A Buckeye in Wolverine Territory

A Buckeye in Wolverine Territory

By Abob1

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‘God, I hate it here,’ Danielle thought to herself as she made her way from her last class of the day to her dorm room. It was a typically brisk November late afternoon in Ann Arbor: temperature down around forty degrees, a gentle, though sporadic breeze, and crisp, blue skies.

If she weren’t so biased, she would love it here. If she were honest with herself, she would admit that there was not a drastic difference between this and her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. If she could overcome the bitter hatred that had been instilled in her since birth, she would concede that the stone and brick architecture was charming, a beautiful place to learn.

But in her heart, she was a Buckeye, and always would be. She had attended Ohio State for her freshman year, but had transferred to Michigan for her sophomore year after uncovering a passion for political science. It was one of the few degree programs where Michigan was clearly superior to Ohio State, and despite all her prejudices, she made the decision in the interest of her future.

Her pride continually interfered with her ability to make friends, as she blatantly wore her Buckeye gear around campus. The nicest students would simply look at her with disdain. The rest would make comments ranging from snarky to suspension-worthy, if only an authority figure had been within earshot.

What kept Danielle sane was that Ohio State had been dominating Michigan in recent years, so no matter how bad the insults were, it was easy for her to shut them down. “Four in a row,” she would respond, citing the winning streak the Buckeyes had amassed over the last two years. It was an facile response, but she loved the way she could illicit grinding teeth, red faces and clenched fists every time she said it. The Wolverines that surrounded her had no retort.

Now, as she stepped into her dorm, Michigan’s blue and yellow bounced around the room in the form of her roommate’s cheerleading outfit.

“Danielle!” Georgie shouted. “You’re coming tonight, right?”

“I don’t think so,” Danielle replied. “Why would I want to watch the game in a room where I am the only person rooting for my team? Let alone where everyone else is passionately rooting for my opponent? I’ll just watch it here.”

Georgie was Danielle’s best friend on campus, but Danielle knew that was only because they lived together. She was practically forced to consider factors beyond Georgie’s fandom, and had learned over the last couple months that she was actually a sweet girl. A lot like herself, she thought, except in the Michigan universe.

“Babe, come on. Everyone knows who you are and who you root for, but they only say the things they say because they know it gets to you. Just show up in your Ohio State gear, full of all your pride, and let them know it doesn’t bother you. You’re not ashamed to be a Buckeye, are you?”

“Fuck no!” Danielle practically shouted back. “I just don’t think it would be fun for me. Enjoy yourself.”

“No, Danielle, you’re coming. You have almost three years remaining at this school. Do you want to spend that time as the girl that everyone hates because she’s a stuck-up, closed-off Ohio State fan? Or would you rather be the kind girl from Ohio who is loyal to her home team but not doesn’t let it define her?”

Danielle chuckled. It was almost like Georgie was reading her mind. She had considered the immense amount of time she had to remain in Ann Arbor, and had wondered if there was a way to make things easier on herself.

“Besides,” Georgie continued, “We’re watching the game at a frat house three blocks from here. Come along, and if you hate it, you can always come back here and watch it by yourself. What do you say?”

“Well, I hate you right now, but I have a feeling I’ll thank you for this some day.”

Georgie giggled and raised her pompoms above her head, improvising a cheer to celebrate her victory.

Danielle gave one final look in the mirror, making sure everything was in place. She tucked her auburn hair behind her ears, making sure the gold hoop earrings were easily visible. Georgie had advised that she dress in such a way that she stand out from the crowd, but not in an obnoxious way. Make it clear that she isn’t rooting for Michigan, but don’t rub it in that Ohio State has won the last four games in the series. The gold hoops were part of this ensemble. O’s for Ohio, gold for victory.

She complimented the earrings with black yoga pants, a red tube top and a cropped silver jacket. The colors of The Ohio State, but lacking the insignia. She spun around and looked over her shoulder, popping her ass towards the mirror.

‘Shit,’ she thought, seeing the prominent visible panty line. She didn’t really want to go commando, but this was unacceptable. She peeled her yoga pants down her legs, dragging her undies with it, kicked them off, and then pulled the pants back on. She stepped into a pair of flats and joined her roommate in the living room.

“Very hot!” Georgie cheered, admiring Danielle’s exposed abdomen. “Sure you will be warm enough in that?”

“Oh yeah, like you’ll be all toasty in that!” Danielle replied, referencing Georgie’s cheerleader skirt and top. “We’ll have goosebumps all over our tummies by the time we get there, but that will probably just turn the guys on.”

She was right. By the time the two girls knocked on the frat door three blocks away, they were frigid and giggling about how silly they were to not put on a jacket. Danielle felt like her nipples could have cut glass, and was glad, at least, that they she had the cropped jacket to cover them up.

The door swung open immediately after Georgie’s knock, and as they entered they were each handed a shot of tequila.

“To warm you up,” proffered the frat guy who greeted them.

“Sure, that’s what it’s for,” Danielle joked.

“Oh, hey, it’s the O.U. girl! Who invited her?” he exclaimed.

“I did, Chad. Relax.” Georgie answered for her friend. “She’s from Ohio, so of course she’s a Buckeye fan.”

“Well, at least she’s hot. Maybe she could sub in for the entertainment tonight!”

“Entertainment?” Danielle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No, Chad. We’ve got plenty of girls for that.”

Georgie grabbed Danielle’s elbow and steered her away from Chad, towards a doorway that appeared to lead to the basement. Danielle could hear the thumping of crowd noise below.

“Georgie, what entertainment?” Danielle asked. “Why do you have ‘girls for entertainment’ here?”

“You’ll see when we get downstairs.”

But on their way down, they were stopped by another frat boy.

“Georgie, you’re here!” he said. “The game is just about to start. I was getting worried you were going to be late.” His voice trailed off as he saw the girl with him. “You brought the OSU girl with you?”

