A day at the beach….

It was a bright, sunny day, earlier this summer, blue sky, sun was shining, 32°C…. our summer was extraordinary this year, with months of spectacular temperatures, which is not really common here.

That morning, I had planned to go to the beach. So I packed my stuff, made a package for lunch and went on my way. It was still early, and as I was on my bike, I had no problems on my way over there. Traffic was still quiet and would not lead to a traffic jam within an hour…All of a sudden, 2 girls in a convertable passed me, and one of them shouted  to move out of the way…. I looked at them and smiled… “Take it easy, ladies, enjoy the weather and don’t waste a great day by yelling, relax, it makes your day so much better !” The lady behind the wheel stopped the car and got out… she looked at me when I approached them and with her finger she gently touched her lips… I was a bit surprised, overwhelmed might have described it better…….. She looked gorgeous, a stunning redhead with a tight t-shirt that showed a big double D cup, at least, with her nipples hard…her dress was in fact too short for her gorgeous long legs and when the wind lifted the dress when she walked to me, it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath…. Really ??  I guessed she was around 25 years of age, maybe 30 nut definately not older…  “The better days usually don’t happen because of the weather” she said, looking at me with a pair of magical light blue eyes… I stopped my bike and asked her what made her days good.

She hesitated an instant, and lookex not really confident what to say… “An adventure at the beach often helps” she replied, and turned around to look at the other lady, who was still in the car. “Isn’t that right, Amber ?” The lady called Amber got out of the car too. She was a bit older, or even way older…. around 50, blond, a bit taller then the redhead but the same double D in a dress that didn’t cover enough… she came up to us and looked at me. I felt her innocent looking brown eyes all of a sudden checking me out from top to bottom and back again… “You’re right, Sarah,  an adventure at the beach often makes my day bright and shining. And she smiled, her white teeth showed a little diamond, and her tongue flashing gave me a good look at a tongue piercing. Woow…that didn’t turn out to be as innocent as it looked in the first place….
“Well” I said, “I’m on my way to the beach, so I might run into you ladies later today if you’dd like that.”  The 2 ladies looked at eachother and the redhead told me they would be at the beach in front of the beachclub. Was this really happening ?? Was I going to be spending my day with these two gorgeous ladies ?? These ladies, who looked like they weren’t afraid of a spontaneous sexual encounter ? “I was going there too, to start my day with a good breakfast and afterwards I was planning for some relaxing”, I said. “We’ll meet you at the beachclub,” the lady called Sarah said… And they turned around, stepped in their car and drove off… I looked at them, when they drove off, and while they dissappeared in the distance, I couldn’t believe what just happened.
Two gorgeous ladies, out of the blue, planned a date on the beach with me, an ordinary guy, who was planning a relaxing, lazy day at the beach, minding my own business…
Mirracles do happen, apparently….
So I went on my way again, my heart pounding a bit quicker then half an hour ago, but also thinking “Let’s see first, if they are at the beachclub, it might well have been a joke, they might not even show up at the beach club, leaving me restless for the rest of the day…”

It took me 15 minutes to reach the beachclub, and when I got there, the car was no where to be seen. See ? So much for that beach adventure….
I went in and found a table in the furthest corner of the terrace, in the sun and with a good view at the beach.
It wasn’t too busy, the waitress saw me coming in and came up to me immideately, and I ordered my breakfast, as usual. I looked around. The 2 ladies weren’t there. An old man was reading a paper, a family was having breakfast and a bunch of teens were enjoying a game of cards, beers on the table already. It was 09.45 hrs, I wouldn’t be too happy with a beer at that hour, but they seemed not bothered…
Then the door opened and Sarah and Amber entered. The old man looked up and undressed them with his eyes when they came in.
They went straight to the bar, and talked to the waitress. I was wondering, did they know eachother ? Amber looked around and saw me.
She waived and came up. “Goodmorning again, stranger” she said. “I’m Marc” I said, “goodmorning again to you too, please take a seat”. She sat down at the table and called the waitress to order 2 breakfasts to go. “Sarah already ordered, and you’re not going anywhere, breakfast will be served here”, she said.
She looked at me, gave me a wink of an eye and returned to where she came from.
Sarah joined us and she showed me a promotion board that said there was a beachparty that night. We’re invited, you, me and Amber, free of charge. How’s that ? “Cool!!” I knodded, I wasn’t going anywhere that night, so might as well go here. “Are you regular guests here?” I asked. “Petra”, she pointed at the waitress, “is my niece”, Amber said. “Hmmm, okay, that clarifies a lot.”
While we were waiting for our breakfast, the place started to fill up quickly, and when our breakfasts arrived, it was at least half full. We finished our breakfast and had a good time, introducing ourselves and carefully examining eachother. I was under the impression, Amber and Sarah wete just as curious as I was about what was going to happen that day.

