It all starts innocently enough, when he offers me a ride to the next bar on his motorcycle. He has an understated masculinity that like: Rustler Jeans, a leather biker vest, a well trimmed grey beard, a bit of a pot belly. I wrap my arms around his torso as he revs the engine and lifts his boots off of the road. I grip tighter and lean in as he speeds around the curves. I’m half erect against his back by the time we arrive. I linger like this a little bit longer than I should after we park but he doesn’t stop me. We have an uneventful beer at the next bar and then he offers to let me crash on his couch. The second bike ride feels even more intimate. I rub my hands on the tops of his thighs as I get settled, my groin tight against his back. I can’t help getting a little hard as my stones vibrate up and down on the seat. He must notice, but he doesn’t say anything to acknowledge it.

We head in and sit on the couch to watch sports center. I cross my legs at the thighs and perch like a little secretary. He spreads his legs out and slouches a little to claim the space. He goes to the bathroom and then to his room and when he returns he’s stripped down to boxers and a wife beater. When he assumes his seat, I notice that he is pitching a tent. Wishing I’d brought panties on the trip or at least worn briefs. Fishnets would have been perfect. I want to just reach out and grab that cock, but I hesitate. Eventually, he reaches over and rubs his hand up and down my thigh, gives a couple of pats and leaves his hand resting on my knee.

After a little while, his hand starts to explore a little bit and works it way toward my crotch. He unbuttons my fly and unzips it. He digs around and finds my cock and helps it get loose. Then he side steps around it further into my jeans past my balls and down between my legs. My heart is racing as he begins to finger my asshole slowly and gently. Finally he pushes a rough finger in just a little bit. A long moment goes by and then i catch a glimpse of his face and our eyes lock. I lean in and grasp his cock through the fabric and feel it growing with every breath. I feel my asshole tingle. Our eyes lock again as I feel my way down to the carpet, assume a crouched position and go to work. Kissing his hairy belly and inching off the shorts, shimmying them down his legs and over his knees. He smells like campfires and engine oil and black leather. I take in another deep breath as I head for the cock. Pulling and tugging on it and batting it against my cheeks. Tongue tip dancing and darting, my ass has begun to quiver and I climb out of my masculine attire. I stand up, turn around and curtsy into his lap. Shaft against my split cheeks, throbbing below. Stubby fingers grip my waist, hot breathe and bristle between my shoulder blades. I get kisses on the small of my back and butt cheeks.

The air conditioning is cold and we stumble hand in hand into the bedroom and hurry under the comforter. We face each other, penis pointing at hard penis. His chest hair against my chest. Snuggly kisses in the dark. A Finger pushing at my anus. Small circles. A little spit. Now it’s in and extended. I welcome it. My cock is splayed out on his soft belly. I cum all over it and start to fall asleep in the goo. I lay on my belly and feel him behind me. On top of me giving me a shoulder massage and grinding against my ass. I bury my face in the pillow, elated in reverie, hard dick poking at me. I feel no pain as he slides in and out. My own sticky dick starts to twitch back to life and I feel a little raw as he continues his rutting. A few soft grunts and a release and I’m his cuddly baby all night. I curl up and shrink in stature. Giving soft kisses in return for gentle caresses. Two fingers probing in my ass keep me in my place.

As the sun rises, I reawaken, enjoying the warmth of his embrace and the smell of sex in the room. My nose and lips trace over his soft grey chest hair as I head downstairs, opening the comforter just enough to allow a little light and air. I get back to work patiently nursing his salty cock and rubbing his legs, butt and hips with my hands, adding just a little fingernail now and again to keep him alert. His dick gets harder and harder until the head is just pulsing in my mouth and it begins to yield precious drops of sticky sweet juice.

Just when I think i have him where i want him, he arises and gets out of bed. I stay in place with my head buried under the covers. The next thing I know, he walks around behind me. He gives me two crisp spanks on the ass and gently fishes out my ankles and sets my feet on the ground. Then he lifts the blanket and folds it back, exposing my ass. A couple more spanks, this time on my bare ass, and he begins to lube me up in earnest. Friction of insistent fingers. Pauses for more lube. A good spanking with two fingers inserted. Abuse me you big burley b**st. This time I’m gonna take it like a real sissy faggot. I’m gonna moan as loud and as feminine as I want. He saws his cock against my butt crack. Butting up against my tight anus and then backing off. I feel him turn away, but he places his thumb on my butthole to let me know he’s still there. I hear him tearing at a wrapper. The crisp condom covered cock slides into my tender hole and a pounding begins. I whimper beneath the covers but dare not move. Ramrod. Ramrod. Ramrod. I let my body go limp and slide up and down on the sheets with each ramming. Finally I find the strength to get back up on my hands and knees on the bed, where I can help guide the direction of the thrusts with my hips and lower back. Then he grabs my hips and rams again and drives hard for a couple of minutes. I fall forward and feel the tip of the condom fill with his seed, deep inside me. He lays down on top of me heaving out deep breaths of relief. I slowly move my ass up and down, milking out the last drops of his semen, enjoying his scratchy chest hair against my back and gentle stubbly kisses on my neck and nibbles on my ears. I can’t wait for the next ride on that Harley Davidson!


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