“Jesus, Jeremy. Her name is Danielle. Don’t talk about her like she isn’t right here.”

“What do you expect, Georgie? She roots for our bitter enemy.”

“She’s from Ohio! If you moved to Ohio would you stop rooting for the Wolverines?”

“I’d never move to that shitty state. Besides, how big of a fan could she be if she decided to go to school here?”

“You know, Jeremy,” Danielle chimed in, “It’s not too late to change sides. You know, before my Buckeyes win their fifth straight in the series tonight.”

The comment seemed to strike a chord with Jeremy, who instantly turned red.

“Well, if you are so confident, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and take part in the entertainment?”

“OK, seriously, what’s this about?” Danielle asked, directing her question to Georgie. Jeremy answered.

“Its a bit of a tradition here. One of the cheerleaders stands on the stage downstairs while the game airs on the big screen behind her. Every time the opponent scores, she removes an article of clothing. Once she is fully nude, the next cheerleader joins her on stage and repeats the process.”

Danielle absorbed the information quickly, and fashioned a smart response.

“Based on the way you’ve been playing this year, they must lose their clothes pretty fast!”

Jeremy smiled. He couldn’t help but admire her spunk.

“So if you’re that confident, you should join them on stage. Every time OSU scores, she’ll remove an article of clothing. But you remove one every time Michigan scores.”

“Jeremy, leave her alone.”

“No, Georgie, it’s OK. Maybe the people here will like me a little more if they see me loosen up. Besides, we have the top ranked defense in the country. I might not have to take anything off all night!”

“Oh, I’m going to love seeing you stripped and eating those words. You’re going to learn some humility tonight, sweetie.”

He took Danielle’s hand and led her down the rest of the stairs. Danielle was overcome by the onslaught of blue and yellow, all of her peers proudly decked out in team colors. The far wall was almost completely covered by the pregame show, projecting from an overhead unit. In front of that was the stage to which Jeremy had referred, about ten feet deep, and in front of that were the throngs of students packed wall-to-wall.

Danielle felt many a scolding eye on her as Jeremy led her serpentine through the crowd. It felt like pockets of paused conversation followed her as the students recognized her and wondered what she was doing here.

Jeremy guided her up the stairs to the stage and shouted for the room to shut up.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he yelled to get the room to settle down. “Our cozy confines have been infiltrated by the enemy!”

Danielle rolled her eyes at the inanity of this comment, but it was nonetheless met with an enthusiastic chorus of boos. Jeremy gestured for them to settle down.

“However, we are spinning this into a positive. Instead of having one girl on stage, tonight, we will have two!” A roar of testosterone-laden approval forced him to pause. “Whenever OSU scores, which won’t be often, our hometown girl Andrea will remove part of her cheerleading outfit.”

On the other end of the stage, Danielle noticed a quintessential buxom blonde cheerleader waving her pompoms above her head as she cheered and giggled. The audience responded with whoops and cat calls.

“However, when Michigan scores, Danielle here will strip off part of her outfit.”

Once the predictable audience cheer died down, Danielle could not help but interject.

“Don’t get too excited. There is very little chance I will have to remove anything, the way your offense has been playing this year!”

The crowd jeered her, and she was able to pick out random excerpts from their communal roar.

“You’ll be naked by halftime!”

“Might as well just show us that pussy now!”

“You’re going to lose in more ways than one tonight, slut.”

At first, Danielle thought these comments were juvenile and comical, but she soon realized that the thought of getting naked in front of these idiots was making her pussy wet. Well, maybe it was just the possibility that was driving her wild, and not actually the going through with it, but either way, she felt a dampness between her legs that was not usually present unless she was engaging in intercourse.

“Kick your shoes off, babe,” Andrea whispered from behind, as she herself slid her shoes to the front of the stage. “Shoes don’t count in this game.”

Danielle slipped her flats off, realizing that the only articles of clothing she had on were her yoga pants, the tube top and the cropped denim jacket. She quickly got over that fact as the opening kick off signaled the beginning of the game.

The Michigan returner received the ball on the five yard line, made a couple dekes and started sprinting up the far sideline.

“Go! Go! Go!” Jeremy screamed, leading the crowd into a frenzy.

“Nooo!!” Danielle screamed. She could not believe Michigan was going to score on the opening kickoff.

Then, like a miracle, an OSU special teams player caught up to him and forced him out of bounds at the Ohio State three yard line. Though the touchdown was prevented, the room erupted in an enthusiastic roar. A Michigan score was imminent from here, and they were excited to see Danielle remove her first article.

Danielle’s cockiness was knocked down a peg, but wasn’t about to back down already.

“Don’t get too excited, guys. They haven’t scored yet,” she said, though she had already given into the fact that she would be taking off her jacket in short order. Even if OSU kept Michigan out of the end zone, it would be a chip shot field goal attempt.

After OSU stopped Michigan for no gain on the first two downs, Danielle allowed herself a quick prayer, and apparently the College Football Gods were listening. On third down, the defensive end easily pushed through the left guard and sacked the quarterback, forcing a fumble.

“Yes!” Danielle screamed over the moans of the rest of the room. She jumped up and down briefly, unaware of the effect her bouncing boobs were having on the frat guys, who momentarily stopped caring about their team’s misfortune. Danielle feigned removing her jacket, pausing with it about halfway down her arms, before pulling it back on. “Sorry!” she taunted.

She could sense both their ire and their desire to see more of her. She was surprised to recognize that it actually turned her on. She was enjoying the attention.

OSU easily marched downfield and kicked a field goal to take a 3-0 lead. While the room bemoaned their opponent’s score, they quickly turned their attention to Andrea, who was poised and ready for them.

“Jeremy, would you give me a hand here, please?” Jeremy reached underneath her top and undid the bra beneath it. Andrea reached under the outer layer and grabbed the strapless number beneath it, pulling the bra out the front. The lack of support caused just a slight bit of sag in her breasts, but it also allowed for extra jiggle. Andrea twirled the bra above her head before throwing it into the crowd.

