The time my wife seduced her stepdad

My wife now was then my gf we had been dating about two years. We were both very kinky and loved exploring and role playing. We would sit and talk about her getting fucked by other guys while I teased and played with her. Eventually we started role playing that I was a friend, a stranger, several people she was attracted to, then we started bringing in different dildos and pretending that me and another guy was fucking her together she absolutely loved the thought of this it made her cum over and over even squirting which she doesn’t do often. Then we worked up to having every hole full she loved getting gangbanged, i would ask who she wanted to get fucked by and she would tell me things like old crushes, celebrities, a teacher of hers, or a relative. Then we would name the dildos and begin to put them n their place we would put 2 or 3 in her pussy ( she loves being stretched) 1 or 2 in her ass and she would suck on 1 or 2 and we would rotate them. One night i noticed she came harder than normal and squirted wayy more so i asked what was she thinking about but she wouldn’t tell me. A few days later she told me that she had been thinking about her stepdad ( lets call him ron) it caught me off gaurd cause i didnt know she looked at him like that but that set the plan in motion i talked her into maybe trying to seduce him to take it to the next level. A few weeks went by and out of the blue she told me her mom was going out of town that weekend and she wanted to go over to her house and swim. She didnt come out and say it but i knew what she was hinting at ,moms gone and he’s home alone! I was rock hard thinking about it all week finally it was the day we were both extremely anxious and nervous mayb even a bit scared bc we didnt know how he would act or if he would tell. We arrived with some alcohol to hopefully help aid our plan, she had bought a really skimpy thong bikini that didnt stand a chance with her plump pussy her lips would swallow it after a few steps or if she bent down it basically became a thong front and back. With a body like my wifes how could he resist i was telling myself while talking to ron and fixing drinks and then she walked outside after changing i saw ron take a look and turn bk to me. Then it was up to her and she did perfect, she layed out her towel over the chair bending over and down several times, every time her pussy lips were becoming more exposed i was surprised she was actually trying and doing so well she must have wanted this for a long time. Then she walked over by the bar turned around and bent straight over in front of us and felt the water it was beautiful perfect move he couldn’t take his eyes off her hell it was almost like she was nude her pussy was almost fully out and you could see the edges of her ass hole. Then she walked over as if nothing had happened and we talked and drinked she continued to lay out and walk around without pulling her pussy wedgie out and it was driving ron crazy. After a bit he went in and she took off her top and got in the pool he didnt even notice her top was off until she got out and layed back in her chair he looked stunned and he asked me what was she doing i said shes just a little tipsy want me to tell her to get back dressed? He said idk i mean i guess its ok. I knew he was enjoying it and how could he not she was hot as hell he just didnt realize how lucky we were planning on making him. Some time had passed it was now dark and we were all pretty drunk and had the pool lights on i was sitting on the edge with ron and she was swimming i saw her bottoms floating so i knew she was ready she came over to us and starting rubbing me then she pulled off my shorts and started sucking and jacking my cock ron just watched and then she reached over and stroked his bulge then she put her hand up his short leg and begin to jack him while sucking me i told him to take them off and he did as soon as he sat back down she had him in her mouth and was sucking his cock and balls now jacking me off.his dick was actually a lot larger than either one of us thought which is a great thing bc my wife loves huge cock. She told me to get in the pool and fuck her while she sucked ron more so we done that ab 15 mins then she made the move and layed ron on his back feet still n the water i helped lift her and she got on top of him i grabbed his thick cock and put it in her pussy he filled her well and she collapsed on him i then started licking and fingering her ass and cleaning her juices off his balls and shaft then i started fucking her n the ass she squirted shortly after and was cumming non stop he was fucking her good she was frozen just laying there moaning and screaming while we continued pounding her then i stuck my dick n her pussy with ron we fucked for 30mins or so and ron was ab to cum she slid down and sucked him off swallowing every drop of him i didnt know she was going to do that but hell what was i going to do then she bent over and told him to fuck her his dick was getting soft but he did what he could after a min he was hard again and was beating her pussy to death she was creaming on him and i seen her squirt at least 4 times then i joined and she sucked me she told ron to fuck her ass so i got under her and fucked her pussy i had never felt her so wet and shaking she was loving this. A few mins went by and ron was ab to cum again she screamed cum n me just cum cum in my tight ass and he did i could feel his cum run down and onto my shaft we continued to fuck and then she slid down and started sucking me while ron kept fucking her ass then i busted and she swallowed my load and kept sucking me for ab 30 mins while ron fucked until he was too soft to fuck anymore. Lets just finish by saying we stayed the night and none of us went to sleep she was sore for a couple days, it was a great night and an amazing experience!

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