The Glory [email protected] 2015

Sylvia and Judy at the Glory Hole
The Glory Hole

A much older Silkie tells this story to her daughter Mistye about her teenage adventures:

“I”d had boys in my ass before, in fact, I often preferred it to vaginal sex because I was so small. I hadn’t had anybody or anything like MIguel before. He wasn’t trying to hurt me, that just that way it was. I was really tiny there. probably a lot like you.
I don’t have to tell you how it feels to get fucked really super hard He came in my insides like three elephants. Three elephants in mad love was more like it. I’d had that feeling of boys squirting before., but this time it was different. He pushed a hard pressure hose nozzle way up my behind, and then he blasted me with it. It didn’t hurt, but it sure took me out of that little daydream I like to do when I’m getting fucked.
My parents used to give me enemas when I was little because I wouldn’t poop. . When Miguel shot, it felt like that but about fifty times as strong. When a man does me like he did, the last thing I want is for him to yank his dick back right away. I like to hold on to it till he starts to go soft, while he is pinching my nipples or kissing the nape of my neck. I can cum just from that, even he is not pushing into me. But this time, while I was still all squishy in there , I had to poop like I never did before. I just barely made it to the toilet. I pooped out such a mess of poop, cum and lube that I totally grossed myself out. I added a gallon of pee to it. Even though it was a disgusting smelly mess, I did get up from the seat to see what I had put in the bowl before I flushed it away. I was so grateful and lucky that I didn’t shit all over him and the bed!
Judy was laughing so hard:
“I aways have a big poop before I do this stuff, didn’t you know?”
” No, you never told me that, Judy.”
I was totally angry, in pain and embarrassed, too.
We got together with MIguel a few more times, and every time we had crazy three-way, ass fucking sex. I got so I could handle all the icky details, but I always made sure I had aout three big dumps before anything got started!
We had a few more afternoons with MIguel that summer. I liked to think of myself as quite the wild girl, along with Judy Chavez, my Panamanian friend. After my expereince with butt sex with him, I decided that I had proven myself to be every bit the complete woman that Judy was, andthat it wasn’t so necessary to have Miguel’s giant penis inhabit my back side.
Judy seemed to have a real appetite for having Mauel drive that big boy right up her behind, but for me, the memory of one afternoon was enough to hold me for a while.
I did lots of other things. I didn’t want to be out done by Judy. I was always trying to think up ways to make my cock sucking and pussy fucking more memorable for Miguel or whatever man happened to be there that night.him.
Judy wasn’t a whore exactly, but she had connections and knew people that I would have never met if I stayed in my world of high school and music lessons.
Not every sex encounter was with Pedro or MIguel or someone like them. There were a lot of afternoons whe it was the two of us, well, I should say, plenty of marijuana and the two of us.
She said I seemed like such an American girl about sex. I guess it would be fair to call her a project oriented young woman. One of her projects, she told me years later, was to use acid and marijuana to change my whole approach. After a few months with her, I was never the same.
Sex toys weren’t so availble then, but she had them, Pornography, the raw kind, was completely i*****l, but always could find it. She introduced me me to bi-sexual women who liked toys and porn. The double-headed dildo that we could both fuck, or fuck a third person was a particualr delight of hers. took me a little while to get going with something like that. The truth is, Mistye, that we usually ended up doing them , too, but I really liked just being with Judy, making out with her while I rubbed one out , going down on her, and stuff like that.
Not very many people, even gay men in Los Angeles, had heard the term “Glory Hole”, but Judy knew the term, where something so “out there” might be found, and how we might put such knowledge to use.
There was a man who owned several book stores in west Los Angeles. He operated several “Glory holes” for his gay clientele,. He introduced the idea that a “Glory Hole” featuring two slutty teen-age girls might be the perfect money maker for all of us.
It sounded so completely filthy that Judy had a little problem selling the idea to me…
When Judy first described the glory hole, at least her idea of it, I was repelled and disgusted. I knew myself well enough by now to know that that feeling often led to cool expereinces, if I didn’t get all sissy and run away from it.
“You want us to go into this bathroom at “Ranger Books” everybody knows where that place is, go in the toilet, kneel on the filthy floor, get our pants down and wait for guys who we never even see to to put their dicks through a hole in the wall, and suck them off till they cum?”
“Yeah, it sounds really hot, Syl…”
“It does? It sounds really insane to me…Who would do that? Something so nuts??”
“You and me, baby. The fighting cum-sluts!”
“What if we get sick?”
“Gay guys do it, they really do. I have an older woman friend. Her name is Penny. She is the woman who gets me the toys and the porn and all that stuff. She knows everybody, Syl. She is really funny and really nice. “
“She told me about this. She said it’s not so gross. Hardly any girls are there, that’s why she thinks it would be fun and we could make a shit load of money…”.
“She said when she was there, there were all these dicks, and plenty of baby oil to jack them off with….She said some woman was making all these or maybe a lot of them, were making all these squealy, fucky noises, and there were men and women with cum all over them..she saud it was fuckin’ hot. SHe said she stayed for a while, got her pants down and fooled around with herserself. She said we could make like, one or two hundred dollars withhout even having to fuck any body ..”
“Hmmm. That’s nasty, Judy. I might want to fuck somebody if we fool around like that for a while..”
“Well, there’s no reason that couldn’t happen, too, I guess. The time I tried it before, everything else was just so nuts that I didn’t want or need to do that, but who the fuck knows, right?” I think we could have so much fun.”
Judy kissed me a long tongue down my throat kiss. I don’t have to get too detailed about where I felt that.
“Syl, I had some other ideas about how it could be hotter for you?”
“Yeah, what’s that, cum queen?”
“Well, what do you like better, pee or semen?”
“Both, I guess..”
“Okay, snatch biscuit. I’ve going to give you a week or so to roll that around in your jizz soaked mind. If you’re up for this, I’m going to find Penny and see if we can rerally make it happen. Is thatcool with you?”
I had to think a little. This was so fucking slutty. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure I could really do it. I thought I would rather brag about doing it, but not really…’but Judy never bought that kind of crap from me.