Danielle actually felt a twinge of envy as the room full of frat boys cheered for her competitor. She knew that she had a better rack then Andrea, and half wished that she had the opportunity to show it off.

The game started to pick up the intensity as the first quarter came to a close. Michigan kicked a field goal of their own, and Danielle shed her jacket. She threw it onto the front of the stage, where one of the frat boys picked it up and threw it deeper into the hoard of people.

“Hey!” Danielle shouted. She didn’t really care about the bit of exposure, but she loved that jacket and didn’t want to it to go missing.

Ohio State returned the ensuing kickoff all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. Danielle started to understand the appeal of this game, as the guys quickly got over it and waited in anticipation for Andrea to strip.

Andrea, relishing in the attention, turned her back to the room, grabbed the waist of her skirt and bent all the way to the ground. Danielle was impressed by her flexibility, and attributed it to yoga. Andrea dragged the skirt down to her ankles, revealing a yellow thong to the drooling boys. As she stood back up, she wiggled her ass for their amusement, before spinning around and kicking her skirt into the mass of humanity.

Here, Danielle regretted going commando. She only had three pieces of clothing to remove, but Andrea had four. With only two articles left, what was to be expected of her if Michigan scored three more times? Plus, Danielle thought Andrea had a better ass, and was not as excited about sharing hers with the room.

Early in the second quarter, things took a turn for the worse for Danielle. Michigan kicked a long field goal to narrow the gap to 10-6. As the room roared their approval, they followed Jeremy’s path over towards Danielle.

“Let me help you with that, Buckeye,” he said. He slid his hands up the exposed sides of her mid drift, up under her tube top, and pulled it up over her breasts. Danielle felt her nipples harden as they were freed from the fabric. Jeremy told her to raise her arms above her head, and then slipped the skimpy top completely off of her.

Danielle held her eyes tightly closed as the crowd whooped and hollered their approval. She immediately felt a chill sweep over her, not that the tube top was providing much warmth. But being bare from the waist up had her tingling with excitement, and goosebumps appeared all over her arms and breasts.

Suddenly, she felt Jeremy’s hands return to her sides, before sliding up under her breasts and jiggling them for the crowd. She shot her hands over her tits, knocking his out of the way, and cast him a disapproving look. But she surprised herself as she realized the sides of her mouth had curled upwards in a wicked smile. The crescendo of crowd noise confirmed her belief that they would love her breasts, and Jeremy’s findling helped encourage them.

“Get your hands out of the way!” someone yelled from the middle of the room.

Danielle kept them covered, but gave them each a couple quick squeezes, loving her control over these crazed frat guys.

“Booooo!! Hands behind your back!”

“Let those puppies breathe!”

“Twist those nipples for us!”

Danielle giggled, and let her hands drop to her sides. Again, the room erupted in approving cheer, and her face flushed red.

By the time everyone started focussing on the game again, Michigan had already kicked off and Ohio State had the ball on their own s*******n yard line. To say that it felt weird for Danielle to watch the game while topless in front of thirty strangers would be an understatement, and she found herself considering how her torso might look as she twisted to watch the game behind her.

She did not have much time to consider it, though, as the game took a truly disastrous turn. The OSU quarterback attempted to throw an out pattern towards the sideline, but the Michigan defensive back jumped the route, intercepted the ball and ran it all the way back for a touchdown.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” Danielle screamed, but it was unheard over the Michigan fandom shouting their euphoria. Every guy there was jumping up and down, high-fiving and spraying beer all over the place. Danielle felt isolated, as even her two stage-mates were embracing each other. Michigan had come from ten points down to take the lead just before halftime, and for now, that was the soul reason they were celebrating.

Danielle was on the verge of panic now. She knew they were expecting her to take off her yoga pants, but only she knew that it was all she had left. She chided herself for worrying about the VPL earlier that evening. She tried to play dumb and barter out of it.

“That doesn’t count, right, because it was a defensive score?” she asked Jeremy.

“Oh, no. Don’t pull that shit. A score is a score, regardless of where it comes from. Now, why don’t you make a show out of removing those pants the way Andrea did with her skirt. Turn around and bend over.”

“Please…I’m not ready to take these off,” Danielle started to beg, tears welling in her eyes. Only Jeremy was close enough to see it, and he did not want to force it and have her bail out. He knew she was enjoying it, and was confident that he could get her fully nude later. She just wasn’t ready now.

“Tell you what. How about we make a deal? You can keep your pants on…for now…but in exchange you have to do ten jumping jacks, right here in the middle of the stage.” He turned to his frat brothers. “What do you say, boys? Give her a reprieve due to the extreme circumstances of that score? Not like we won’t see her naked by the third quarter anyway.”

Danielle’s ears were flooded with the affirmations of the crowd. Her eyes started to water, humiliated at what they were asking her to do, but at the same time she felt her pussy growing wetter. Could it be that a part of her wanted their approval? Did she actually care what these relative strangers thought of her naked body?

She nodded her agreement, but kept her head down as she made her way to center stage. She turned to face the audience, and unceremoniously began her degrading topless exercise. Immediately, the room started chanting the number of her jumps. At two, Danielle felt that it was going quickly enough that it would be over in no time. By four, she was concerned it would never end.

Her heavy breasts hopped up and down, slapping into each other at every downswing. She could feel their girth as well as the sweat that was forming in her cleavage. With the slight opening and closing of her pussy, she envisioned the moisture being expelled onto her inner thighs, and was worried that every time her legs opened there was a visible stain for the frat guys to notice.

“Five!” they shouted, and Danielle’s breathing started to intensify.

“Six!” She started to feel self-conscious about how heavy her feet sounded on stage.

“Seven!” She opened her eyes and was stunned to see cell phones everywhere, filming the action. She clenched her eyes shut again.

