Dana – Forbidden Spice

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy and fiction. Any similarity between the people and events depicted and reality is purely coincidental. ENJOY!

Dana – The Forbidden Spice

We had known each other for a couple of years, and I had admired her taut little body from across the room on many occasions. She was the wife of a college friend, and therefore off-limits. But she was still a hottie, and the subject of much fantasy and the topic of much lewd banter between males. She had always been friendly, even flirty on occasion. I knew of her husband’s wayward ventures with other women, wondering why he would do such a thing with Dana at home.

Time went on, Dana’s husband and my roomies had graduated and moved on to their jobs. I was alone in the house, which wasn’t entirely a bad thing. It was summer quarter – and my last before completing my coursework – and the hotties on campus were willing and able to keep my attention. I was at home sipping a beer when the phone rang. It was Dana. She sounded upset, and said she needed ‘some company’. Was I available? I told her I was and asked what was going on. She said she would be here in three hours, and she would fill me in when she got here. I spent those hours cleaning up the place, getting garbage out and vacuuming weeks of dust from the carpets, even going so far as to put fresh sheets on the bed. Then I ran out to the grocery to buy a few things I knew Dana liked. Just in case. I had no idea why she was coming to see me; but I wanted to prepared for whatever she might have in mind – or whatever might happen.

Dana pulled the Rabbit up in front of the house, sitting in the running car for a few moments deep in thought before she shut it down. She checked her purse to be sure she had the ‘package’ she brought to share, grabbed her overnight bag, and jumped out of the car. The front door was open with the screen closed when she walked up, and she called out. “It’s me, Dana.” she said clearly. He invited her in and she opened the screen, heading for the kitchen where she’d heard the voice. He came around the corner with a beverage that looked familiar. He remembered. She took the drink and sampled it. “Mmm… thanks.” she said with a big smile.

We sat in the living room and talked for a couple of hours. She was upset that Marcus had left her for another – younger – woman; but mostly she was concerned for Peter, their young son. I had inquired about him earlier when she let me know her mother was staying with him in the Bay Area. Marcus had left her the home, in a decent neighborhood in one of the Silicon Valley suburbs. We headed out for a bite to eat, Dana insisting on buying the meal since I was lending her my ear. Back at the house she pulled out a small bag, opening it to reveal some pot and several grams of coke. “You’re welcome to share of course.” she said. Again with her pretty smile. Within a few minutes we were high, the powerful smoke relaxing them both as they sat close on the sofa. It was then I realized I hadn’t actually looked at her.

Dana was always dressed for comfort, was almost always braless, with her favorite summer garb being a pair of sprayed-on jeans and a tank top sans bra. On particularly warm days the jeans would be replaced by a pair of cutoffs or shorts. Her body was definitely an eye-catcher, with most of the stares going to her firm backside which she wriggled sexily whenever she walked. She kept herself in shape with a good diet and plenty of exercise, and drew plenty of attention whenever she was in public. Now she was sitting within inches of me, and my gaze wandered to her small but perfectly formed breasts. She was apparently somewhat excited, as her nipples made it obvious she was not wearing any undergarment. The shorty tank left her midriff bare, leading down to a pair of very low-cut jeans hugging her hips.

Dana giggled. “Why I do believe you’re staring at my body sir.” she laughed, giving me a playful slap on the arm.

“Oops.” I said. “Sorry ma’am.” I responded, diverting my eyes back to hers. She winked and I noticed the hand had remained in contact with my arm, her fingers now gently kneading my flesh.

“Ma’am!” she grumbled. “I’m younger than you sir.” she said. I had no response. “But I have wondered if you looked at me – you know – that way.”

“Kinda hard not to admit that babe.” I told her, easing my hand down to her leg. “I’ve always thought you were a hottie.” I added, squeezing her thigh.

“Mmm… I like that. A hottie, huh?” she teased, throwing her leg over mine. She put her arm behind my neck and gave a gentle tug.

“Oh yeah.” I replied. Then our lips met for the first time and we quickly warmed things up. I had her tank pushed up over her boobs and her hand was groping my cock as we continued to lock lips. After several minutes and a lot of interpersonal heat we pulled away. “Um… you think we should be doing this Dana?” I asked.

