Abigail’s cheating story 1

So, where do I start….well, I guess it began about a week before:

“Jessica why are you bringing me such slutty clothes? You know I don’t want to wear them!” Abigail said to her friend and college roommate, in the changing room at the clothes store, staring into the mirror at the whore outfit she’d been forced to try on. “Because we’re going out dancing? To have fun? Remember having fun?!” Jessica replied teasingly. Jess was blonde, a real definition of a bimbo, she had perky D cup breasts, a slim build but an impressive ass, blue eyes and big soft lips, she always dressed like this but Abigail was more modest, especially seen as she had a boyfriend at another school. Abigail was, however, gorgeous, she was a little under average height at 5″5, but had large DD breasts, long brunette hair, a “slim thick” body, an amazing ass and a warm tan, green eyes and perfect lips, men always stared at her in the street but she was loyal to her boyfriend, had been since highschool. “I can still have fun!” ABI protested “I just don’t wanna be a slut is all”
“Oh fine, this one’s a bit less” Jess handed Abi a skin tight white dress with a large window right where her cleavage would be that looked as if it would barely cover her ass “Jess…” ABI began “Oh come on! This one please, otherwise you might as well go out in a nurse costume! Please”. Abi sighed and reluctantly agreed, after trying it to make sure it (barely) fit she bought it and headed out to get ready for the night.

Abi looked absolutely amazing, the dress clinged to her and showed off her curves perfectly, she was texting her boyfriend goodnight, she’d decided not to show him what she was really wearing and had instead sent Scott a pic of a much more modest outfit.
Scott: Goodnight babe, have fun, love you xx
Abi stepped out of her room and saw Jess waiting in the living room, she was dressed in fishnet stockings, a black miniskirt than did not cover her ass and a light blue tube top that showed of her impressive underboob game, Jess smiled and took a pic of Abi “oh my god you look so hot” Abi blushed at the comment and checked her makeup in the mirror one more time “Thanks, hey don’t post that, Scott can’t see okay?” “Sure babe, I can keep your secret” Jessica winked at Abi.
There was a knock at the door and in strode Markus, he was a specimen, 6″4, layers of muscle but not in a way that made him look heavy, handsome and black as night. Cockily he swaggered into the form and went over to kiss Jess and lightly spanked her ass then turned his attention to Abi, deliberately looking her up and down then meeting her eyes and smirking “we all set ladies?” “Yeah, lead the way” Jessica beamed and smirked at Abi.

When they got to the club they walked straight in, Markus apparently knew the bouncer, they snagged a table and Markus went to get them drinks. “Jess I think Markus was checking me out before we can out…” Jess looked at Abi like she was talking crazy “yeah of coarse he was, you’re looking hot as hell” “But he’s your boyfriend!” “Don’t worry, we’re not exclusive” Jessica giggled at that as Markus approached, setting drinks down, ABI couldn’t understand how Jess lived her life. Abi started drinking as Jess and Markus went to dance, over the next hour or so ABI got up a couple times to dance with Jess while Markus watched the table, and had to shrug off more than a few guys hitting on her which entertained Jessica endlessly. Markus had been buying them drinks all night and Abi had had 5 vodka tonics when suddenly she noticed she wasn’t dancing with Jess now, she was at the table watching and in front of her was a tall dark slab of muscle. Markus. Lightheaded and tipsy she felt herself turned in place so her back was to him, and then two arms around her midriff. Two strong arms. Two strong black arms. “Jess wants a rest, couldn’t leave you alone up here, you know how guys in clubs are” Markus breathed into her ear as he started dancing with her, after hesitating a little at first she started dancing too, leaning back into him, deciding it was harmless fun. It was all fairly standard for a few minutes until he pressed against her completely, his hard body up against her soft frame, she thought his arm was against her ass when she realised they were both still around her midriff, she tilted her head up, “what’s that against my back?” She heard Markus laugh before answering, “sorry girl, can’t help it with you in that dress” it took a second for it to click in her head. “No way! Bullshit!” Markus wrapped his arms tighter around her and pressed his hard cock, stretching his jeans to their limit against her ass, in the tight dress she felt all of it. She brought her arms up to wrap them around his neck, backing her ass up into him and starting to grind “I guess it’s not your fault” Abi giggled. Markus made his move and reached a big black hand up to grope Abi’s breast, she moaned lustfully and before she knew it he was leaning down to kiss her. Her lips parted eagerly and with a squeak of surprise and wanting she kissed him back. Her head was swimming in a haze of making out, grinding, groping and laughing. It could have been an hour on the dancefloor with him before they finally broke apart. Jess wanted her man back and said they should get going, Abi was still in a state of euphoria as she was led out and into Markus’s car, the atmosphere in the car was electric, they were all talking about how hot eachother had been tonight and agreeing to do it again soon. When they got back to their dorm Jess kissed Markus and winked at Abi before heading into her bedroom, Markus Lingered a little to give Abi his number before kissing her again then following Jess. ABI stumbled into her own bedroom and got out of her clothes, hearing Jessica getting what sounded like the fucking of her life, Abi played with her pussy, imagining Markus’s monster black cock fucking her tight little pussy. ABI drifted off to sleep to the sound of Jess’s moans.