“Eight!” ‘God, will this ever end?’ she thought to herself as tears started to form.

“Nine!” A solitary tear slid down her left cheek.

“Ten!” She immediately brought her legs together and her arms to her sides, but the pendulous swinging of her breasts seemed to go on forever. Before they stopped giggling, Danielle heard the room explode in raucous cheer. As she brought her hands to her face to wipe away the tears, she found herself laughing. It was as though their approval made it OK, that it validated who she was, and that she was ingratiated into their campus life.

It wasn’t until she had moved back to her side of the stage that everyone realized the game was still being played. Ohio State had the ball in Michigan territory with about thirty seconds left in the half.

“Tell you what, Danielle,” Jeremy said. “Since we granted you a stay of execution, you owe us now.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean if Ohio State makes this field goal, Andrea strips, since she doesn’t shirk on her bets. But if they make it, you also have to enter into a bet with me. A simple coin flip. Heads, you have to give head to me during halftime. Tails, and I’ll eat you out instead.”

Danielle smirked. “No way.”

“Do it!” someone yelled from the crowd, which was then echoed by several others.

Danielle kept shaking her head, her arms crossed over her chest defensively. “I’m not giving you head,” she said, not willing to succumb to the thrill of it all quite yet.

“OK, then. OSU makes this kick, I’ll get on my knees and give you oral until the third quarter starts.”

Danielle stood her ground by continuing to shake her head.

“We’ll pull that chair up here, you can sit in it in profile to the room, so nobody will see anything more than they see now except for how hot your face looks when you cum.”

The room began chanting again. “Do it! Do it! Do it!”

Danielle again surprised herself by smiling, and Jeremy knew he had her. “Fuck! Fine, OK! It’s a bet!” she shouted, suddenly finding herself in the unusual position of rooting against her home team.

As Ohio State lined up for the kick, there was a palpable murmur rising from the frat. Danielle’s nipples were so hard with excitement that they irritated her forearms, still crossed over her breasts. Danielle u*********sly moved her hands to the back of her head, interlocking her fingers tightly as nerves got the best of her. She paced back and forth, oblivious to the show her swinging chest was providing to the horny hoard.

If it were earlier in the game, she would have been bragging about how automatic the Buckeye kicker was this season, but now she was hoping he would fall short of expectations. Alas, his kick was true, and he tied the score as the first half expired.

For Danielle, it was as though she was drifting through a cloud as a padded chair suddenly manifested on the stage behind her and Jeremy grabbed her hand and led her to it. She downed the shot of Tequila that magically appeared in Jeremy’s hand. It steadied her nerves. She sat down, and he knelt between her legs and grabbed her behind the knees, attempting to push her legs up towards her chest. But he sensed her trepidation, and continuing his trend of showing mercy, paused.

“Danielle,” he said at a tone slightly above a whisper, so that only she could hear him. “Look at me.”

Danielle focussed her eyes on his.

“Danielle, forget about everyone else here, OK? It’s just you and me now.”

Danielle nodded quickly, not wanting to speak in fear of exposing a quivering voice.

“I know you barely know me, but I’m really good at this. Relax. Trust me. Let yourself go and I promise you’ll enjoy it. That said, if you want to opt out now, I’m not going to force myself on you. We’re all just having fun.”

Danielle was surprised at this moment of compassion, and steadied her nerves enough to encourage him.

“No, I’m not ready to give up. Do your thing. I’ll be good.”

He smiled up to her, but then pushed her knees up towards her chest and reached beneath her. He grabbed the hem of her yoga pants and pulled them down, sliding it around the bend of her ass and rolled them up towards her knees.

“I see why you weren’t ready to take these off,” he said with a wink. “But damn, you have a beautiful pussy.”

Danielle blushed at the crude compliment. Jeremy placed his hands firmly in the crux of her knees and held her there, pinned in half. He lowered his face to her slit and surprised her by sticking the bridge of his nose against her labia. She was wet and blooming with excitement, and her inner walls unfolded for him.

“Oooohhhh,” she moaned in approval. He was surprisingly gentle with her, and she started gushing juices in response.

He nuzzled his nose a bit deeper, taking in her scent, before sliding up her slit and tickling her clit with the tip of his nose. Danielle’s chest started heaving as her breathing intensified. Jeremy inhaled deeply, and Danielle became even more aroused as she allowed him to absorb her aroma.

Then he tilted his head back so that he could look her in the eyes, and she gasped as he stuck out his tongue and slid it up her entire length before tickling her clit. Every move he made was with her pleasure in mind, a fact that made it all the easier for Danielle to ignore their audience and focus on climaxing.

Jeremy slid a finger into her juicy hole, which offered about as much resistance as a Slip-n-Slide. At this, Danielle raised her hips off the chair, giving him a better angle of entry. He returned his nose to her slit and gently gyrated it side to side, encouraging her rosebud to bloom further. Danielle felt more open and exposed than any of her previous partners had made her, and though she was slightly ashamed that she was doing all this in public, she was happy to let him continue.

Jeremy, on the other hand, had done this before, and knew that this girl was on the verge of doing his bidding. He pushed his middle finger inside her next to his pointer finger, and started working her into a frenzy by pumping both of them slowly in and out. When he sucked her clit into his mouth, she gripped both arms of the chair tightly and lifted her hips higher towards his mouth.

Danielle started humping her hips towards his face, her calves on his back for support as he quickened his pace. Jeremy was ready to let her cum, but on his terms. He deftly slid a hand up towards her chest and ensnared her right nipple between two fingers. He pinched and twisted in an effort to slow her arousal. Danielle covered his hand with one of hers, trying to ease the force of his pinch.

“Please…don’t do that…I’m so close…” Her breath was ragged, labored, belying her proximity to orgasm.