“Syl, it sounds really nasty. I know you..All that cock sucking and cum and the sound they make…you ought to at least come and check it out…”

Judy had me figured out. Even when I wanted to pretend I wasn’t so slutty, she knew what I liked and what I was really like., not who I pretended to be. When I was s*******n, I still acted like a normal middle class Los Angeles teenage girl about sex, not the “nympho” I was. “Nympho” was the term used in those days for women with a big appetite. I think it was in the DSM 3.
About a month later I saw Judy in the hall way near the exit to the art department.

“Geuss what?”
“The thing we talked about before? I think I’m gonna do it. I know you like it I when dom you, but whether or not you do this is up to you. Why don’t you come with me? We can hangout, Syl. It will be a blast!”

Judy convinced me to go with her, but I was pretty sure I was going to behave myself, because I really didn’t know what I was doing.
The glory holes were in the sheetrock wall of a remodeled bathroom behind a much smaller bathroom. I had thought that this place would be as sad and grimy as any truck stop, but I got a pleasant surprise. The room behind the little bathroom was at least 12x 12 with a high ceiling, Persian rugs, soft lights, soft music playing from somewhere, flowers and paintings on the walls. There were several holes cut into the wall, with a little purple piece of fabric hanging over the opening. There were knee pillows underneath the opening, many of them Persian carpet fabric as well.
Somebody had created a red ball gown for Judy. I never saw her so radiant. Her hair was done, her make-up was perfect.
Judy saw me and kissed me.

“I’m dressed up to get myself messed up, Syl’!”

I think that she was not even s*******n at he time.

You never got this in health class, but it’s strange to blow some man’s boy’s dick, when you can’t see him and he can’t see you. He can’t jack himself off, when he gets close, like so many men and boys like to do. So if he is going to pop, you have to make it happen with your mouth , tongue, hands and words. Not so simple. Some boys can’t get off that way even if you blow them for a week!
I watched Judy suck ten cocks in about an hour . She sex talked these men with all her sweet Spanish words, so softly. She blew each guy like he was her one true boyfriend. A few of them just couldn’t shoot, but the other guys came all over her face,tits, and mouth.I thought I was just going to watch her and and another woman do all these men, but after I watched two men shoot all over her, and Judy, fat Judy, with her glasses and her big brown tits, sticky and jizzy, talking to the guys and asking for more. Well, first, I had my hands in my cooch, and then I was trying to get in on some of the sex. Judy let me suck the guys who couldn’t come. On my knees on this pillow, I waited for this cock to come through the hole. It was weird to see a dick with no body.Two of them finally blew on my face, but Judy wasn’t interested in sharing much today. After a while, four or five men came into the room where we were. These guys from the other side of the wall wanted to have sex with us, as if we weren’t doing that already. This was a time when I backed off from something. I had never seen these men before, I didn’t even know their names. I had blown them, but that was all I wanted to do with them. We fooled around a little, I think Judy did the little rat-faced bald guy, which I could never do (so I thought). Watching Judy fuck a total stranger was a huge turn -on. I blew the other guy, the fat one, the way I wanted to do my BJ, not through a fucking hole in the wall. I got him all excited, and then slid my pinky in his ass, and sure enough, that trick worked like it always does for getting those shy dicks to pop. He put a load all over my face, I wiped some off and swallowed some, and pretended like it was so hot, but it really was’t. Judy was hot. I was going out of my mind for her now, but she wasn’t interested in us doing a sex show for these men. She had made five hundred dollars plus three hundred in tips, and she was ready to go home. She put her stained red gown back on, She liked the idea of riding the LA bus in mid-afternoon, dressed in a cum-stained red ball gown, with semen on her face and in her hair. She had talked to me before about this being a fantasy of hers. Judy was a woman who didn’t leave her fantasies in fantasy land where they belong:

“Syl, if you don’t try some of this crazy stuff when you are our age, you never fucking will!…

This was her gig, and she took all the money home. All I got was some dried semen on my face and hair. I made up my mind that the next time I would fix that!
I kept having dreams about sucking those cocks that way….
Judy teased me on the bus ride home. . I couldn’t take my eyes away from her, with cum all over her., out in public, on the bus…
She didn’t just torture me, though she did that too. It was so fucking personal, with old fashioned wooden clothes pins on my nipples and my pussy lips. I loved being spread out like a overripe papya, just for her pleasure , whatever that pleasure might happen to be.
She didn’t do that today. She just teased me and teased me and fucking teased me some more. She knew that I was so excited from watching her do all her stuff today. …her cock sucking and cum eating and her whole manner of doing it. Judy knew that seeing her that way just put me through the fucking ceiling..the bitch knew it, she fucking knew it. I was so queer for her now. I saw that cum on her face, on the side of her head, in the bus seat next to her. It was mid-afternoon in Los Angeles. The bus was crowded. Other men and women could see it glistening on her. It could only be semen, nothing else. Judy didn’t care much about that. She knew she was working her most powerful stuff right on me. I wanted to, no, I was dying to kiss if off her face, right here, right now, in front of everyone, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Wait till we get home,” she said, squeezing my upper thigh. “Wait till we get home.”

I knew that as soon as we walked through the door, her tease would become something so delicious and exquisite, so much more than just a taste of whatever she had on her right now..Did you ever have anyone, any lover, capture you that way?
Mistye, of course you didn’t know Judy, but even if you did, a little, you would never know this about her. I like to say she was ‘chubby’, but she was fat, well over three hundred pounds on a girl not all that tall. She wasn’t pretty, except for her brown eyes, and she wore thick glasses. She didn’t dress slutty at all, not at all, so most men or women who were checking out women, just saw a teen-age fat girl with brown skin. Judy had a nice big round ass and big boobs, too, but none of it looked weird on her body. In those days, fat people and women of color never showed up in ads of on TV or in movies. Judy covered up her cleavage and I did mine, too, on purpose, because we were weird enough without drawing more attention to ourselves. Judy was a young woman who could ride on the Los Angeles bus system with gobs of semen on her face without really getting a second look. As long as I was the girl who noticed, and it was me who had my legs squeezed together from the erotic intensity of it, Judy was toally comfortable and relaxed.. When I was the girl with her, seeing her that way. I was sixteen or s*******n years old. I thought of myself in terms of Dorothy in the spinning house in “Wizard”, before it crashes and lands on the witch and kills her!
I was buzzing. I hadn’t had anything close to a cum, but I was super excited, even more than when I was back at the “Glory Hole”, just to be out here riding the bus with my sex goddess lover dom friend. She didn’t want me to kiss off the spunk on her cheek, but I quickly leaned toward her, and put my mouth onto her soft cheek. I was so in love with her at that moment I was quite out of my head. I kissed around until I got a bit of semen on my lips, and then I made this gross sucking noise and pulled it all in. Judy looked at me and I gave her a big smile and pushed the semen against my teeth and in my braces so she could get a good look. I was trying to be all cool with my move, but I collapsed in mad giggles. Judy was laughing, too, not as much as I was:

“Okay, jizz biscuit. Get ready to get your ass beat when we get home.”

The underwear I had started the day with was getting ruined. It’s a good thing I always got my panties from J.C. Penney!

