Wife Sarah and I duly reported in to Base with me starting my final year of service in the Air Force. Not entitled to base housing we found a furnished apartment in a modern apartment block in Lakewood only a short distance from my work area. Other military couples and families lived there including Army soldiers from Ft Lewis adjacent the base. We loved the open plan style complete with small reception area, lounge, kitchen area and a hall way with the bathroom and toilet on opposite sides finally the master bedroom with king sized double bed. We spent our first day mostly food shopping, settling in and getting acquainted with our new neighbours. The first neighbour to introduce her self was Debbie or Debs as she preferred, a pretty girl a bit younger than my wife not quite as tall but with boobs almost as large and a tight backside dressed simply in a brief halter top and shorts with flip flops on her feet. Lovely auburn hair with green eyes made her attractive. She invited us around to meet her husband Stewart who was also a security policeman, but on a different shift to me. An army staff sergeant named Gary, his wife Eva and young son Harley we met next. Gary also being a Vietnam vet like me promised to talk about the mess over a beer later on though he,d come back quite recently and only got back on duty having been shot in the shoulder while there. He,d been “in country” when the TET shit hit the fan! I found Stew quite boring when we had drinks with them, but they seemed friendly and Debs was Very friendly with Both Sarah and Myself! “I think Debbie is quite lonely in spite of the front she put on to us tonight!” Sarah stated once we were back in our apartment naked getting ready for our first sex session in our new apartment as we,d been far too tired to do anything except sleep that first night. “Why do you think that?” “You must know about me and my feelings about people by now, I,ll eventually get her to open up to me and then we,ll see if I,m right!” “Oh hush up you beautiful thing and come Fuck with me!” “You do say the sweetest things!” she laughed joining me as we walked quickly into the bedroom. “I haven t had a wash yet!” She sighed as I began to kiss and kick her body starting with the sensitive lobes of her pretty ears then her nose and ruby red lips. “Woman I prefer that taste of your snatch Without you washing the natural juices away.” “ I told her. “But I prefer you to always Wash your stiffie!.”she added. “ That,s you my love, I prefer to eat organic!” “Where,d you get that term?” “Dunno think I saw it in an advert or something,” our session was an enjoyable one as we both took our time to send each other to a realm of pure pleasure with our lips, tongues, fingers and sexual organs till we collapsed in perspiration exhausted yet extremely delighted with each other. Work at McChord was good and no stress like my previous base, the only annoying thing was the nine days on three off rota consisting of three swing shifts 4pm, three Midnight to 8am then three 8am to 4pm and at last three off..At least we now had lots more time to ourselves and when I Wasn,t there Sarah said Debs came around a lot as she and Stew weren t getting along well just then. Of course at that time I had no idea of Sarah’s experience in lesbianism with her best friend Heidi and had no reason to suspect her any way. Our sex was going fabulously except Sarah couldn,t handle birth pills without suffering extremely painful heavy periods so blasted “Jonnies” had to. be used. Buying them at the commissary wasn,t as annoying as having to fit one on when my cock was all ready for fucking then tearing patches of pubic hair off when I filled the latex sheath, but at least she wouldn,t get knocked up yet! One evening after returning from supper at the mess hall with a prisoner when we were stopped by a fireman. “Sorry Sarge, but the confinement facility is closed for tonight as the drains have gone toxic, a chemical was released accidentally into the sewage drains and we have to fumigate and pump out the system overnight. Should be okay again in the morning” I was instructed by my flight sergeant to deliver my prisoner to nearby Ft Lewis, Stockade for the night. “You may as well have the rest of the shift off after that.” He told me. “Thanks Sarge. See you tomorrow!” By the time the prisoner was safely installed in the stockade I drove back to the security area to return my assigned car, collected my own and drove home, the dash clock reading just after 8pm or 2000 hours militaryntime. As usual I opened our apartment door with my door key and entered to find the television merrily playing to itself, but no sign of Sarah. I assumed she was going to the toilet so expected to find her there yet the doors for that and the bathroom stood wide open with no one inside. She Must be doing something in the bedroom I thought and as I entered my footfalls deadened by the tick carpet she Was indeed doing some thing in the bedroom! She was naked on her back, her eyes closed, legs spread wide apart as an equally naked Debs slurped at her beautiful twat, her bald cunt exposed to me as she had her back to the doorway. Sarah was moving her pelvis as Debs licked softly groaning her pleasure and after the initial shock I was even more surprised at the reaction of my cock, instantly as hard as steel! I Didn,t even realise I,d unzipped my uniform fatigue trousers, my cock free of my boxers and giving a one cock salute to the women. I was almost cumming by the time Debs was satisfied Sarah had been serviced and when she prepared to change places she noticed me standing there with my stiffie in hand. “She grinned evilly “You,re just in time Joe, Sarah needs your beautiful cock now!” Sarah smiled, still prone and ready for fucking so I quickly stripped out of my uniform and eased my cock into her still soaking pussy. As I began to shaft her I felt Debs kissing and licking my bum and balls from behind, then she straddled my wife and lowered her bald cunt onto Sarah’s face as she leaned over and began to passionately snog me, Sarah’s tongue now flicking over Debs, pussy lips and probing inside. I soon filled my wife to overflowing, then she happily dived down to eat De s out till she invited me to fuck Deb,s well locked cunt. “Debs spent the night and fucked us both as Stew was working midnight shift and hadn,t even bothered to come home after his previous swing shift finished just before midnight the night before. It was only afterwards that Sarah told me of her lezzy fun with Heidi when she was younger. She said she and Debs had drunk too,many strong Bloody Marys, That Debs Told her of she and Stew going through an awkward phase and Sarah felt sorry for her as Debs hugged her as she sobbed, suddenly Debs kissed Sarah and Sarah responded and the next she knew Debs was eating her cunt for all she was worth.”Well as long as you don,t turn 100% lezzie I guess it,s Okay!” She assured me she loved my body far too much to ever turn into a lesbian.TBC

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