Jeremy was set up for his finishing move. He removed his fingers from her pussy…”no, no,” Danielle pleaded…and lined up his pointer finger with her asshole. At first, Danielle thought it was an honest mistake as she started to feel pressure at her sphincter.

“Wrong hole,” she whispered, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that her ass was being invaded.

Jeremy pushed in anyway.

“WRONG HOLE!” she screamed in a combination of pain and surprise.

Jeremy smiled into her pussy as he pushed slowly and steadily through to the base of his finger. From the time he entered her ass to the time he bottomed out took about two seconds, but Danielle could have counted each millisecond as he wormed his way inside. An intense amount of pressure quickly built inside her, and as she pinched her ass cheeks together, it caused her to push her pussy harder into Jeremy’s face.

She let go of the hand he had on her breast and brought it to his head with the intent of pushing him away. But again her body betrayed her, and she grasped his hair and pulled him harder against her. Jeremy welcomed this by sucking her clit into his mouth one more time, and Danielle exploded in orgasm. She rocked her hips against his face over and over again, her breasts swelling above her chest, her eyes clenched tight and her mouth hanging open. Only the minutest squeak escaped her lips, but everyone in the room seemed to hear it.

As Jeremy withdrew the finger from her ass, her hips slid forward with it, and she could feel the small of her back on the edge of the chair. Her ass was hanging off the front, an appealing shot for any of the crowd with a camera phone. Danielle was focussing on her still-trembling inner thighs and her breasts, swelling and compressing with every deep breath and exhale. There were a few tears on her cheeks, but they were not tears of misery or shame. If anything, they belied the maelstrom of emotions swirling around inside her. She was overwhelmed, but compelled to move on. Everyone seemed to like her, and she would be lying if she said that wasn’t the greatest orgasm of her life.

Jeremy helped her slide her yoga pants back up to her mid-thigh, then she stood, wobbly, as her pulled them up to her waist. She wiped her face, and the mass of humanity came back into focus. Though they were screaming their approval the entire time, she only now heard them clearly. A smile appeared on her face, and she started to audibly laugh, her breasts giggling in front of her. All the men in the room knew that she was at their mercy.

Across the stage, Andrea had removed her top for the OSU made field goal before halftime, and was now standing there with just her cheerleader skirt . Technically they were tied with one article of clothing remaining, but Danielle knew that Andrea was more exposed, and a part of her wanted to one-up her.

“Are we all settled in for the second half!” Jeremy shouted. The crowd went wild. Danielle had goosebumps all over her body, which were accentuated by her post-climactic glow. Her nipples were rock hard, her pussy was soaked. She had never felt more alive. She threw her arms in the air and shouted “YEAH!!” in response.

Ohio State received the second half kickoff, quickly went three-and-out then punted. As the game went to commercial, there was a lull in the volume from the spectators. Chad, the guy who greeted her at the door, was right in front of the stage and passed her another shot of Tequila. Danielle had a feeling a little liquid courage might help, so she accepted the offer, stepping lightly towards him before bending over and taking it from his hand.

With the crowd subdued, Chad said loud enough for everyone to hear:

“Hey, Jer…great job pulling up those pants, bro! I think her camel toe just winked at me!”

Guys and gals alike burst out laughing as Danielle blushed deeply and inspected herself. ‘Shit,’ she thought as she realized how tightly her spandex was wedged between her lips. She tried to grab the material to pull it down, but she was so wet it slipped from between her fingers.

Opening her legs a bit to make things easier, she got a better grip and removed the material from her pussy. She hiccuped, then again started laughing at the absurdity of it all.

The room started to boo her adjustment, but she retorted, “I’m sure you’re going to see the real thing in no time.” She was right.

Michigan kicked a field goal to retake the lead, 16-13. Unlike the last time, Danielle was ready to shed her final garment now. She turned her left side to the audience and strode to center stage. Remaining in profile, she grabbed her pants and slid them all the way to her ankles, bending herself in half. Her tits fell against her chin as she grabbed her ankles and rolled the pants off her feet.

“I’ll take those,” said Jeremy, who received the pants, balled them up and threw them into the center of room. Danielle now had no idea where any of her clothes were, and that made her pussy gush all the more.

As the volume of the crowd crescendoed, Danielle held her face in her hands, still not able to believe how she had ended up here. But behind her hands, she was smiling, undeniably enjoying her exposure and the approval of her peers.

“So now,” Jeremy yelled over the audience, getting them to calm down, “Now that Danielle is completely nude, if we score again, she will have to repay me for the halftime show.” This was met with the expectant approval of the room. “Unless,” Jeremy added, “There is a volunteer to take her place, and start stripping while representing OSU.”


Danielle wanted to protest, but she could not deny her body’s urges. After all, he had serviced her first, and he wasn’t even technically part of the game. She turned to him and agreed. “What’s fair is fair.”

She could see the tent pitch in his pants, and was proud, idly, that she had that effect on him.

Ohio State tied the score minutes later with a field goal of their own, and Andrea gleefully removed her skirt, jumping her naked body all over the stage for the crowd’s enjoyment. When Jeremy suggested a new Michigan girl take her place, Andrea refused.

“No,” she said. “As long as that Buckeye bitch remains on stage, so do I. I’m not going to let that Ohio whore best me.”

This elicited more whoops and hollers from the room. Danielle, who until that point had not sensed any animosity from anyone in the room, steadied her resolve and mentally committed herself to outdoing Andrea. Her opportunity came quickly.

Michigan’s special teams stepped up again, returning the kick off into OSU territory. Though OSU scored a minor victory in holding Michigan to a field goal attempt, it was still a loss for Danielle when Michigan made the kick. A loss, technically, though Danielle looked at it as an opportunity to one-up Andrea.

“Kneel down right where you are,” said Jeremy. Danielle did as she was told.

“Put your feet together and sit your ass on them,” he ordered. Again, Danielle obliged.

“You ready?” He asked. Danielle looked him in the eye and nodded.