The thing with Judy, that she could do, that Rachel couldn’t or nobody else I knew couldn’t get close enough to me. was to take a day like the first glory hole day, and use that to work all kinds of other stuff into our relationship. Somehow, I can talk about pee, and getting peeing on especailly with Judy or Rachel. but my when she tied me up and made me…well…..other stuff.. she made me do…that I let her…and like I said with the clothes pins and me being all naked and everything. You know I never shut up, but this is a little difficult to talk about. I’d love it if you had been there with me or even better, helping her out. Oooh, I was yelling, but I liked it. Loved it. I wanted more. I didn’t know how to deal with all made me feel so weird.
Judy put clothes pins on my nipples and used a device she designed to stretch them out.
In my experience of not wanting Judy to stop, I had to confront something in my personality so dark, it scared the crap out of me. There was no script, no talk from mom, no middle-school sex ed class, nothing that would help me with some of the scary stuff I discovered inside of me when Judy started to torture me and have sex with me in the same moment. It is was so intense, so scary and powerful…and liberating!
Judy had to just about yank my nipples off or pinch my lips really hard for me to get this feeling.
What scared me the most, so much I couldn’t tell Judy the truth, is how much I loved that intensity, what a sense of completion it gave me. I said this to myself, not daring to say them to another living being:
“This is heroin and religion for me. I can’t live without it and I don’t want to and I’m not going to!”
Judy took me back to the glory hole room at the Ranger Bookstore. Again she set up the gig, and kept all the money. And refused to let me participate. Not even the stuff I did last time. Like before, after I watched her blow strangers for an hour, I wanted her. Why couldn’t I grow a dick and stick it in her mouth and have her do me that way?
Not only was I finding out about myself and my kinky, twisted mind, but Judy kept messing with my head.
By the time I was sixteen , I’d seen a lot of girls suck a dick, right in front of me, at least I thought I had, for a girl from a middle–class background . I had seen lots of pictures, even a few movies, but they were old weird black and white things that were just silly, not sexy. There was no legal porn then or feature films or porn stars or anything like that. The time when all that would be legal was only a few years away, but it didn’t feel like it then. So boys and girls learning how to do a BJ didn’t have a thousand porn actors to study. There are so many ways to do that thing. So many girls did it then like they didn’t really want to, which they probably did not. If you were female, you were expected to do that as part of making out. Having a big stiff penis filling up your mouth and throat, especially if the boy is getting excited, and starting to act like your face is your pussy, takes some time and practice. If you are on the receiving end, you are supposed to be getting him all turned on. So turned on that he is ready to pop. Kind of hard to do when your face is red, your nose is running, your eyes are full of tears, you can’t breathe and you feel as if you are going to puke. This is how the first time goes even when you like the boy. There is nothing automatic or intutive about the learning process. I guess the first rule is “Don’t Bite!”
So I got to see many girls and young women and some boys learning how to suck a dick.
Judy would get going, and at first there was just spit and drool and everything all over her, especially her face. Then one guy would shoot on her, and her face would get shiny, sticky and sloppy. Her glasses would get covered. You might say: “gross”, but looking at Judy then was just the ticket for pervy me. She didn’t wipe anything away. Pretty soon her face and her hair and her glasses were a cummy, Jizzy, spitty, spunky mess. She invited the guys to come around from the other side of the wall. She would let them fuck her if they wanted to, (of course they did) and Judy would just keep going with the BJ’s while on all fours, getting done from behind. Part of my “bottom” training was for me to follow her directions. She made me keep my clothes on and wouldn’t let me play with myself while watching her. This kind of stuff made me so crazy.
Those first few times at the glory hole were like that, except Judy intentionally shut me out.
The fat little bitch wouldn’t even let me get a taste…
Judy got me home. I was so mad and frustrated.
“I have a gift for you. Get naked and put them on. I’m going to put that collar on you, too.”
I don’t know how much Judy spent on those leather boots. They were leather and came way up my legs, lacing almost to my knees..
It wasn’t long before I was butt naked on my back. except for the slave collar and the boots with the huge heels.
“Silkie, answer a question: Do you want me to put my pussy in your face?”
Oh god, did I ever.
“Good, but I’m going to put these clips on you pussy, first, understand?
“Yes, please..”
“Sometimes, when we we get this way, I get so close to your face, lover, and then I piss all over it. I piss in your fucking face, you little cunt. I like to hear the words and the sounds you make when I do that .”
“Yes, Judy, please..”
“No no today, bitch, not today. Give me your leg..”
Judy took a few of the clips that she had attached to my pussy lips and slid the chain, the little silver chain, underneath the boot heel, so my leg was squished back against my body. I couldn’t move that leg without tearing my pussy off. Then she did the same thing to the other leg. I was so helpless now. my pussy totally exposed.
The first time she did that, she stopped after I was all bound and helpless.The rush from her doing that, and me letting her, asking for it, was plenty for both of us. Judy untied me, unclipped me, and gently and lovngly ate my pussy for at least an hour….
Judy had a big round steel hook in the ceiling. It must have been on a long bolt and glued, because it was really in there. She pointed it out to me one day.
“You could put your punching bag there, though it’s pretty high. I want you to get your clothes off. I want to tie your hands to that ring so your feet just touch the floor. Do you want that?”
I wasn’t always in the mood for our BDSM craziness. Today was one of those days when it was furthest from my mind.
“No, Judy, not now, not today, okay?”
“Sure, hon, no problem…”
Judy knew that the best way to get me to think that way was to do what she just did..She knew I would be begging her for something in about twenty-four hours, and she was hardly ever wrong.
Sure enough, about twenty-four hours later, most of my thoughts were about the delicious feeling of being naked, at her whim and mercy.