She squeezed my penis through my shorts, having gotten past the waistband and fly of my jeans. “Sure, why not honey. canlı bahis şirketleri Marcus is off to god-knows-where fucking some horny slut with no class. Why shouldn’t I get some sugar?” she laughed. Her fingers deftly snuck my dick through the fly of my shorts and she grinned. “Mind if I have a little snack?” she asked, not waiting for a reply. In a heartbeat her lips wrapped around my organ and she sucked with expertise usually credited to hookers who specialized. I sat back and enjoyed, reaching over to fondle her titties as she moved her lips down to the root of my shaft. God Marcus was an idiot! I thought.

Dana stopped, lifting up her head. “Mmmm… good start, huh?” she teased, reaching for the small bag. “I have an idea.” she began, pulling out a bag of the white powder. “You ever try a coke blow job?” she asked. I didn’t get a chance to respond, she sprinkled a dusting of the narcotic powder on the head of my meat. Then she poured enough for two lines each and we took our hits. Then she moved down to the floor and knelt between my legs after pulling off my jeans. “Okay lover. Time for some serious oral action.” she laughed, opening her mouth while I watched. Her tongue appeared, spreading the narcotic around the head before spreading it down onto the shaft. “Mmmm…. I love sucking cock.” she told me, wrapping her lips around my organ and sucking hard. Her cheeks hollowed with the suction she was applying, then she began lashing at the sensitive head with her tongue without backing off on the suction. The coke did two things, making my organ more sensitive while simultaneously numbing the nerves. The result was that she blew me for more than an hour, at the end of which she was naked and kneeling on the sofa with my fingers exploring her pussy. I even ran a finger over her anal ring; but she wriggled her hips to end that before I managed more than a tickle. It did give her the thought to dip a finger in the small dish of ‘sex coke’, then pushed it into my asshole while she sucked away. Everything felt fantastic, and quite suddenly my climax arrived. Dana gurgled as my semen filled her mouth, my free hand holding her head down while I finished.

We didn’t talk much while my breathing slowed to normal; but I did refill our beverages while she rolled a joint. I finally broke the ice. “Wow… that was… fantastic… thanks.” I said.

“My favorite thing lover. Really.” she said with a big smile. Then she brought it up. “Um… sorry about the abrupt response when you touched my butt.” she said softly. “Marcus and I tried to do that once. He could never get it inside me back there. He has a huge cock, and it just wouldn’t fit, so I …” she stammered.

“Well… my finger is much smaller than that, and I would never try anything beyond that unless we were both in on it.” I told her. She was silent for several seconds. “I will admit I love your beautiful butt Dana.” I added.

She smiled. “Yeah?” she responded. “I guess I do have a pretty good butt.” she added, reaching back to slap her own bare cheek. “I just don’t know about … you know… taking a cock back there…”

“Far be it for me to insist on anything at all babe. Just know I would never try anything beyond just a little finger.” I told her, waving one digit in the air, then adding “unless of course you wanted more…” To my surprise she turned around, pointing her delectable derriere at me. She reached back to spread her firm cheeks.

“Why don’t you show me how much you like my butt.” she suggested. “And use some of that sex powder too.” she added. “In fact, why don’t you use your tongue to do the application.” she giggled.

I thought that an excellent idea, and stuck my tongue into the dish to gather plenty of the drug before working it around the dark star of her proferred anal ring. She cooed softly, wriggling her lithe hips as my oral probe worked the numbing narcotic into her sensitive port. I sensed her ring relaxing and curled my tongue, applying a gentle pressure to push it a few millimeters into her asshole. I knew the coke was doing a good job of relaxing her, and wanted to make sure it got inside her hole. I had two fingers inside her cunt, sliding in and out of her sex having applied plenty of the coke to her wet folds. Hell I could eat her ass for hours if she wanted me to. I added a third finger to her vagina and she began moaning. My tongue was a good half-inch up her niggardly rear now, her clenching ring squeezing it while I fingerfucked her gushing pussy. Quite suddenly she pulled away, standing and reaching down to pull me up with her.

Dana pulled me into the bedroom and threw herself on the bed, her legs splayed wide as she beckoned me. “FUCK me baby. FUCK ME.” she ordered.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, hopping onto the bed between her legs and burying my still-turgid meat inside her incredibly hot and wet cunt. Her arms locked around my back and she began thrusting her hips upward to meet me as I pounded into her body. “Ohhhh Dana… I’ve wanted you for so long babe…” I canlı kaçak iddaa said hoarsely, our hips working in unison to grind my pelvis against hers.

“Me too lover. Me too. FUCK ME” she growled.

