The New Neighbors….

I watched the movers bringing things in all day trying to get a peek at who would be moving in next door, but just couldn’t seem to catch a glimpse. The truck came and went and that was that, so I moved on with my day. As I was busying myself tidying up the house a bit I suddenly heard a knock on the door. Opening it I see a beautiful sweet new face staring back at me a bit shy, but welcoming. She explains that she and her husband just moved in and she just wanted to introduce herself. Ecstatic to finally get the chance to see who the new neighbors were, I invited her in for coffee.

She explains that her husband is working a double today, so I won’t be able to meet him today, but she is sure he will be by to say hello soon. I laugh, my husband is off to work for the night as well so I get it. And we sit and chat for hours like old friends until she sees the clock and realizes it is getting late and she hasn’t even gotten the bedroom sorted well enough for the night yet, much less anything else… so I offer to go help get things ready and she smiles a beautiful bright smile of relief… “the company will be really nice, it will make this big house not feel so empty and new having you there!”

I text hubby and let him know I will be over there for a while just incase he tries to call and I don’t hear the phone then head over, grabbing a bottle of wine and 2 glasses to celebrate and christen her new home. She shows me around, giving me the tour, but I know the house well already as we had been friends with the last owners, but I didn’t mention that, letting her feel it was all new.

We finally made it to the bedroom and the big furniture was all in place thanks to the movers who brought it all in. I shift a box to the side and make room on the bed to sit a moment as I place the glasses on the bedside table and pop the bottle of wine open. She laughs and says, “don’t you think it is a bit early for that?” “Nonsense, it is time to celebrate!” I say as I hand her the glass. “Besides, this will make the work go much faster, you will see”

One box at a time we move through the room getting curtains hung, and clothes tucked away in their drawers. A set of brand-new bedding gets unwrapped and I get it all in place as I crawl up on my hands and knees to tuck the sheets down over the edges and I catch her in the mirror watching my every move as my ass wiggles a bit around while I fumble and she bites her lip a bit. Hmm that wine must be getting to her I think to myself and smile. Finishing up the bedding I look around and announce, “only 1 box to go!” she turns red and tries to hide the box now under a pillow. “Or not…….” She giggles and blushes before managing to get out a meek “ohhh I can handle that one on my own.” “nonsense I say, I came to help, why stop now?” I say as I pop the box open and now see why she was so hesitant…. “hmmm…. What have we here????” I say, grinning up at her flush sheepish face. “well… you know how it is… he works nights a lot so sometimes….” “Oh trust me, I understand!” The box is filled with beautiful satin nighties and top as well as a few fun little toys. “no way!” I yell pulling out a pink floral night gown, “what are the odds! I have this exact one!” “Really??” She says. Running next door quickly, I grab the gown from my closet and bring it over to prove my point. “See, identical!”

“Hmmm you know what would be really funny??” “What’s that?” she says. “we should both put them on and send the boys a photo to introduce them to the new neighbors” she laughs and takes a sip from her glass… and says “this may be the wine talking, but ok, lets do it!” She retreats to the master bath to give us each a bit of privacy to change and we each slip into the satin floral gowns.

When she comes back in I can see the look in her eye as she catches sight of me in her favorite gown. Smiling I set the phone down and walk over to her. “your straps are twisted in the back dear” I say as I glide my fingers along her should straps and down her back to arrange them properly I see goosebumps form on her arms and neck. She lets out a tiny sigh as my hands pull away. Turning around so that she is now just in front of me, face to face, we pause. Our eyes locked on one another. After a moment she I take my hand and brush her hair to the side, then lean in. Her lips are sweet from the wine and soft as the satin she is wearing. We kiss long slow and gently then I pull away. She looks to be in shock but doesn’t move back. I stand there waiting for her to say or do something, but she is frozen. Finally, breaking the silence, I say “you know, perhaps we could keep each other company tonight while the boys are away…” taking her hand in mine, I interlace our fingers and begin to kiss each finger slowly. She lets out another soft sigh as she slowly lets her other hand begin to explore my satin covered curves. Her hand coming up slowly up my thigh and over my hips to rest at the waist. She leans in and we begin kissing softly at first as she eases into this new, unexpected, encounter. Before long she and I are passionately kissing and our hands moving up and down one another’s bodies.

I take her hand and lead her over to the bed as I crawl up on it the way I had earlier when I caught her peeking… slowly I crawl up to the head of the bed before I lay on my side and look back. “I know how much you enjoyed that view earlier… any better in this?” Her whole face turns red as she realizes I caught her peeking earlier. “It’s ok sweetie, I was just teasing…” as I motion for her to come join me. “So about those photos for the boys….” I say grabbing my phone and pulling up the camera. We both lay on our backs and look up into the camera as I snap a few photos. “hmm, let’s try this” I say as I pull her in closer now both on our sides facing in, toward each other and I snap a few more. As I continue to taking photos, I move closer entangling our legs now and placing one hand on her cheek. She moves in fast, unable to control herself any more and begins kissing my neck as I fumble and drop the camera. Now 100% focused on one another we lay there exploring one another’s bodies as we intertwine and our hands and lips roam all over. Her soft full breasts heave as I kiss down the center of them and make my way to one side pulling her free of the satin and lace that cover her and teasing her nipple with my tongue just before taking the whole thing in between my lips, sucking and nibbling on her pink little nipples as she gasps. Her hands on my shoulders as her nails dig in to my skin and I begin moving down her chest. Kissing my way down her belly to her tender thighs and then back in again. A pair of beautiful pink panties covers her just barely and I lay there admiring the view as I glide my fingers ever so lightly over the silky covering watching their shade darken with every passing stroke as she gets wetter and wetter in anticipation. Finally pulling them down over her hips and tossing them across the room I dive in to the hot, wet creamy center as I taste her sweetness for the first time. I tease and torment her clit with my tongue as she moans and flails with delight. My fingers slipping deep inside her as feel her begin to drip.

Just as she starts to sound as though she is nearing climax I pull away and stand up. “Where are you going? You can’t stop now!” she says breathlessly……… “I’ll be right back” I say I as I make my way to that last remaining box. I pull out her pretty pink silicone toy and she smiles. Making my way back I lay beside her beautiful body and slide the toy deep inside of her as far as it can go. In and out again till she is once again panting in pleasure. I straddle her in a perfect 69 so that I can suck on her clit while I continue to fuck her with this thick pink dildo and she buries her face between my legs. I hear her moan into me and screech in delight as I get harder and faster pounding it deep inside her and I can see her start to spasm. Her lips begin contracting as she convulses beneath me and she can’t keep her mouth on me any longer. Forcing 3 fingers in me and pounding away she brings me quickly to cum for her as I finally let on her and collapse down beside her. We lay there a moment catching our breath. “that was amazing” I say to her as I wrap my arm around her waist and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

My husband returns home and can’t find me anywhere but remembers the message that I was heading next door, and as he sees the headlights of her husband’s car pull in he walks over to ask if he had any idea if I were there. “not that I know of, but we can look” so they head inside and make their way through the house until the find us, laying cuddled up together in each other’s arms — wearing matching satin nighties, her panties on the floor and pretty pink toy laying at the foot of the bed. They both just look at one another as we lay there sleeping.

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