“We are going back downtown, Sylvia.”

This time, she put me in a green and yellow girl scout outfit that totally fit except for my tits.

“Sylvia, we are going back to the ” Ranger”, you in uniform, and you are going to suck some cock. do you understand me? Suck some cock like you fucking mean it!”

She slapped me hard across the face. “You cunt!”

“Guys are going to get all crazy, seeing you sucking all that dick in your uniform.”
She wrote the girl scout pledge in lipstick across my cheeks, boobs and tummy.

“I can’t wait to see some guy jacking off on that!”

She unhooked me, I got into my uniform, and off we went.

“Sylvia, I need to talk to you about sucking dick, okay?”
“You always use so many words. I think some guys can’t deal with that.”
“Try out not so many. Try something like this:”
“Why don’t you pull that pretty thing out so I can suck it? If you just say something like that, ONE TIME, and then start doin’ it, that, to a lot of guys, is like setting their fucking nuts on fire. You with your innocent look, they are already about to bust a nut over you. Let them shoot on you, in your face, your mouth, those fucking braces, just let them jizz all over you and don’t get in a big hurry to wipe it off after the last guy comes. That thing, where they see cum on you, even if it’s not their own, is a big button for lots of guys..who knows why? It wouldn’t do anything for me if I was a guy except piss me off, but I’m not wired up like that. Always be cool, friendly and relaxed and make plenty of sounds, not words so much, but lots of fuck me noises…”

“Do you like have you dick sucked?”

“Friendly, but let him feel as if he is in control. Lots of slurpy, sloppy sounds, got it, so that everyone can hear you?..”

So, down to the bookstore. This time, dressed like a fucking girl scout, in my old fashioned green and yellow dress, with way too much tit for any girl scout, all green and yellow, brown shoes, even the hat..Judy dressed like a 10th grader from some catholic school..oh god we looked so fucking i*****l, but nobody busted us, that was the thing about L.A,, nobody ever busted us if we weren’t sitting in school.
We made sure the owner and lots of customers saw us before we disappeared into the back room, the bigger one, not the bathroom. This room had more light, more comfortable places to sit, actual, for real, porn magazines and pictures to look at. There were some men there. I guess they were the guys who we were going to blow.
Judy had it down. She was friendly and talking to them.
After a while, the lights went dim, some bad jazz came on, and Judy snuggled up and we started making out. Me in my green and yellow uniform. Things weren’t horny for me yet, just weird, but I knew they would get that way pretty soon.
A guy walked up to Judy, and she started to rub him through his pants. No hole with a cock sticking out this time.
A few more men walked into the room, Then a woman did, dressed as if she were a prostitute. I heard this commotion on the other side of the wall, as if people were getting ready for something. Judy had this guy’s dick out of his pants now, making him feel good by talking about it. I was all in yellow and green. I didn’t quite feel like being the cum-queen girl scout yet. I wasn’t here to get another merit badge. I kind of wished I were back in my girls scout troop again. I was about to suck dick and have some kind of sex with people I didn’t even know. I had done it before, and it always took me a while to get warmed up…
Ooops there was a big naked boner, and sticking through the wall was another one…
I got on my knees on the pillow by the wall.

“That’s a real pretty cock, baby, can I suck it?”

I looked over at Judy. She already had some stuff on her face, and another guy’s cock in her mouth. Her school girl’s clothes were off. She was working on guy number two while masturbating and fingering herself. As it usually happened, I got more excited watching that then I was from seeing all the cocks sticking through the holes in the wall.
Still in my girl Scout uniform, but with my boobs expossed, I went back to the wall, where there was another dick standing at attention for me. I got my spit and some other guy’s semen on it. I began to see cum stains on my uniform, and seeing that got me hot, who the fuck knows why.