Finally breakfast was finished and we headed out to the beach. Amber thought we’dd be making ourselves comfortable in front of tbe beach club, but Sarah said she was moving on for the blue benches, about 500 yards away. Amber looked at me, to see my reaction, I had no idea what was going on, so I agreed with an  “Okay, let’s go” and off we went.
A few minutes later we arrived and Sarah went for a few beach benches and an umbrella to prevent a sunburn.  I looked around and saw most people lying around naked…. it was the nude beach section… I looked at Sarah, she just smiled and told me to come lying next to her, Amber took a bench and placed it next to mine on the other side, so I was lying in between….
Amber took off her dress, and Sarah was already nude, lying down on her bed, looking at me….
I started to undress too and when I was naked, I saw Sarah making the thumbs up sign to Amber.
“That’s a relief” I thought…. Sarah wasn’t really the shy type, and I felt her hand on my leg…. “So, are you comfortable?” she asked me… “Oh yes”, I whispered, not really knowing what to expect, and quite frankly, I wasn’t comfortable at all….
“Good”, Amber said, and I also felt her hand moving up my leg, higher and higher…..
“Eeehhm, what’s happening, ladies ?”, I whispered…”there’s loads of people here”.
“That has never stopped us before,” Sarah said with a naughty grin on her face. “Indeed”, Amber added.  “On the contrary, the more people see what we’re doing, the hornier it makes us”, and she grabbed my cock and started stroking it….
Waaw….this looked like it was going to be a great day….an adventure with 2 horny ladies, strangers really, as I didn’t know them before today, ending tonight with a beachparty at my favorite beachclub…”indeed, it’s not only the weather that creates a great day”, I couldn’t stop thinking…
Meanwhile Amber was softly stroking my cock and I felt it was getting rockhard in an instant. “Hmmm, I see you like what she’s doing, Sarah said. I lay on my bed, and felt Ambers’ hand stroking my cock, and she did good….I looked at Sarah, she just took her finger out of her mouth, and started to rub her pussy. It sounded soaken wet already…. her finger touched het clit and I saw a gorgeous thick clit being fingered. Sarah seemed horny as fuck and while Amber was jerking me off, I saw her other hand rubbing het clit. Her pussy was fleshy, dark red lips and her clit was big, pink and swollen….she spreaded her lips, knowing I was watching her, and smiled. A big sigh escaped from her mouth, her tongue was licking her red lips and I saw her eyes staring at my hard cock. “I’m so gonna do you”, she said….”but first, I wanna play” and she looked at Sarah, who smiled and had 3 fingers in her wet pussy already. I was a bit overwhelmed by these 2 nasty sluts. Just taking a complete stranger off the street, and jerking him off a few hours later…. that’s not really happening every day…. “My turn!”, Sarah said and she took my cock out of Ambers’ hand. “Nice”, she said, and she started circling around the tip with a wet finger. She then took my hard cock in the palm of her hand and stroke it 4 times, fast and hard……. I wasn’t expecting that and was about to shoot my load, when Amber suddenly grapped the shaft of my cock and held her hand tight around it…. I felt my sperm sort of pulling back, she just prevented me from cumming too soon. “I never had that problem before, but these horny bitches knew what they were doing…. “Not yet, not yet” Sarah said, and while she turned around on her stomach, she bent over and took my hard cock in her mouth. I was shocked, that she actually did that in public, but Amber smiled and said “Don’t worry, she won’t fuck you here too, we’re gonna fuck you later…”

