both squirmed a little and smiled.

I followed with a play-by-play story about a strip poker game from my college days that had turned into an orgy.

“See what I mean?” She asked.

I know I was aroused. The other guy must have been too because we both nodded our agreement.

“Okay, lets do this” she said as she got up from the table, grabbing the belts canlı bahis on our robes, tugging us toward the bedroom, two tents pointing the way.

She pulled us to the side of the bed and we sat down together with her sitting between us. She put a hand on each of our legs, then leaned in to give him a kiss, then me.

Her hands made a slow move up our legs. Then she ever slightly brushed her arms across our bulges. My heart was racing before, now it was really starting to pound. She started rubbing my bulge and then his as she alternated kissing us.

We both had our hands running up the inside of her thigh, stopped by the tightly wrapped towel at the top, then back down her thigh again.

Next she grabbed his hand and pulled it across to my bulge. I surged against the inside of the robe as he played with me.

My turn. I hesitated, took a deep breath, then I reached across and felt the bulge in his robe. It had a little wet spot.

As slowly as possible she tugs at the belts on our robes and pulls them open, with more arm brushing for good measure.

He was smaller, about my size, maybe he had added to his length too.

We were both bone hard, pulsing with anticipation.

She touched the tips, swirling two precum dribbles around with skill. Next, a glob of saliva on her fingers found the most sensitive spots. Deep wet kisses combined with slippery hand contact had us both breathing heavy.

She got up from the bed and took a few steps, still turned away from us. With a flip of her wrist the towel spiraled to the floor.

She was a a little chubby but good looking, she was shaped like a woman, curvy with big tits and wide hips. Zaftig. I guessed that she had subtracted a few years from her age.

Standing with her heels together she very slowly bent over at the waist to pick up the towel, lingering for a moment with her hands down at her ankles.

You know that thing? That little gap where a woman’s legs make an ass out of themselves? What is that called?

We both angled our heads to get the best view.

She must have read our minds as she took a big step to widen her stance. Four eyebrows arched in unison. We both let out an audible “mmmm.” She knew how to tease.

Back up again, she walked over to the bathroom, wiggling her hips on the way like women know how to do.

She had two dimples low on her back. I love those. No tattoos, love that too.

She tossed the towel and came back.

She had a nice entertainment center.

She gave her jugs a jiggle to bring our attention up there.

It was a little bit cool in the room.

I did not have to undress her with my eyes.

My member ached in anticipation.

She reached to give us a hand up, sat down on the bed and pulled us both closer. We were standing there with two erect members right in front of her. She reached around and grabbed my butt, digging her fingernails to pull me in. A look up at me and a smile, then she started with a few licks on my tip, and then took it all in her mouth. Someone must have taught her the most sensitive spots as she worked mine perfectly with her tongue while stroking with her hand.

Out of her mouth, she turned to him and looked up and smiled again. Nails dug into his butt cheek and soon he too was moaning.

She pulled me closer, our tips were now nearly touching as she worked them both with her tongue. My heart was pounding in anticipation.

Another look up and a smile, more digging as she pulled us both into her mouth, the slippery tip of mine was now sliding against his as she ravenously engulfed our two members. My unit was in a big sloppy saliva mess. I let out a grunt every time she hit the spot.

We both alternated between watching her in awe and tipping our heads back in ecstasy.

She pulled him down sitting next to her with me standing in front. They lingered for a minute kissing each other, then she grabbed me and pulled me in. I had two mouths eagerly working my member. One on the tip and one on the shaft, swapping back and forth. The best feeling was when they locked lips on both sides of my shaft and worked it in tandem. I had to stop them because it was getting me close.

She pulled me down and motioned for him to get up. More deep wet kissing with her.

There was a rock hard boner right in front of my face.

Now I had lots of experience pleasuring women, learning what worked, what didn’t, feeling and listening for feedback so that I could give them maximum pleasure. I knew what worked for me, now I was going to be applying that to a man.

I remembered a high school locker room comment: Once a cocksucker always a cocksucker.

I reached around him, my fingernails were cut too close so all I could do is dig my fingertips to pull him in closer to us. He got the idea. Her tongue swirled around his tip. I hesitated for a moment, then joined in with my tongue. She backed off and it was just me teasing with the tip.