With so much cocaine having been worked into our organs the sex would last a good two hours. It felt incredible, and Dana’s pussy was talented indeed with muscles I didn’t know a woman had in there. I reached under her at one point, finding her anal port saturated with her natural juices. “Uhhh..” she grunted, stopping her motion for a moment.

“It’s only a finger baby. Promise.” I whispered, wriggling my finger just past the tightly clenched ring of muscle before I resumed fucking her cunt.

She couldn’t resist that, and resumed her pelvis thrusts as my dick found her spot. When I started pushing the finger further in she pulled my head down and whispered in my ear. “Easy lover. Just go easy back there. I want it. I really do.”

I complied with her wishes, letting her muscles relax to allow the intruder inside. By the time we were ready to climax together, my finger was up her virgin ass to the second knuckle – and she was enjoying it. Our bodies thrashed in intense pleasure, our orgasms coordinating perfectly. In the motion that accompanied the simultaneous climax my finger was dislodged from her bottom; but it was a sensation we would both remember during our evening of lust. She held me tight while her vaginal muscles drained my balls inside her seething cunt, her legs were wrapped around my hips and she didn’t release me until both of us had recovered. I propped myself up on my elbows and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Wow.” was all I could say.

“Yeah lover, wow.” Dana replied, gently pushing me off of her before climbing out of the bed to head for the bathroom. I heard her urinate then listened as she ‘rinsed’ herself, thankful that she was doing that after I ejaculated inside her fertile belly. I hopped out of bed and grabbed a short robe to cover my nudity before heading out to refill our beverages. I was ready and handed her the glass as she appeared through the door. She smiled that beautiful smile. “Thanks lover.” she said, sipping the drink. “And thanks for the fuck, too. I needed it.” she added.

“Heh… Me too.” I replied.

Dana giggled. “Yeah, I guess. You’re a good fuck baby.” she told me, pumping my ego up with her praise. She rolled another joint and lit it, taking a long hit and handing it to me. “..ere” she said softly. “We both need this.” she added, then grabbed the mirror and prepared another set of lines. “And this..” she said, handing me a straw segment. After we had finished the joint and the hits of coke she gave my thigh a squeeze. “And I think we both need more sex baby, how about it?” she laughed.

“Oh I think that can be arranged; but let’s rest up for a few, shall we?” I responded, sharing her laugh.

She reached over and ran her fingers up my thigh under the robe, her fingertips gently stroking my dick. “What, you don’t think I can suck you hard again lover?” she teased. I sighed in resignation and watched as she knelt on the floor next to the barstool I sat on, pushing my legs apart so she could once again take my dick into her mouth. Without looking she reached up to gather some powder to spread on my organ, then engulfed my entire member in her mouth. It took her a few minutes; but my cock responded. Dana kept sucking, making sure my dick was ready, then she pulled away and turned around. She bent over the barstool and looked over her shoulder. “Come on lover, I want that sweet cock of yours inside me again.” she said.

I stepped down from the stool and positioned myself behind her, pushing my dick into her waiting pussy as I grasped her hips in my hands. “YOU” I barked, slamming my hips into hers. “ARE” again I pumped into her. “INSATIABLE” I completed the sentence, pounding my organ into hers.

She looked around again and smiled. “Yes I am… now FUCK ME!” she ordered, writhing her hips around in circles. I knew this was going to be a long one, and settled in for the duration. Her pussy was really wet, and very hot. She knew how to use her muscles to provide maximum sensations for both of us. I could reach over to grab my beer for a bit of refreshment in mid-fuck, and even took a hit from the joint, sharing it with Dana as we fucked. I glanced down and noticed the little brown wrinkle, and reached over to coat my thumb with white powder. Bringing my digit in contact with her rear entry, I leaned forward and whispered “Relax baby. I’m going to use my thumb this time, okay?”

Dana was too hot to resist. “O-Okay… Easy…” she stammered, wriggling her hips toward me as my thumb pressed past her sphincter and into her asshole. “Ahhhhh…. go easy baby…” she said hoarsely. I pushed my thickest digit up her tight butt just far enough to keep it there and began pumping into her pussy again. “OhhhhhhgodYESSSS.” she squealed. “FUCK ME LOVER…. I’M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGG” she screamed, bouncing her hips against me once canlı kaçak bahis again. This time my digit was not dislodged, and in fact burrowed to the hilt inside her tight butt. I could feel her muscles clenching around my thumb as she spasmed, then a particularly sudden spasm pushed me over the top as well and I started slamming into her cunt, emptying my load into her again. I held her down with that digit up her ass, spilling blast after blast of sticky semen into her vaginal chute while she shuddered in the throes of her own climax.