“Good. Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue.”

This was not what she wanted to hear. She wanted him to stand still while she showed off her oral skills, thus proving her superiority to Andrea. Like this, though, she got the impression he just wanted to fuck her mouth. She was right. After complying to his last request, he offered one more.

“Put your hands behind your back grab your elbows.” She did, realizing the reason he wanted this. Not only did it fully expose her, but it prevented her from resisting, with the fringe benefit of thrusting out her chest to him.

Jeremy gripped the base of his cock with his fist, and at least six inches extended beyond his fingers. He pushed his tip against the tip of her tongue, then slid forward, being sure to slide the base of his erection firmly across the top of her tongue. Danielle felt the rigid flesh reach the top of her esophagus as his fist pressed against her lips.

The crowd roared again, approving of their comrade’s domination of a rival. Jeremy played to their desires, raising his free hand in the air in a victorious gesture, before lowering it and grasping the back of her head. Danielle braced for the inevitable, doing her best to relax her throat as Jeremy released his cock and grabbed her head with a second hand. He steadily pushed forward, overcoming any resistance and popping into her throat.

“Now, keep your hands where they are and follow me.”

And with only that warning, Jeremy slowly started stepping backwards towards the other end of the stage. Danielle went wide-eyed, unsure that she could execute such a maneuver, but dutifully shuffled her knees forward in an effort to keep up.

As Jeremy dragged her by her cock-filled mouth, her breasts swung heavily across her chest. A group of boys closer to that end of the stage whipped out their cell phones and took pictures and video of the charade. They cheered on Jeremy, who was happy to kick it up a notch.

Once they reached the other end of the stage, he continued to hold her hair tight, but started thrusting in and out of her mouth like it was her cunt. Everyone could hear the sound of her gagging:

“Ghhg…ghhg…ghhg…” as saliva began to pool in her mouth and drool out of the corner of her lips.

“Let’s keep moving,” Jeremy instructed as he rotated her to the right and guided her slightly away from the audience.

Danielle was aware that her ass was now on full view for the room, but felt that it was somehow less exposing than having Jeremy ream out her mouth in profile while her breasts jiggled furiously.

“Lift your ass off our feet now,” Jeremy said as he temporarily stopped his thrusting to facilitate her movement. Danielle raised her butt up in the air, so that there was a straight line from her knees to her shoulders.

“Good. Now, get up on our feet. Keep your hands behind your back.”

Danielle felt humiliated, knowing that the next moves she made would display her pussy prominently for the juvenile onlookers. But she was intent on winning over this room, and on beating Andrea, so she submissively placed the sole of her right foot on the stage and started pushing herself up.

Once she had risen to her feet, her body formed a perfect right angle with her back parallel to the stage. Jeremy’s cock remained lodged in her throat, and with her hands behind her back she remained motionless and at his disposal.

To her surprise and great concern, Andrea made her way over to her and nonchalantly put a hand on her left butt cheek. Again, the room encouraged the activity, and Andrea was happy to lead them on. She put her foot between Danielle’s and kicked Danielle’s left foot about two feet away from the right one.

“Mmmmpppphhhh!” Danielle moaned from around the cock in her mouth. She had no idea what Andrea was planning, but she was nervous as hell. She was also as aroused as she had ever been.

“Who wants a pic of this Buckeye’s buckeye?” Andrea shouted. The audience gave a testosterone-laden cheer, and Danielle prepared herself for whatever was to come.

Andrea grabbed each of Danielle’s ass cheeks and peeled them open, lewdly displaying the recently-fingers asshole between them. Danielle cringed as she heard cameras snap pictures, and though she couldn’t hear anything, she knew video was being filmed as well.

Andrea then surprised everyone by reaching beneath Danielle and spreading her pussy open with two fingers. As more pictures snapped, it all started to be too much for Danielle. She released her own hands from behind her back and planted them on Jeremy’s thighs, trying to dislodge herself from his driving cock. Jeremy held her head tight, but scolded Andrea.

“Hey, too far,” he said with a wink. Andrea understood that there was a greater endgame in mind, so she easily acquiesced.

“Sorry, Jer,” she said as she let Danielle go.

Jeremy pulled out of Danielle’s mouth and let go of her hair. “Back on our knees, we’re almost done.”

Danielle knelt back in front of him and wiped the saliva off her cheeks. She was grateful for Jeremy’s sticking up for her, unaware of the wink or any undisclosed plans.

“Where do you want me to cum?” Jeremy asked. Danielle was surprised she was giving him the option.

“Anywhere but my mouth,” she answered. “I don’t swallow.”

“OK, but suck on it a little longer,” he said.

She willingly opened her mouth and took him inside again. As he started fucking her mouth, he said, “If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, entice me with your tits. Grab them and shake them for me.”

Danielle did as she was told, happy to put on a show but wanting desperately not to have to swallow semen. She had tasted it just once before and was not interested in trying again. She grabbed her impressive breasts and squeezed them hard. Her flesh spilled out from between her fingers and she jiggled them temptingly.

Jeremy looked down at her, making eye contact but seeing her bouncing tits beneath her. He put one hand on the back of her head and another under her chin, keeping her mouth tight around the head of his dick.

“Oh fuck!” he shouted as he started to ejaculate. His first shot hit her in the back of her throat, but then he quickly pulled out and continued firing. Two more spurts hit her on the lips and chin before he could aim downward and mark the cherubic skin atop her breasts.

Danielle was stunned. Jeremy had been so good to her until now. How could he cum in her mouth immediately after she told him she didn’t want that.

“What the fuck!?” she scolded.

“What,” Jeremy smiled, preparing to mince words. “You said you don’t swallow. I didn’t make you swallow. Go ahead and spit it out for all I care.”