I felt his hand on the back of my head. Another moment of hesitation and he pushed me all the way bahis siteleri down on his member.

I’m a cocksucker.

Two hands now, holding my head steady while he humped away. Her turn. I watched as he stuffed her mouth.

Next, she stood up and pushed me back on the bed. She grabbed the other guy and forcefully pulled his head down on my member. A little more wrestling and she had us doing sixtynine.

He was doing all the right things with his mouth. Warm, wet, tongue darting and swirling. All the way in, then back up to pay more attention to the head.

I moaned each time he hit the spot, there was a lot of moaning.

I was working on him and started applying everything I had learned from every porn clip I had seen and every head job I had received. No teeth, not too much licking, add a little hand. He was moaning now and it added to the all sensations we were sharing.

Our feet were on opposite corners of the bed.

Her turn now. She jumps up and lays back on the bed and we both pulled our robes the rest of the way off.

He started in licking and sucking one of her nipples. I started kissing on her body and found the other nipple, sucking and licking just like he was. Something about it must have turned on a switch in her because she started moaning deeply.

I worked my way down her body and started giving her a good tongue lashing. Now I am in familiar territory. She moaned even louder when I hit the sweet spot. She grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me down harder.

It must have been too much, she pushed me away.

We changed positions with me kissing her with deep tongue action. He pulled her knees back and slid his manhood inside her.

Next I moved up to enter her mouth while she was laying there. I let her work it with her tongue, then slipped it in past her lips. I started making love to her mouth. Slow motion at first then thrusting a little faster and deeper.

Skull fuck. I had seen this term in my porn searches but there were not many examples and nobody seemed to get it just right. Is there any good porn?

She made a tight circle with her thumb and forefinger and held it up to her mouth. That was an incredible sensation, the tightest blowjob I had ever experienced.

I will have remember that for another time.

I liked that she was getting new experiences and sharing them with others, especially me.

She added to the feeling of her mouth on my manhood with some deep moaning. I had to stop as it was feeling too good if that is even possible. I didn’t want to let go too soon.

This position was not optimal, elbows clashed as we all seemed to be in each others way with nobody comfortable. We carefully dismounted.

“Okay, what’s next?” she chirped. We had a laugh when we all agreed that bisexual porn clips are horrible. We settled on each of us suggesting a position to try.

She wanted to do the mutual oral triangle thing. She was sucking me, I was sucking him, and he was licking her. We struggled with that for awhile. “Switch!” She says and we swap ends. It is hard to concentrate, it feels good but I have no idea how anyone could have an orgasm this way.

Next we moved into position with him getting her from behind while I was on the other end with my member in her mouth.

Spit roast, another new term I had found in the MFM threesome category. Again, it was hard to find good examples online, nobody seemed to be able to synchronize and I don’t recall finding anyone finishing off like this.

We tried that for awhile but I was getting self conscious looking across at him. He was distracted too so we stopped to try something else.

He wanted her to ride him reverse cowboy while I use my mouth on her. She climbed up and he slipped inside her. I worked my way down and started in. She struggled to synchronize her motion. I was having trouble finding a moving target. We all agreed that this is not very comfortable.

We try a few more positions we had recalled from the porn clips but nothing was working just right.

My turn to pick. We got in position with her on top of me in sixtynine position with him going at her from behind. A pillow under my head and we were in position.

That was it.

I had not heard of the term ‘fucklicking’ before I had started my bisexual porn searches. The thought had intrigued me so that was my new search term. It must be hard to get the perfect camera angle for that action because I never found the perfect shot. I imagined it was fantastic for the woman but you can never tell with all the fake moaning you get with porn. I vowed to myself that I was going to try to be the best at doing this.

I started really going to town on her with my tongue and she was moaning like crazy. He was grabbing her hips and pounding her from behind.

I reached out and grabbed him by the ass to pull him in a few times.

She was teasing me with her mouth. It was probably better she didn’t work it too hard because I was starting to get close.

I had my tongue on his shaft as he went bahis şirketleri in and out. “Oops sorry!” he said as it slipped out into my mouth. “Mo mobwem” I replied and we all laughed.

