How I became A COCKSUCKER for LIFE

Spent the night at a friends house, I was 13 years old, we got some beer and proceeded to drink, him more than me. After about an hour of hanging out in his bedroom we suddenly found ourselves alone in the house. His parents went out for the evening and said they wouldn’t be home until late, his sister was spending the night at a girlfriends and his older brother was out for the night. WE had the whole place to ourselves.

We started wrestling around just like any 2 young boys when all of a sudden he had me pinned on the floor, I couldn’t get my arms free, he was sitting on top of me his back facing me. I struggled to get free but he was much stronger than me. He started trying to pull my pants down, so struggle harder and harder to get up to get him off of me all the time getting aroused which made me want to get him off of me more but I couldn’t, he was too strong or I was too weak or? “THEN IT HAPPENED”

It was like a switch went off in my head, in a split second I asked myself what am I doing why struggle? (You see I always had this fascination with wearing women’s cloths, lingerie, nylons, garters, bras & panties, anything silky made my cock get hard and I would often cum in silk panties I had stashed in my room). “THEN I STOPPED AND LET IT HAPPEN”

I just stopped struggling and he knew right then he had me, I knew he had me and now was going to do what ever he was planning to do with me and I was going to let him, I didn’t care.
He unbuckled my belt and pulled it completely out of my pants, he then grabbed the top button of my button fly jeans and proceeded to unbutton each button until he came to the last. With each button being unbuttoned I was getting harder, nothing I could do.

My cock was throbbing, I think my shorts were wet. It was so exhilarating I was shaking and starting to sweat getting really aroused and shortness of breath I may have even started panting a bit. I had never had anyone touching me in this area of my body before, I was thrilled excited and scared.

After rubbing his hands all over my covered cock it was time for him to unveil what was in my underwear and what he wanted. In a quick motion he pulled down my underwear exposing my hard cock. It felt good being exposed for the first time, he took my cock in his hands and started beating me off, I had never had this done, I’ve always jacked myself off, I loved it and yet I was afraid of labeled a queer.

He played with my cock rubbing it and slapping it, then put it in his mouth, OMG unbelievable! He finally got off me and pulled my jeans completely off, he pulled my shirt around my head then he stripped down himself.
I wasn’t planning to suck his cock but he forced me down to my knees and shoved his hard cock into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe how his cock felt in my mouth, It was enormous and thick, but tasted so good and the texture of his cock head, I was hooked. I was now a COCKSUCKER and I didn’t care. I sucked his cock so many times that night, I just wanted it in my mouth.

And thats how I became a COCKSUCKER for LIFE.

We played a lot that night and many nights and days after that night.

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How I became A COCKSUCKER for LIFE
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