The kioskowners daughter

I’m a danish man, age 45, and I have in the last years, becomed aware of the beauty, of young muslim women. With or without headscarf. It excited me to think, that they probably are completely untouched virgins.

There is a kiosk nearby where I live, and the owner is a man called Ali, and I guess that he is about my age. I did not knew exactly where he was from, but I was sure that it was a muslim country. No doubt about that. I often stop by to buy cigarettes, or bear for friday night.

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure to be served by Ali’s daughter. I was in doubt whether or not she had turned 18. The first time she had a modest black scarf on her head, to protect her against the horny looks of danish men. But for me the scarf had the exact opposite effect, it turned me on. I was staring at the beauty, because she was a beauty, if not rather a divine beauty. She had big coal-black eyes, and the most innocent babyface. Her body was slim as hell, and I could not help taking a quick look at her white shirt. The button on the top was open, and I could see her small firm round young girls tits, through the shirt. I felt the sweet itching in my pants, and I got a serious hard on. I felt like buying a couple of strong bears from her, and took two from the fridge, and placed them on the counter. She scanned them and told me the price. I took up a 50 kroner note from my purse, gave it to her, and she gave me some coins back. I was thinking, and that thought turned me on, that it must be rather “haram”, for such a modest muslim girl, to sell alcohol to a middle-aged danish man. And then I got an idea. I knew that the kiosk sold condoms, and I could not help myself, to ask the beauty if they had some condoms. She looked at me disapprovingly, but admitted that they had them. I then asked for a package. She took it down from the shelf, and scanned it, and I payed with a note, while I was studying her facial expressions.

A couple of weeks later, I was lucky again when it was her that was standing in the kiosk, ready to serve. When I entered the shop, I could tell on the look on her face, that she was thinking, “Oh my God, not him again” There were also two of her friends in the shop, and they were just as beautiful as her. I felt like buying a porn magazine from her, while her muslim friends were watching, so I went to the shelf with magazines, and I was lucky, because there was a mag, with a dvd, with the title “Teens and old pigs”. At the cover you saw an innocent teenager with black pigtails, and an old man, looking like age 70, feeling up her small firm young girls tits. I could see the three girls, standing and whisper together, while looking disapprovingly in my direction. I had a giant hard on. I took a deep breath, took the mag and slapped it on the counter, with the front page up, so she could not awoid seeing the title and the cover picture. She was looking at me with discust in her eyes, but she took the mag, and scanned it, and said with a weak voice: “That would be 120 kroner!” I took my time to find a note in my purse, and gave it to her. She gave me change in my hand, while I was staring at her with a randy look in my eyes. “Have a pleasent evening!”, I said. “You too!”, she said with a weak voice.

Third time I got jackpot. It was in the end of June, where the danish high school students had just had their exam. I had not seen her in a while, but then suddenly she was back in the kiosk again, and this time she had the waistlong ravensblack hair let down, and on top of her pretty little head, was a real students cap. It was 15 minutes before closing time, and I was the only customer in the shop. This time we began chatting. I asked how old she was, and congratulated her with the students cap, and her exam. “I’m 18”, she said. We were actually having a real good conversation, and we had the shop for ourself. It seemed like her old reluctantcy against me had disappeared. “What’s your name?”, I asked. “My name is Nadia”, the beauty answered. “Hi Nadia! My name is Peter”, I said, and she gave me a big smile. Suddenly out of the blue, she said that she was going on a trip to the USA, a couple of weeks later, and she asked me if I could lend her 5.000 kroner (780 $). She would pay me back later. I liked what I heard and said immediately yes! “I’ll just have to find a cash machine or two”, I said. So I went on a hunt after ATM’s, I was biking as fast as I could, with a beating heart, and I found two banks, a Jutland Bank and a Danish Bank. I was only able to raise 2.000 kroner each place, but I had a 500 note in my pocket in cool cash, and I thought that I could raise the last 500 in the kiosk.