That I was still standing was amazing. Then I realized it was mostly because my dick was stuffed into her pussy. I slowly withdrew my thumb from her butthole and my cock from her still-clenching cunt, then sat back on the barstool staring at Dana’s beautiful backside as she remained bent over the stool. I gave her a playful slap on the ass. “Hey baby. Was that enough?” I teased.

Dana pushed herself up to sit on her barstool, her pussy leaking her fluids and his semen as she finished her drink. “Um.. yeah lover. Enough for a while.” she giggled. “I hope you’re good for more later though.”

I returned her smile and nodded. “Sure baby.” I replied.

She shook her head. “I do have the magic mouth if needed.” she said, laughing.

We retired to the sofa with fresh drinks and watched a litle TV. We’d been fucking for hours, and SNL was on. We took a few hits from a joint, and even did one more line; but we were both winding down. Thirty minutes of comedy and we were ready for bed. BED? We hadn’t once discussed it; but Dana took my hand an led me into my bedroom, hanging the robe I’d loaned her on a hook and crawling between the sheets, reaching over to pat the place next to her. “Come on baby. I won’t bite.” she giggled. I joined her between those sheets, reaching over to wrap my arm around her. She nuzzled my neck, letting her fingers roam the curls on my chest. A few minutes of kissing and she was stroking my cock again – and it was responding again. Her head disappeared under the covers and her mouth engulfed my dick for what seemed like the tenth time since her arrival. It was too good to stop her, and within a few minutes my manhood was standing ready.

Dana’s head reappeared and she gently moved one leg over the top of my body, straddling my torso with her wet pussy against my turgid organ. She kissed my ear. “Let me ride you baby. One more for the night. It’s been wonderful.” she whispered, reaching down to guide my pecker into her waiting cunt. In one long, slow stroke she impaled herself on me, her vaginal muscles clenching around me as her hips moved in thrusts that picked up speed. I reached down to grasp her lithe hips, just resting on her soft flesh for the time being. Dana lowered her head to resume her nuzzling of my neck, then pressed her lips to mine while our bodies writhed in a lewd and lusty fuck. My hands found her buttocks, fondling the firm globes as our tongues dueled between our mouths, then a fingertip found her anus and gently pressed inward. She moaned softly and pulled away from the passionate kiss. “Mmmm… finger my asshole baby… fingerfuck my ass while I ride your beautiful cock.” she said hoarsely, slamming her pussy down on my penis. My digit pushed deep into her tight bunghole, finding enough moisture to ease the way. Dana worked her hips in sort of rolling motion, giving my dick a lot of friction and grinding her clit against my pubes. It was a nice twenty minute ride, then she leaned forward and whispered “I’m going to cum, and then I’m going to suck you dry.”

Her hips began slamming our bodies together, her little squeaks suggesting she had arrived. I held the finger inside her back door until she finally lifted herself off of me, her head moving quickly down to my loins. One of her hands fondled my balls while a finger shot up my butt as her lips rippled up and down the shaft. Minutes later my seed filled her mouth, her muffled gurgles matching my own groans of pleasure. She crawled back up to rest her head next to mine and we were both sound asleep within minutes, to dream of the pleasures of our sexuality.

I slept like a rock, dreaming of all manner of sexual acts. Morning came and at first I thought I was still dreaming, the sensations of an expert pair of lips and a very busy tongue on my cock bringing me to life. A quick glance to my right told me all I needed to know. This wasn’t a dream. Dana was – again – sucking my cock. Her mouth worked its magic, and my dick twitched its appreciation before she lifted her head to free my meat only to drop down to take one of my balls in her mouth. The woman was horny, that was for sure. I’d never been awakened like this, and it was most enjoyable. She lifted my legs and dove even lower, licking my asshole as her fingers stroked my meat. I let out a low moan at this point, unable to keep up my pretense of sleep. Dana’s head popped up and she smiled. “Can’t think of anything I’d like better for breakfast.” she said sweetly, engulfing my cock inside her mouth again. I propped my head up on a second pillow so I could enjoy the view, watching her lovely head bob up and down in my crotch. My friend was a great cocksucker, hands down the best I’d ever experienced. She loved it. She worshipped cock. What was Marcus thinking?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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