His balls slapped my forehead a few times. Okay, that was weird. I angled so that wouldn’t happen again.

You know the thing where you are supposed to trace the alphabet on her clit with your tongue? I got to lower case t when I felt her tense up, she clutched the bedsheets.

I started bearing down on her and she must have been getting close. “Oh God Yes!” She yelled out as she let go. I could feel her contractions with my tongue as she groaned with pleasure. She writhed and shuddered as wave after wave hit her.

Now before I started in on this I had never tasted cum before. I loved it when women gobbled the goo but most didn’t. I had imagined it didn’t taste too good but never worried about it myself. My bisexual porn searches turned up a number of guys getting a mouthful. Of course I had tried and failed at sucking myself when I was young. Who hasn’t? This was going to be my first time.

Her letting go must have taken him up to the edge too as his pounding reached a crescendo. He made a loud groan as he let go, I could feel his manhood pulsating with my tongue as he throbbed in pleasure.

Creampie; my favorite porn search category. There are so many clips that end with the guy jacking off onto the womans face. I want sex so I don’t gave to jack off. Why would I want to finish off with my hand when I have a perfect place to let go inside. A pulsating member pulling out and leaving a big gob of goo to drip out is what I want to see when I look at porn. I was going to see one up close and personal now.

He slowly pulled out and a big glob of stuff dripped out right into into my mouth. I give him a couple of licks then took it all into my mouth to suck it clean. “Mo mobwem” I said again, her laughing made another glop come out onto my face. I licked her clean, getting every last drop.

There was a lot of stuff. I had to swallow twice. Okay, that wasn’t so bad.

I reached to wipe my face with a corner of the sheet. Now it was my turn. He moved under her and I came in from behind.

I had seen the term ‘sloppy seconds’ before but never imagined myself experiencing it. My bisexual porn searches turned up a few examples but again, nothing I saw gave the perfect example of the look and feel that I imagined.

I slipped right in to my first ‘second.’

Cum is a good lube.

I grabbed her by her love handles and started pounding. He was under there going at her with his tongue, I could feel it on my shaft just like I did to him. I deliberately let it slip out into his mouth and put a few strokes in there.

I couldn’t decide which I liked better, her or him and kept going back and forth between the two.

He must have been bearing down on her with his tongue because her moaning was peaking again, she tensed, then let go with another moaning and writhing orgasm. I could feel her clenching on my manhood with each contraction.

That was all I could take, I was right up at the edge, closer, closer, right there, “Oh yeah! Oh God Yeah!” I let out a big groan as I unload two weeks of anticipation deep inside her. I can feel pulses of stuff coming out as I convulsed in wave after wave of pleasure. I pulled out and he got a huge glop right In his mouth. He put his tongue on me to clean me off. I had to let him get every last drop.

We all fell back onto the bed, chests heaving, panting and gasping, with the occasional chuckle.

A few minutes later we were covered up and sitting on the couch with another drink.

This time she wants us to make up a sexy story. She starts in by telling a detailed fantasy of a romp with a well endowed lover.

The other guy picked up from there and told a whopper about making love to a very large lady.

My turn, I wove a tale about Jabba the Hutt with Leia as his love slave that got everyone laughing.

I was rock hard again. The other guy was hard too. I remember thinking that blue pill was good but the stories were even better.

She walked over to her purse, fumbled around a bit and brought back a container and set it on the coffee table between our drinks, not saying a word.


I look over at the other guy, he was smiling, I was smiling too. My heart had slowed down a bit but now it was back racing.

She pulled us back over to the bed but we were not fighting too hard, our boners again pointed the way.

I’m up. She puts the other guy in doggy position and popped open the lube. His little pink asshole is pointing right up at me as I move in behind.

It did look like an asterisk.

She got a handful of lube and started rubbing it all over my member and massaging it onto his hole.

I rubbed my manhood up against the opening, stopping for just a moment, then pushed the tip in.

“More lube!” He blurted out. I quickly pulled out and she squirted some more goo onto both of us.

I tried again and this time he only moaned a little as I went in past the tip. I pulled on his hips and pushed it all the way in. He grunted some more as I started slowly sliding it in and out. She was slapping his ass to set the pace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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