When I came back, she told me that she had though about something, and smiled a bit naughty. “Peter, I have a proposal. If I take you with me to the back office, and I jerk it off at you, could you not then just give me the 5.000 kroner as a payment?” I gulped down a big lump in my throat, and I thought that I had heard wrong. I had not just heard a modest muslim offer to jerk it off for money. But like some people can be lucky to win the big prize in the lottery, she repeated her offer, while she unbuttoned a button on her tight white shirt. It thumped in my dick, and I became stiff as an iron bar between my legs. “Well, we can do that, okay!”, I said with a nervous excitement, and realized that I missed 500 kroner, to have enough money. Then I asked her if it was okay, that I bought a porn magazine with a dvd included, and raised 500 in that payment. “Good idea! Now you mention it we have just got a brand new magazine, with a dvd, with teens with pigtails, getting gangbanged. You could buy it, and we could watch it together!” I thought about what happened to the modest innocent girl, that sold bear to me two months ago. But then I became nervous. “What about your parents?”, I asked. “Don’t worry about them, they are in Iraq. Just as long as you don’t take my virginity, I MUST be a virgin on my weddingnight, otherwise I’m in deep trouble”. I bought the mag, and raised the money, and gave it to her. “Thank you, dear Peter! I’ll be good to you, trust me!”

She pulled me to the back office, and ripped off the plastic from the magazine, and put the dvd on the dvd-player, that was standing on a shelf. Now it was “daddy’s” turn to get a rip off. There was a 42 inches colour TV on the floor, and we began watching the naughty movie together. We were winding on over the foreplay, and saw the six russian teens, of a divine beauty, get huge dicks in every hole. And all six girls in the movie got three-five giant loads in the face or mouth. And they did swallow everything with big smiles. We were sitting on the floor, and I held her hand, and I was feeling up her neck, and we were kissing.

“Well Nadia, have you ever seen a naked man?”, I asked. “No, never, but recently I have been fantazising about jerking it off on a mature man with a hairy chest”. “Do you like hairy men?”, I asked. “Yes, I’m crazy with fur!”, the beauty answered. I stood up and ripped off my jacket, and my hoodie. Then the shoes came off, then fast the trousers and the socks. She looked at me with big eyes, and looked impressed. Then I asked her to pull off my t-shirt. She did as she was told, and shouted with joy when she saw my hairy chest. She began licking my chest, and she was feeling up my hairy chest, stomach and back. I could hardly keep my dick in my pants, and I ordered her to pull them down. She did this, and I was standing as God had created me, with an 18 year old divine girl from The Middle East. “This is better than winning the big prize in the lottery”, I thought. I came close to exploding with randyness. “I want to see your tits!”, I shouted, and ripped her tight white shirt off, brutally, so three buttons came off. Also her A-cup bra, I lifted up, so I could see and feel up her firm small round schoolgirls tits.

“Grap it and pull in it!”, I bellowed. “Now it’s time for you to get some dick!”, I said, while I made faces. The girl did as she was told. She grapped the dick, and started pulling in it. I almost could not keep back the semen, and asked her to take a break. After two minutes, I offered her 2.000 kroner (310$), if she would take it in her mouth, and suck me to Heaven. She hesitated a bit, and then she said that she wanted 3.000 for it. It was some days before pay day, and I did not really have the money, but now my dick was in control, and I did not care at all, and said yes, thanks a lot! Then I had to find the money later, one way or another.

So now this divine beauty was kneeling to “daddy”, and started sucking my stiff iron bar. After three minutes I could not take it anymore. I asked if she would take my load in her face. She looked scared at me. “I’ll give you whatever you ask for!”, I tempted her. The girl took a deep breath, and said that she wanted 10.000 (1560 $) for it. “Are you insane? I don’t have that amount of money, my lass”. “I’ll allow you to pay them over ten months”, she said like a businesswoman. It sounded conpletely crazy, to spend a minor monthly salery, to be able to cum in a girls face, but I did now only think with “the little head”, and said yes!

”Lick my hairy balls, Nadia!”, I demanded. She did this, and after a minute, I shouted: “Open your mouth wide, and smile the best you can!” She did as she was told, and I shot off a completely insane load of sperm in her innocent babyface, and her wideopen mouth. Ten-eleven heavy loads of sperm hit her in her mouth, on her nose, her cheeks, her chin, her forehead and her hair, while I was grunting like a boar.

Afterwards I asked her to gargle the sperm she had in her mouth, and swallow everything, and give me a huge smile, and thank me for it. The rest she was told to rup in her face. I had the most blissfull feeling in my entire body. When I had recovered my breath, I asked if it had been good for her too. “Yes, it’s the best I have ever experienced!”, she said. “Thanks a lot, Sir!”, she said, and we put on our clothes, and we parted with a bear hug.

(This is pure fantasy, but I wish it was real!)

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