I grinned, horny as fuck, and wanted to stick my finger in Ambers’wet cunt. She took out her fingers and spreaded her legs a bit further. I looked at her juicy cunt and her pussy lips were open, showing a soaken wet pink pussy, the juices were already dripping out, and it made me even hornier than I already was. While Sarah was still sucking me, I looked around, and there were a few people watching us. I felt a bit ashamed, and told Amber that I wasn’t planning on being watched…. “Don’t worry”, she said again, “nothing happens, people are sucking and fucking all the time here….” Let’s share the fun, some of these men might even get horny and jerk themselves off too, and don’t forget that blond girl on your right, she’s actually fingering herself already, looking at what’s going on here…. I slowly turned my head around and saw a gorgeous blond girl, barely 18, with her eyes closed, her hand between her legs, and looking at her moves, she was pounding her pussy hard…. Now I was aware of her, I also noticed her hard breaths, and moaning now and then. I hadn’t heard that earlier, but now that I saw her doing her thing it aroused me.

Sarah knew how to suck cock good, my cock was balls deep in her throat, and I felt her tongue on my rockhard shaft, making me ready to explode down in that juicy wet mouth.  I started moaning a bit harder, and Sarah looked at me, with that hard cock down her throat… she let my cock out of her mouth and my cock was soaken wet from her spit… “Only shoot when you can cum twice” she said… Surprised by that question, I just knodded, and that’s when she started jerking me off hard and fast. I was fingering Ambers’ wet cunt and took my fingers out, to taste her juices. It smelled so hot and tasted so good, that it made me shoot my load in Sarahs’ face in an instant. I wasted the first shot, but the rest was straight to the point, in her mouth and at first, it looked like she swallowed it all. But she didn’t, and after I was done, Amber walked over to Sarah, and Sarah shared my cumload with her…. I’dd never seen that before, and it made me horny as fuck, again….
Then I heard  the girl behind me cum, she started shaking and a cry escaped from her mouth. She was shocked and held her hand before her mouth, but I already saw what happened. Another elder man saw it too and I saw him jerking off over us, enjoying what he just whittnessed….

“My turn”, Amber said…. “Your turn ?” I asked…
“I just shot my load in your girlfriends’ throat, and now you want to go for round 2 immideately ?”
“Daughter”, she said, “You just shot your load in my daughters’ throat. And now it’s my turn!!”
Sarah looked at me and said: “Now you know why I wanted to know if you could shoot a load  twice…”
Amber didn’t wait for my answer, and started sucking me. She was doing it differently compared to Sarah, but the effect was just as good. My cock got cleaned and meanwhile rockhard, again. Her spit on my cock made it easy to slide it in her wet mouth ballsdeep. And she took it like a pro…. my cock is not very big but when it’s hard, it’s very thick too. Amber almost couldn’t fit it in her mouth, but with a little wiggling, it went in all the way, ballsdeep. She sucked my cock as if her life depended on it. I stood up and started facefucking her. I didn’t mind people staring, it was so hot and I was horny as fuck. It didn’t take too long before I shot  my second load that day in Ambers’ wet throat this time. She swallowed my load and licked her lips, and when I asked “No sharing this time ?”, Amber said “Sorry, I just needed that so much, it’s been  a while, you know?”
Sarah was lying down and enjoyed her finger on her clit, she had enough for that moment anyway…

I was wondering how this day would end, we were only half way, and these horny bitches weren’t planning on letting me off easy.
That’s why I will continue the story later, as the day wasn’t finished indeed….

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