Summer Vacation Chapter 8

Liz didn’t know about what Diane and I had done while she was away. When she approached, she whispered in my ear. She wanted to be alone with me. Now I was stuck between protecting my sister from horny little boys, and going off with Diane to get my dick wet. My cock made the decision for me. I quietly went with Diane, breaking away from the crowd of k**s. Liz had no idea where I went. She was too busy flirting with the sex starved boys, that she never saw me and Diane disappear around the corner of one of the apartment buildings.

Diane and I walked along the railroad tracks that led down to a small creek. We then followed the creek to a patch of Sumac trees, that enclosed a small grassy field. There was an old garbage bag under some pulled up grass and limbs of Sumac. Diane pulled the bag out, opening it up. She pulled out a huge quilt that was stuffed inside the bag. She unraveled the quilt, laying it down on the ground. I helped her spread the quilt, until it was flat and smooth on the soft, grassy, ground. Then we sat on the quilt. We leaned toward each other, and began to french kiss. I laid her down as I got semi on top of her. We kept kissing as I caressed the side of her waist, and hips. She then pushed me on my back. She got up on me, kissing me passionately. My cock was hard, and Diane could feel it. She pressed herself against my rising bulge.

“I want to do something different with you.” She said pushing my hair back.

“Oh yeah? What do you want to do?”

“I want to suck your dick.” She said looking me straight in the eye. “You ate my pussy, and I never repaid you. I want to repay you.”

“Are you comfortable with that? I don’t want you to do anything you’re not going to like.”

“I’ve thought about it long and hard. I want to do this.”

“Okay.” I said as I undid my pants.

“No!! Let me take them off. I want to see your dick close up.”

I put my arms outward, in a surrender fashion. She scooted down, sitting at first on the lower part of my legs. She pulled down my pants, resting them down by my knees. Then she moved up a bit, and placed her hand on my hard boner.

“Shit Jim. This looks bigger every time I see it!!” She said rubbing my cock. “It’s just about coming out of top of your underwear.”

It was too. The head of my cock was pushing the waistband up, separating a small portion of fabric from the middle of my belly. It didn’t take much for Diane to pull down the waistband. The head of my cock popped out as soon as she folded the waistband down. My head was soft, and spongy, attached to a hard shaft. She took her fingers, and sliding them to my sides, pulled my underwear down past to where my pants were. My dick was staring straight at me. I could see the precum oozing out as she held my prick in her hand. She got off of me, resting herself at my side. The upper side of her torso was resting halfway on my stomach. She brushed back her long blonde hair as she lowered her head toward my cock. I could see she was hesitating. Her breathing became heavier as she got up the courage to put my cock in her mouth.

“If it’s too much Diane, you don’t have to do it.” I said playing with her hair.

She didn’t say a word. I could see her take one last deep breath, before she moved her head lower. I soon felt her tongue tapping my urethra. Then she licked the precum off my dick. I felt her hand grab my shaft, moving it about, letting it move around her tongue.

“Mmmmm. That feels nice.” I said as I kicked off my pants and underwear.

She licked the head of my cock for several minutes. Her courage and confidence were now building, she was becoming more relaxed, and excited at the same time. Soon she began kissing the tip. That felt good too. Then I felt my cock being surrounded by a warm, moist mouth. She did it. She was giving me a blow job. I gave her a few instructions, and she followed every one to a ‘T’. I told her to remove her shorts, and underwear. She reached down, struggling to remove her underwear. She had to stop so she could kick off her undies. She was about ready to resume giving me a bj, when I asked her to shift her body and hover over me, facing my feet. She shifted, spreading her legs over me. I grabbed her around her back, lowering her down. Her pussy was now pressed against my lips. I began to eat her out as she took my cock in her mouth. Our moans were muffled as we were in a 69 position. Her pussy was very tasty. There was even more pubes than before. A nice oval patch was now growing around her slit. There were even a couple of fine blonde hairs growing on the crack of her ass. She moved her hips up and down, passing her cunt over my tongue. Pussy juice collected on my tongue with each pass. She jerked her ass up, moaning with a mouthful of cock as she had one orgasm after another. It was even getting to the point to where she couldn’t concentrate on blowing me.