Danielle was angry, but she conceded the point. All too trustingly, she looked past this indiscretion and swirled the ejaculate around in her mouth before pushing it out of her lips. It was quite the show as it collected on her breasts. Had she thought more about it, she would have tried to spit in on the stage, but she was only focussed on getting the putrid taste out of her mouth.

“You can wipe off your face if you want, but you have to wipe my cum somewhere else on your body. No cleaning off until the game is over.”

Danielle considered the lack of fairness involved at these rules being made up as they went along, but she thought the worst was over, so why give up now. She wiped Jeremy’s cum off her lips and chin with the back of her wrist, then smeared it on her hips.

With Ohio State now down 19-13, Danielle was desperate for a comeback for multiple reasons. While she did not want to give up and be labeled a coward, unpaving the in-roads she’d made with the social circuit so far today, she wasn’t sure how much more she’d be able to take. If Ohio State kept Michigan off the scoreboard from here on out, she would be justified in not going any further sexually tonight. Beyond that, she still just hated the Wolverines, and knew that bragging about five straight victories would shut down any taunts thrown her way.

There were about ten minutes left in the game when Ohio State received the ensuing kickoff, and they methodically marched the ball downfield with relative ease. It was the offense Danielle had been expecting all day. As the game clock approached five minutes remaining, OSU had the ball on the Michigan five yard line, first-and-goal.

“Looks like you better get ready to suck a cock, Andrea,” Jeremy said. They guys in the audience, who until that point had been bemoaning Michigan’s defense, started raising their hands, offering to be the guy to get sucked off by the buxom blonde.

“I think Danielle should pick the task,” Andrea countered.

“Why me?” Danielle asked, not wanting the onus of having to pick, let alone verbalize, a sexual challenge.

“Because you’re my competition now. And if Michigan scores again, I’m damn sure going to have a say in what you have to do.” The hairs on Danielle’s arms rose, dreading the thought.

When Ohio State scored a touchdown on the next play, she kept her reaction quiet and respectful, fearing retribution. A little fist pump by her side, and a hushed “yes!”, which caused her tits to jiggle teasingly for the crowd.

“Well,” Danielle said, being uncreative and put on the spot, “I think you should have to suck Chad off.”

“YEEEAAAHHHHH!” Chad shouted from the front row. He handed Danielle another shot of tequila as he made his way on stage. “Thanks, doll.” He cupped her jaw and kissed her flush on the mouth with his liquor-soaked breath oozing between them.

“Yeah,” Danielle said, “Andrea, not me.”

“Hey, I’m just offering my appreciation!”

He strode over to Andrea, who was already on her knees and offering a slutty smile. From her prostrate position, she issued a caveat.

“If, Danielle, he hasn’t cum by the time we score again, then Chad gets to fuck you to completion.”

Danielle’s cheeks turned crimson at hearing the statement made so matter-of-factly, but maintained her composure and retorted. “You’re not going to score again. We just iced it.”

Andrea smiled, sensing the concern in Danielle’s voice. Chad decided immediately that he would take it easy on Andrea’s mouth, now that Danielle’s pussy was in play. He kept his hands behind his back as Andrea slowly tongued him and spent some time lathering his balls.

“Hey, what they fuck?” Danielle asked. “Where’s the throat fucking I received?”

“That was just me being me,” said Jeremy. “No rules as to how a blow job needs to be given or received.”

Danielle was frustrated, knowing that they were intentionally stalling in the hopes that Michigan could score one more time. Her pussy was leaking juices, somewhat excited about what might come its way, but Danielle’s more rational side still loathed the idea of spreading her legs for Chad on this stage with this audience.

As Andrea gingerly lapped at Chad, Michigan began their drive, and quickly found themselves in Ohio State territory.

“That’s it, baby,” Andrea said to Chad. “Get nice and hard for me. I want you to fuck Danielle’s pussy raw.”

“OK, but don’t talk so dirty. You’ll make me cum!” he laughed, pulling out and grabbing his cock in his fist to calm himself down.

Danielle gulped nervously, knowing that Michigan was now well within field goal range as the two minute warning timeout came. Andrea removed Chad from her mouth again.

“Just think, Danielle,” she taunted. “Chad is going to spread you wide and bury himself balls deep in your tight little cunt. I bet none of your OSU men could satisfy you with their tiny cocks. Now you’re going to be full of Michigan dick.”

Danielle opted to remain silent, knowing that Michigan was likely to score, and not wanting to fuel the fire. With just over a minute remaining, the Michigan kicker made his fifth field goal of the day to put Michigan up 22-20. The roar of the crowd in the stadium could hardly match that of this small basement, so excited as these guys were to watch an Ohio tart get thoroughly torn apart by their brother.

So lost was she in the audial onslaught, Danielle lost track of Chad, who suddenly grabber her elbow. She jumped when he touched her.

“Lie down flat on the stage, Buckeye. Feet facing the room.”

Danielle nodded, lowering herself on the platform. Through the delirium, she was keenly aware that her pussy was drenched and wanting what was about to come. She laid down flat as a board, the soles of her feet facing the audience.

“Now, spread our legs and pull your knees up with your hands,” he said.

Again the room roared. Danielle forced herself to keep it together. A tear fell from her left eye and her breath quickened as she followed his orders. She presented her spread pussy to the room full of what-seemed-like infinite frat guys and cheerleaders. She could not help but feel judged as she lay herself bare.

Chad soon blocked their view, though, as he knelt between her and steered his cock inside her. It was all happening too fast for Danielle, who hated her pussy for being so wet at this moment. She felt that it gave Chad the wrong idea; the idea that she liked him.

“Get ready, baby,” he said as he pumped into her. “I’m going to make you cum as the clock runs out. You will orgasm as you suffer defeat.”

“Fuck you, Chad. Just get this over with.”

Chad sat back on his heels as he continued to thrust his hips against her. He took one of her breasts in each hand and squeezed them firmly, massaging her erect nipples between his fingers. “Since your tits and face already have some cum on them, I guess I’ll have to find another space to leave my mark. Are you on the pill?”