“Don’t pull away, baby, I’m not done”

.I made a special point of giving these guys and their dicks and especially their dick heads a lot of attention:

“C’mon, lover, let little Sylvia be a good girl scout and suck till it’s fucking done… I know you’ve got a whole lot more buzz in your weinie than that..Let me do this’:

I did something slurpy on the dick, right around the base of the head. He responded by putting more semen onto my tongue. He couldn’t help it. I knew he would. I made a slurpy noise, with some fuck me sounds in it too, just like I was at the bottom of a milkshake of sperm. I tried to make the sweetest, nastiest sound I could make, without using any dirty words
He liked that. He got all moany and quivery on the other side of the wall. I likied it ,too. Okay, now this was starting to be fun. I wanted him to come into the room. The cock sucking made me want to do more, especially something to his ass.
He said it cost too much for that.
He put some of his stuff near my eye, so I carefully wiped it away, and looked for the next guy. Didn’t have to wait too long. This guy, who looked like a college professor, was just pulling out of Judy’s puss. His cock, not so big, was all shiny and wet, slurpy and sloppy and jizzy and cummy
“Can I suck that, please? It looks really nice…

A few moments like that and I was ready for anything..

Giving guys BJ’s through a hole in the wall didn’t work every time; c’mon, getting your dick sucked through a hole is pretty strange, and some guys can’t do too much with the idea.. I had a limit of six minutes…if the guy couldn’t shoot in six, then I was out of there. Otherwise we might spend the whole night on one or two men. Plus, my jaw got tired.
Judy was taking it from both ends now, God I liked to see her having sex. If anyone else had been watching, they might have seen me act just as slutty as her, but from my perspective, she was a thousand times sexier than I was.
Guys were coming in the room and expecting to fuck me. I hadn’t agreed to that, and I didn’t really want to do it.
I wanted to be like Judy, pumping my hips and my ass, yelling, groaning, jizz loads all over me, I just didn’t want to have to fuck ten guys to get that way.
When guys came in the room ready to fuck, I had to actually look at their bodies and their faces and hair and shoes and I didn’t like that so much.
I broke my own rule and fucked several men even when I didn’t want to. Then I got between Judy’s legs and made a circus sex show out of eating her pussy while some guy who wasn’t too ugly rode his dick up me. I still had a few pieces of green and yellow uniform left, and he told me how hot that got him. I wish I had been as hot. I was now starting to think about what about what I was going to wear ho my voice lesson.
The perv-o glory hole guys thought me doing Judy was pretty hot, they were stuffing dry, crinkly bills between my tits and trying to shove them in my puss; I can see how that might seem sexy to men.but it didn’t turn me on at all, didn’t fit, didn’t go there, but I was happy to keep the money!
Sometimes it got hotter when Judy and I would talk to each other:

“Syl, look, quick! He’s jizzing on me! On my fucking face!”

I would look over, she would have her mouth wide open and his cum would be landing everywhere. That got me hot, and men hot, too, so we just kind of added it to our act, because anytime the boys got that “hot” buzz, and we were never quite sure what would do it, but whenever, they would just throw money at us. They liked almost anything we did, any kind of show-offy thing, with their cum.
I didn’t mind that a bit, it was fun..

I was moving all around the room, quite naked by now. My uniform was off in a wad in the corner. When I get turned on, I like to get out of my clothes, one item at a time, until I’m butt naked, lobes to toes, boobs and pubes and everything out there for the world to see. I think my red bush pussy is quite darling! I would go down on myself if I could!
I was masturbating. I like to do that when I’m doing a BJ, otherwise I get kind of bored. I could feel an orgasm not too far away, and I love that feeling as soon as I know the “O” is going to happen. The man thought that I was making all this noise and fuss over him, and I was experienced enough and gracious and smart enough to let him think that, but it was Judy, watching Judy ride that cock, thinking about getting my face in her pussy just as he popped that got me off that time. One of my Catholic friends told me that I was going to go to hell if I had thoughts like this, especially if I liked the thoughts! She didn’t say where I was was going to go if I I made those thoughts into reality. But if I was hurting another being on this planet by going down on Judy, catching a taste of the boy right out of his dick while I was doing it, I couldn’t see how. There were just three of us involved, and me being the little pussy-eater and cum-taster seemed to make everyone pretty happy. This was one of the reasons that organized religion never made much sense to me.