“My God Jim. I don’t know what I like more. Your cock, or your mouth!”

“Tough choice huh? I’m glad you like both.”

“Me too.” She said going back to sucking me.

After a couple of minutes, I had her get up from me. She questioned why, and I said that I wanted to put it in her pussy. She eagerly agreed. She got up, letting me shift over so she could lay down.

“No Diane. I want to get behind you. It’s called ‘Doggy Style’. You get on your hands and knees, and I get behind you, and stick my cock in your pussy that way.”

“Oh. For a minute I thought you wanted to put it somewhere else.” She said relieved.

“What!! You mean your ass!! Gee. That would be a first.”

“Not with me it wouldn’t!!”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to. Now get on your hands and knees.”

She got down on all fours. I got behind her, kneeling in between her legs. Her ass was up in the air. her pussy boldly visible between her thighs. I moved closer, holding my cock in my hand, I guided in her waiting twat. She cried out as my cock penetrated her pussy.

“Oh my God!! That feels great. I like doing it this way.”

I began pumping my dick into her wet pussy. I liked how I could see my cock slide back and forth inside her. I could see my dick get really wet with her juices, even to the point that it started to get to be a thick, gooey gel, that was forming globs on my cock, and pubes. She moaned with every thrust, bending her head so far back, I thought she’d snap her neck. Then she’d bend her head down to the ground, crossing her arms, and resting her head on them.

Oh, fuck me Jim. Fuck me good. I love having sex with you. Don’t take it out. Let me feel it squirt in my pussy.”

“I didn’t want to cum inside her, but as a horny boy, common sense goes right out the window. I pumped even faster, my cock was hurting from the amount of pressure it was getting from my tightening balls. Before long, I was cumming inside Diane.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhh!!” I said letting out several painful grunts, as my cock sprayed the inside of her cunt with my sperm.

I kept pumping until I had emptied my cum in her pussy. I really didn’t want to stop fucking her. I enjoyed watching my cock go inside her, and watching the skin of her labia, hugging my cock. Finally, I pulled out. I could see a mixture of our cum leaking out as my dick was free from her tight pussy. Grabbing some paper towels, we cleaned ourselves up. Then we got dressed, folded up the quilt, putting it back in the garbage bag, and walked back home. The sun was setting over the horizon when we got back to the complex. There weren’t as many k**s out, and Liz was nowhere to be found. I walked Diane to her apartment, where I gave her a kiss. Then I left for home. When I got home, I went up to my room. I still had the remnants and smell of cum on my dick, and I was stripping down to take a shower. I saw my door open, seeing Liz peeping inside.

“Shit!! You had me thinking it was mom opening my door.” I said as she entered.

“Sorry. But mom knocks first. I didn’t think I had to. Where did you run off to? I was looking all over the place until someone said they saw you walking with Diane on the tracks. What were you doing with Di….” She paused for a few seconds. “You had sex with her didn’t you.” She whispered. She could smell the odor of semi dried cum on my clothes. “You did!! You had sex with her!”

“Yes Liz.I had sex with Diane.” I said looking guilty.

“When did this start?” She asked curiously.

“Friday before last.” I admitted.

“I knew I shouldn’t have gone with Tania and her family.”

“Why you sweating it. Dad caught us that day.”

“Wait!! Dad caught you and her? Where were you, in here?”

“Yep.” He walked in unexpectedly. Came home early from work.”

“So what happened?”

“Let me take my shower. Then we can play cards, and I’ll tell you what happened.

I took my shower cleaning off the odor of sex. Liz sat in my room waiting to hear all the juicy details of the old man catching me and Diane.

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