“Yeah, asshole, I’m on the pill. Just come in me and end this.”

“You know,” Chad said, withdrawing his cock and hands, “I don’t think you’re in the proper spirit yet. Come up here.”

Chad brought the chair back to center stage and sat in it as Danielle rose to her feet.

“Face the crowd and back up onto my cock,” he commanded.

Danielle turned around, then backed up, straddling his legs until she could feel his chest against her ass. He cupped her cheeks and spread them as she lowered herself.

“Grab my dick and get your pussy on it, now.”

Danielle reached between her legs and gripped his erection at the base. She aimed it at her hole and allowed herself to sink onto it. Andrea approached her with her pompoms and passed them off.

“Take those pompoms and wave them above your head,” Chad ordered.

Danielle held the rival blue and gold pompoms high above her and shook them with her wrists. She knew she was quite a sight to behold. Her legs spread, pussy impaled by cock, her toned midsection glistening with sweat beneath her cum-covered, oversized breasts. Her face expressing an amalgamation of emotions, all while she supported her bitter enemy’s colors above her head.

“Now, I want you to shout out whatever I tell you. If you cum before we’re done, then I’m going to lead you out of this room on a leash and let every guy spank your ass. Got it?”

Danielle nodded.

“Good. Now, yell ‘Give me an ‘M!””

Danielle knew what was coming, and while she never would have thought she would ever succumb to giving this cheer, she wanted desperately for this to be over.

“Give me an ‘M!'” she shouted.

The room replied. “M!”

“Give me and ‘I!'” said Chad.

Danielle repeated it, followed by the crowd.

“You know the rest. Keep going,” Chad said.

“Give me a ‘C!'” Danielle shouted, her voice loud but trembling. She kept shaking her pompoms obediently.

Chad reached one hand around her chest and cupped her right breast loosely, shaking it vivaciously for their audience. With his let hand, he dipped between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

“Remember,” he said. “Don’t cum until you get to ‘N.'”

Danielle kept spelling out the name of her rival as she fought her desperate urge to cum.

“Bounce on me as you go, slut,” she heard him whisper in her ear.

She feebly made an effort to climb the length of cock, but could not get very far with everything that was happening to her. Recognizing this, Chad let go of her breast and grabbed her ass again, helping her up and down. He kept fingering her clit vigorously.

“Give me a ‘G!'” Danielle cried out as her knees started to shake. She convinced herself to get through these next two letters without cumming.

“Give me an ‘A!'” The crowd did so.

Chad moved his fingers even faster, daring her to cum. He thrust his cock up into her and pulled her down on her, getting as far into her pussy as he could. As Danielle started to get out the last line, he pinched her nub and twisted it.

“Ahhhh!” Danielle screamed, on the verge of orgasm. “Give me an ‘N!'”

As the crowd gave her an N, she shouted, “What’s that spell?”

“MICHIGAN!” It hit her like thunder. She gave into to Chad’s skilled fingers and came like a rocket, spraying pussy juice all over the floor. Her legs straightened as the orgasm overwhelmed her, her toes sticking out towards the crowd and her back pressing hard into Chad’s chest. She bent her knees again, setting the soles of her feet square on the ground, and rocked herself forward and off of his cock.

Having no stamina left in her legs, she fell softly forward onto her hands and knees, gasping for breath as her breasts heaved beneath her. Chad stood up behind her, his fist held high in the air in victory as his other fist pumped his cock.

The next moment, he sprayed stroke after stroke of cum all over her back, from the top of her ass to her shoulders, with a few globs landing on the back of her head.

“AHHHHHH!!” he yelled like a tribal warrior claiming victory.

Danielle, surrounded by countless people, felt totally alone. It was everyone against her, and now they didn’t see her as anything as a body covered in sweat and cum, some of which was her own. She was confused as to how she had allowed herself to be used like this, but the stage, slick with her squirt, served as the obvious reminder: she had wanted it. She had continued to agree to everything so that she could fit in. Sure, pride was on the line, but she followed the direction of her pussy the way most guys obey their cocks. And the undeniable truth was that she enjoyed herself, even if she was now embarrassed.

She rolled over onto her back, feeling the fresh cum slide around there as the old cum dried on her face, thighs and breasts. She could see Chad squeezing the last of his cum out of his cock and onto her feet. Beyond him, she could see the clock winding down to zero on the big screen, and Michigan rushing the field in victory. OSU had been unable to mount a last-minute comeback, and thus their four-game winning streak had come to an end. Michigan had recorded the upset.

As the room erupted in celebration, Danielle felt something soft and warm land on her stomach. Startled, she picked it up and identified it as a robe. She looked over her shoulder and saw Georgie in the front row.

“Let’s go home!” she yelled. Danielle nodded, and struggled to her feet. She swung the robe over her used, glistening body, expecting boos from the crowd, but instead heard no reaction at all. Looking up, she realized that they were already engaged in other party activities, namely heavy drinking and analyzing the game. She was both relieved and moderately offended that she had so quickly become an afterthought.

Georgie helped her get the robe on and led her through the packed, sweaty room. Once up the stairs and outside, Georgie hugged her.

“Are you OK? I told you you didn’t want to be part of the festivities!”

Danielle took a second to consider. “Yeah, I’m OK. Honestly, I don’t think I regret it. It was the first time all year I’ve felt like someone other than you liked me.”

“Yeah, they liked you alright,” Georgie said. “The guys I was standing near kept saying how much hotter you were than Andrea.”

“Really?” Danielle asked. “Even though I’m an OSU girl?”

“Babe, seriously?” Georgie said. “I think you live too much in your own head. Guys don’t care where you’re from or who you root for when you look like you do. You could have any guy in that room, if you could forgive them their fandom.”

Danielle chuckled.

“Huh. Well, maybe I should be a little more open-minded about that.”

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