So that was how it started…I was so guilt the next morning I told Scott what had happened, he managed to convince me that I was drunk and had been taken advantage of, had me second guessing myself. I ended up believing he was right, he forgave me and made me feel angry at Markus in my confused mind. But then the next weekend came around…

Abi slammed the closet door shut when she saw the white dress, she was dressed in a pair of round the house booty shorts and a pink tank top, no bra, they weren’t going out, not after last weekend, her and Jess we’re just gonna watch a horror movie together, ABI headed into the living room and sat on the couch while Jess put the DVD in. Abi was texting Scott when the door knocked, “who’s that?” ABI asked Jess “Markus” Jess casually replied. “Jess!! What the fuck?” Jess turned back with a smirk and answered teasingly “what he’s still my boyfriend, just keep your hands to yourself” Jess giggled and stuck her tongue out before letting Markus in, he smiled wide at Abi when he saw her and she suddenly felt very conscious about her casual clothes. She decided to text Scott as the two of them settled on the couch together.

Abi: Babe Jess invited Markus to watch the film! What do I do?!
Scott: Well can you leave?!
Abi: I still have to live with her, and she’s my friend, it’ll make things awkward.
Scott: I don’t like you being around him Abi…
Abi: Look Jess is sat between us…nothing can happen…
Scott: Okay…okay but keep my updated please…

The film started and they all watched in near silence, Abi kept texting Scott so he wouldn’t worry, about a half hour in though, there was a commotion, Abi looked and saw Markus carrying a sleeping Jess to her room, she was totally passed out. Abi stared straight at the screen not knowing what to do, he came back and sat down on the couch. Nothing between them but empty space…
Abi: Scott! Jess fell asleep it’s just me and him on the couch! Do I ask him to go or something?!
Scott: No, you know what? Time for payback. Blue ball the bastard.
Abi: What? How?
Scott: Trust me. He deserves it, flirt with him then shoot him down when he’s desperate.
Scott: first ask if he wants a beer, go to the fridge and bend over with your waist, give him a view of that big ass, then when you give it to him let him see your cleavage.