it was too much, customer or not, whatever he was supposed to be, I needed to be closer to her . The guy’s cock kept popping out . Judy would do that iconic female gesture, to me, as feminine as unsnapping a bra, and with a flick of her wrist, have the gentleman’s cock right back inside her. She did that little action so quickly, with so much subtlety and grace. I thought, watching her: “It makes my mouth water, it fucking makes my mouth water to see that…’
Judy was under some bright lights, and the guy’s cock was big, wet and shiny, the way uncut dicks get. When he finally shot, his semen was white, not mlky but white. I felt a huge erotic pulse from seeing that,. I put my face down and in to collect as much of that white semen as I could. My mouth and lips, Judy’s pussy lips and this guy’s shiny cock were all in the same space at the same time. I was rubbing myself like my hand was possesed. I managed another sweet come for myself on the power of that pulse…and what I did about it. Passionate pussy eating beats religion everytime!
Judy and I were getting tired after more than two hours.
We had one guy, a really nice Black guy that Judy had done when I was there before. He said he was bi-sexual, but he said it like he was gay.
I didn’t care, he had a pretty brown cock, not super huge. I was feeling pretty lusty by this point.
I told you before, I had this picture in my head, as “Sylvia the queen of cock-sucking”? and all the men, like Neal, here, would come and kneel before me in my holy temple of getting their-fucking-dick-sucked. Judy and I had blown Neal through the wall, and then he came into the room at our invitiation so we cold do more stuff with him. He was so brown and little and all tight muscles and a tiny ass…are girls supposed to get like this? We kept looking at him like he was the fifteen year old virgin and we were the guys in the motorcycle gang…i didn’t want him to come too fast, and still, I wanted to taste his cum right away. I guess that’s what happens when you fuck and suck guys all afternoon like Judy and I were doing. Mostly, all afternoon, I had been so focused on her, but now..Judy was different. I knew she she loved me, but she made a point to enjoy the whole circus from the moment we walked in the door.:

“I can’t wait to fucking taste you…”

I put my mouth over his cock and got as much of it in my mouth as I could.

“Let Judy lick your ass. I want you to come in my mouth so hard it comes out my fucking nose..”

It sounds like crazy sex talk, but in the moment, I meant every word.

Blowing him and talking all about it, too. I really liked to do that, if I had time and the guy didn’t feel as if he was paying by the minute!

“Fuck my mouth, lover, come on, do it, I love that shit.”

I rolled over so I was on my back. Neal had a small one. He was astride my chest with his knees on either side of my neck. His eyes were closed, and he was pumping his dick into my mouth so hard his nuts were bouncing on my chin, but because he wasn’t oversized I could handle it. Maybe my reputation was ruined by all the BJ’s I had done, but, like singing opera trills, I had practiced a lot, so I could do what other girls couldn’t.
It was a little hard to make conversation, but I was doing my best.
I don’t know how Judy knew that I needed my pussy eaten, but there she was, her head behind Neal’s ass, eating pussy like she invented it this morning. My pussy. It really felt nice. I wanted Neal to fuck me, at least a little, before he came. Judy and I knew this little cutie-pie was going to pop a big load somewhere, in somebody or on somebody, pretty damn soon.
We shuffled around. He slid in my little cooch just like we had been fucking since we were seven years old.
All cocks are different, I had learned that much about sex. Neal didn’t have the fanciest set of equipment in the world, but..all the artists and composers be praised…Neal was a bass player, I learned, a stand-up bassist, a classical musician who did it with a bow.
Oh! that man fucked me so nice. Never had him before, but I found ways to get together with him many times after.

“I love it, I love to watch you fuck him, baby, that is so sexy…”

My sister, in New York, had written me about her brief thing with Miles Davis and riding in his red Ferrari. That’s what I thought about with Neal…all the Fords and Chevy’s and pick-up trucks I’d been fucking, yeah mama, but now I was cruising with Neal in his Ferrari, and I don’t think Miles could have done it any better, no matter how much he paid for his car.
He fucked me that way, this way, the other way. UmmmHummm. He didn’t come. He rolled around and fucked Judy, too. It didn’t seem like he was in a big hurry to come any time soon…
I had to throw the Girl Scout uniform away. There was no way I could wear it out of there for five minutes, let alone for that long bus ride across Los Angeles, with the two bus transfers. Nobody bothered us on the way down, but that cum covered dark green cotton reeking thing would get us both an afternoon with c***d Protective Services, the very last thing we needed. I borrowed a long coat from the store owner. He was a little guy with glasses who was hoping to get fucked and blown and everything else, but Judy and I were tired. We had had enough sex for one day.
I was really grateful for the long coat… I kissed him and rubbed my tits against him:

“Next time, Lou, I promise. this was so much fun. Next time you are at the front of the line. You can have my pussy or my ass, anything you want..”

I wasn’t so sure I should have promised him my ass before seeing what he was about to put in it, but that’s the way I was when I was sixteen.
Judy and I, , hade been on a wild adventure all afternoon, and unlike trips to Disneyland or Knot”ts Berry Farm, they had pockets full of cash that they hadn’t even counted yet,,,I i was wearing that grubby raincoat that I got from Lou, the store owner, and Judy was in the Catholic School girls outfit she had worn in. She was smart enough to get out of her clothes, but for me, the green and yellow uniform was part of my act.
The sun was shining, it was 5:15 in the afternoon. I was not living with her parents now, but I had a music lesson, a voice lesson with my strict and serous teacher, and she had talked to me at some length about a “Professional Appearance” when I came to my lessons.
Miss Hanscomb, as she preferred that I call her, was one of the most sought after voice and opera teachers in Los Angeles, a city full of singers, entertainers and musicians.I was far from the most mature sixteen year old, but I knew that I was lucky to have Miss Hanscomb willing to take me on as a young student. From Miss Hanscomb’s perspective, she indulged this brat quite a bit, only because saw her potential and knew (well, everybody knew) her musical genius sister.
Sylvia knew that she could not show up at her lesson in an old, ill fitting, semen stained girl scout uniform, with god-knows-what in her hair and gobbed behind her ear..
Judy and JI walked into Krohn’s Discount Fashion Palace, the kind of clothing store that would be located next to a store like “Ranger Books.” I was feeling a need to be responsible after what Judy and I had been doing for almost three hours
But then I saw the sales girl, a Mexican or Guatemalan girl not much older than me . Brown eyes, brown skin, full figures, so beautiful. I had a thought that was so vivid and crisp, in this girl’s immediate presence, that I had to avert my eyes. …I knew what kind of panties the girl was wearing..some kind of white lacy things. I knew that right behind that panty fabric was cutest little unshaven pussy, all curly and brown. Oh god, I wanted to bury my face in it. Oh god did I. The girl had only said “May I help you?” and I was ready to rip her clothes off.
Then I tried to explain, if I possibly could why I had nothing under Lou’s green raincoat but my panties and bra..
I didn’t even know if I should tell Judy these crazy thoughts, but in the dressing room, Judy said to me
“Did you see her? oh my lord..I had dirty thoughts, Syl, I’m a catholic girl, I know what impure thoughts are, they are supposed to be a I just had a whole bunch about her. what is her name “Gretchen?” what kind of name is that?”
” Judy, here we are….I think she saw some stuff on me or you..maybe we should leave before she calls the police…”

“Syl, that girl is not going to call the police if we walked off with the whole fucking store. she is bored, her boyfriend treats her like shit, she hates working here for her uncle, who only wants in her pants…she might be up for anything, who knows?”

We were in the dressing room. Judy just walked in there with me.
She pushed her mouth against me rreally hard, so hard it hurt.
“You little cum eating whore. When I saw you sucking cock today, all those fat dicks goin’ in your mouth, it made me crazy, Syl, it made me fuckin’ nuts. I wish I had a dick for you to suck, baby, you are so fuckin’ hot…”
Judy slid her finger right past the elastic on my panties and into the red curls around my pussy.
My knees got all woozy and wobbly. I went from being done with sex for a little bit, to lusting like the mad lesbian of the west over the sales girl, and now I was half naked, in the dressing room of this store, Judy was kissing me, her tongue way in there, fingering my well fucked-by-now puss, and telling me how hot she got when she saw me suck a guy’s cock.
I didn’t know what to think or say. I just let her do whatever she wanted. I was done with sucking dicks or even thinking about that stuff now…now I was a girl who needed to get ready for her music lesson.’Greatchen the sales girl knocked on the door of the changing room. I think she overheard some of the sex words that Judy said to could she not?
” I found some other clothes that you might like?”
There was no one else in the store except Gretchen, Judy and myself.
“Can I come in?”
The door opened and there we were, Judy fingering me,, kissing me so the whole world could see, and Gretchen, looking at us with her huge brown eyes, a whole set of blouses and skirts in my size over her arm…
I was little red-haired almost Jewish white girl with glasses and braces on my teeth. Two women, with ethnic roots far from Los Angeles, were silently regarding me and each other..
“Just a moment..”

was all she said.
She left and locked the front door and put the closed sign up. Then she came back to us…
Three of us were in the small dressing room.

“You guys are crazy! You can’t do sex stuff in the middle of my store! You just came from next door, right? That’s why you have no clothes, they got wrecked…didn’t they?”
“Yeah…well. “
“My cousin owns that place…I know all about it. I thought that just fairy boys went in there to…oh my girls too….”

Judy tried to talk, but Grectchen (Gray-Chain) was as much of a motor mouth as me, and she was quite excited.

“I know what they do in there, I do, because sometimes the boys come in here after they have been in the store…and…and they talk as if I am invisible, yes?”

The filthiest..oh my god…

“Look …here you have some on you..oh your hair is stiff..excuse me, your name?”
I’m Sylvia and this is Judy..”

“Hello, Sylvia and guys don’t smell so smell like sex and pussy and everything…I have a shower here, believe it or not, you could use it, I’m the only one here today except for Marla, and she went home..So you are professional sex girls? Please don’t be offended it’s just….”

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