Abi did just that, she could feel Markus watching her the whole time, when she gave him the beer he was smiling almost predatorialy, it made her nipples hard and her face hot. She told herself it was the act turning her on and not him. When she sat back down she sat in the middle of the couch, only a little space between them, she lay a hand on his leg, kept playing with the hem of her stretched top showing off even more of her cleavage, and when a sex scene came on in the movie, she kept making purposeful eye contact with Markus, all at Scott’s instruction, Markus was just staring with barely controlled hunger.
Scott: Okay next time there’s a scary scene get close to him, guys like feeling like the protector. When he starts thinking he’s gonna get some, go to your room and lock the door.
Abi did as she was told, she scooted up on the couch and hugged Markus’s arm, his strong dark arm, but before she could do anything else he pulled his arm out from her embrace and wrapped it around her back. She was pulled to his side and seemingly on instinct wrapped her arms around his strong athletic body, resting her head on his powerful chest. Her body shook with nerves, she didn’t know what to do now, she was locked in, his strong hand was rubbing up and down her back and with her legs folded across his lap she could feel his monster cock in his jeans, she could see why she’d mistaken it for an arm, with a smirk she brought her hand down from his chest to stroke his massive cock over his jeans. He brought his hand down to her ass, this was it, the moment she leaves him blue balled…but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to, as he squeezes her big ass in her booty shorts she moaned lightly and pressed her face into his hard chest biting her lip. He brought his other hand round to play with her breasts and she squirmed with pleasure, entering that date of euphoria again, being treated like a total slut. She didn’t know how long they were locked like that for, her stroking his cock over his pants and him playing with her body, then she heard a text on her phone. Scott. It broke her out of her daze for a minute, she lifted her head, and then Markus tilted her face toward his and was kissing her. She melted at his touch, her tongue racing to meet his, she could feel her panties getting soaked and as they kissed and kissed she started to pull of his shirt. He was ridiculous, his abs had abs, he was just a tall wall of dark muscle. Abi giggled and ran her hands up his powerful torso, “Noone to disturb us this time girl, you all in?” Markus said, laughing at her fascination. Abi answered buy getting down on her knees in front of the couch and unbuttoning his pants, tearing them down. “Bout time we get this monster out to breath…” Abi gasped, it had to be the length of her arm and thicker, Markus laughed and was about to give her instructions but she beat him to it, she eagerly lifted the thick dark meat and started kissing up the shaft, stroking the base with both hands she wrapped her big red lips around the black head and started sucking, making eye contact with the big black man. Markus moaned and howeled in pleasure, he ran his fingers through, and pulled, on her long black hair as he head bobbed up and down on his big black cock. She spat and drooled all over it, making it shine with her saliva and his pre cum. “Your little boyfriend don’t have a cock like this huh?” Markus laughed, Abi giggles and kissed the tip “Not even fucking close…” “Take that top off slut” Emma shook in pleasure at being talked to like that, she took her top off over her head, only now realising it was drenched in spit and cum from the sloppy blowjob, she bit her lip making eye contact once her breasts were exposed, she played with them in front of him, she knew how good she looked and she loved the look on his face seeing them. “Wrap those big white tits around my shaft slut” Markus moaned, Abi obliged, wrapping her big tits around his magnificent cock, bouncing up and down on her knees she still had enough room to eagerly suck the head of his cock as she titfucked him. She heard her phone go off again, she ignored it. After a few minutes Markus started to stand, “Aight, Imma fuck that pretty face, Markus grabbed at the sides of her head and started pushing his cock further and further down her throat with every thrust, she could hear herself gagging on his cock, could feel it in her throat. Her vision started swimming and tears ran down her cheeks as he fucked her mercilessly, she had to hold on to his legs to stay up. He grunted and moaned as he face fucked her and she could feel him tensing up and then he was pulling back, as his glistening cock hovered over her he didn’t even have to ask, she nodded and held her tongue out, He gave a few strong tugs and his thick heavy cum started shooting out, all over her face, her tits, in her hair, but mostly into her waiting mouth, she guzzled it down and swallowed, then stood up on her knees to suck the last few drops out of the monster.
Abi stood up licking her lips of warm sticky cum, before she could say anything Markus lifted her into his arms like she weighed nothing and held her to his chest, “Now you’re a cheating slut girl” Markus laughed, his cock was getting hard again already and was pressing against her ass, whole body shaking she wrapped her legs around his back and arms around his neck, “My pussy hasn’t cheated yet big guy” Markus laughed and started carrying her to her bedroom, “Once I get that pussy blacked you know you ain’t ever going back right?” he said as he kicked open her door and threw her onto the bed, “Mmm make me your black cock slut Mark…you can have this pussy anytime you want…” Abigail breathed and Markus started ripping her booty shorts and panties down her legs, “what about the boyfriend of yours?” Markus asked cockily, “He’ll believe anything I tell him” Abigail giggles as Mark climbed onto the bed, spreading her legs open and pressing his cock into her pussy lips, rubbing it gently against her, “what are you, Abi?” “I’m a cheating slut, I love your big black cock!” Abi moaned as she fidgeted on the bed desperately. Suddenly Markus was inside her, wrapping her strong arms around her back as his massive cock hammered into her dripping wet pussy, she wrapped her arms and legs around him as his hips slammed into her again and again, she lifted her head to kiss him desperately as she moaned against his mouth, he moaned and grunted in a****listic hunger as her pussy clung onto his cock for dear life, he could already feel pre cum leaking out of his dick inside this sluts hot pussy, her nails dragged down his back and her back arched as she orgasmed, cumming all over his black cock, she broke from the kiss to scream in pleasure. Markus turned onto his back, carrying her with him so she was on top and he held her hips, “Ride me snowbunny slut, show me how much you want it” Abi moved her legs to his side’s and placed her palms on his powerful chest as she started bouncing up and down on his amazing cock, sending waves of pleasure into her body, she took more of it with every bounce until eventually her big firm ass was slapping into his legs, she could feel that black monster in her gets, making her shake with pleasure, her fingers dug into his hard chest and her hair fell down in waves framing her face, sticky with sweat and Markus’s cum, she kept riding and riding until she felt him tensing up again, as for the first time in her life she orgasmed twice in one night, even stronger than the first, it hit her like a tidal wave and she screamed out loud not caring who heard her, she thought in the background she heard a phone ringing but didn’t care, Markus was grunting and moaning and then pulled her down onto him, chest to chest and started jack hammering her pussy until he exploded inside of her, she could feel it, warm and wet inside her womb, and she was so glad she had an implant so he could pump as much as he wanted into her. Markus slow fucked her for a couple more minutes before slowly pulling out of her, their cum leaking out of her creampied pussy.
Abi slowly kisses Markus, exhausted, “Oh my god…thank you…” Abi breathlessly laughed. “Girl we are gonna fuck so much…” Markus laughed as he kissed her again and played with her ass on top of him. Abi just moaned and, kissing him one more time, lay her head on his strong black chest and closed her eyes.

The next morning Abi was in the living room, working up the courage to tell Jess, She told Scott she’d fallen asleep and that she was sorry and he of coarse believed her. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants, no panties, and a sports bra, Markus was in the shower, he’d gone in after Abi had and they’d kissed passionately as they’d passed one another. Jess came out of her room in the same clothes she had been wearing last night, “Hey, what happened?” Jess asked rubbing her eyes, “You passed out and Markus put you to bed…” Abi said nervously. “Oh, well how was the movie?” “Listen, about that…” Abi began voice trembling as Markus entered the room in nothing but a towel, slapped Abi’s ass as he walked by and kissed Jess, “Your roommate finally went to the dark side” Markus laughed, “Oh my god! Finally!” Jess squeaked, clapping her hands, looking at Abi, “you’re…not pissed?” Abi asked relieved, “Are you k**ding, I’ve wanted you to start sleeping around forever, I always wanted a slutty roommate like me! Tell me everything!” Jess said, leading Abi by the hand to the couch.
And so Abi started her story…

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