Lady H

I was single, recently divorced, enjoying my freedom and doing some of the things I had done as a younger man before my marriage.

Her name was Lady H and she knew how to treat men. If it was GFE you wanted, she would give it to you, if it was a massage she only asked if you wanted talc or oil, the ‘happy’ ending was a given. If it was BDSM you were after she was very inventive and you had to submit to her completely. The only thing she ever asked was ‘Can I mark you.’ Your answer was the only thing she took into account, then you were hers.

I had gone for the BDSM option, having gone years without it, over the phone all had been agreed, including the marking, I had said ‘Yes.’ She was to do as she wished.

I arrive at her place on time, was shown to an anti-room and told to undress. Clearly the room was also one of her BDSM rooms, there were whips, cuffs and all sorts of equipment on display. It was well equipped.

She came back into the room and, without saying a word, put black leather cuffs on each wrist and clipped them together behind my back. I was starting to get an erection as she bent down to put on my ankle cuffs. She saw the effect this was having on me and slapped my cock saying, ‘not yet, I’m going to play first.’

She took me through to a larger room, there were hooks on the walls and ceiling with ropes hanging from them. There was a dressing table, a stool and a double bed. Without the ropes and hooks it would have looked like any bedroom.

She stood me in the middle of the room, picked up a space bar and attached it to my ankle cuffs forcing my legs apart. She then attached a rope from the ceiling to my wrists and pulled. As my arms came up behind me I was forced to bend over.

Once she had secured the rope she put her hands between my legs from behind, grabbed my balls in one and my cock in the other and pull them back and up toward her. I raised myself on to tip-toes but that was not enough, she pulled and stretched me ‘til I finally made a noise. Still holding me she said, ‘If you can’t stay silent I will gag you.’ I couldn’t stay quiet, even though I tried. She was deliberately making it impossible for me to stay silent, so after a few more noises from me she stopped and gaged me.

The gag was black with a largish ball in the middle of it, the ball was moulded and it had a four inch extension on it in the shape of a cock. She pushed this into my mouth all the way so my teeth were gripping the ball and tied up the straps behind my head. Then she put a blindfold on me.

I couldn’t see, could hardly make a sound, it’s amazing how your other senses intensify when you can’t see, can’t speak and cannot defend yourself.

She went back to doing what she had been before I disobeyed her, only this time she played harder. The pain had completely overcome my erection and she was pulling and stretching my limp cock. She had pulled back my foreskin and was stretching me by gripping my head. It seemed to go on forever, but it obviously didn’t. She kept hold of my cock and forced a butt plug up my bum. Turned out to be an inflatable one which she started to expand once it was fully inserted. Once it was to a size of her choosing she stop stretching my cock and left me bent over.

The next thing I felt was her riding crop across my bum, six fast and hard strokes. Then another six. 24 in all before she started striping the back of my legs. Because of the position I was in the skin was pulled tight. When she had finished she inspected her handy work. I was covered in ridges and she told me I was very red and the skin had broken in several places. Instead of massaging some cream into my skin to ease it she rubbed in salt. She left me like that for a while, I could hear her making herself a drink and then sit and drink it. When she came back she used a wet cloth to clean off the salt. That only made it hurt more.

Next she undid the rope and removed the space bar, undid the cuffs behind my back, pushed me backwards to a wall and proceeded to tie me to it spread-eagled. There was a pad on the wall which meant my pelvis was pushed out and exposed my cock and balls even more.

She took one of my balls and tied some cord around it and wrapped the remaining cord to stretch it out a bit. Then she did the other one. Once that was complete she tied more cord tightly around the base of my cock and balls. She tied the cord with a long length left over. She started sucking my cock getting harder and harder. Once fully erect she took the loose cord and wrapped it tightly all the way up my shaft, finishing just under my head.

I was erect and because of the tight and close wrapping about two inches longer than normal. She preceded to lick and suck my head, but every time it looked like I was enjoying it too much and I might cum, she would squeeze my balls hard. She played with me like that for quite a while.

Next she untied me from the wall and took out my gag and took off my blindfold. Re-locked my cuffs behind my back and led me over to the stool by my erect cock.

She was wearing a black corset, black stockings and black high heels. She had a black mask on and a black collar. All dangerously alluring. She was about five foot six and probably a size 14 or 16. Not big not small. Her breasts hung down over her corset with her large nipples at the bottom hanging down, pointing south. She had no knickers on so her shaved pussy was on display as was her bum.

The stool was in front of the end of the bed. She knelt me in front of the stool and then sat herself down on the front edge of the stool with her legs open and her exposed pussy on full display.

‘Suckle my right teat’ she ordered me. As I took it in my mouth and started sucking she squeezed her breast and I could feel liquid in my mouth. ‘Don’t stop.’ I was ordered. After a minute or two she ordered me to suck her left teat which I did with the same result. She was clearly enjoying this and made me go back and forth four times as I drank her milk.

After that she bent forward slightly, found my cock and made sure it was fully erect. Then she put a condom over my cock and the cord. She leant back so her shoulders were resting on the bed behind her and told me to enter her. Her open pussy was clearly well lubricated and my enlarged cock entered her with more ease than I imagined. ‘Go in all the way and stay there.’ I did. She then used her internal muscles to hold my cock tightly insider her, it was an amazing feeling. ‘Now fuck me slowly but do not completely remove your cock.’ I did as I was told.

As I did as she ordered she got more and more aroused until she came. ‘Stay all the way in.’ she ordered. We stayed like that for a few moments before she got up, moved to the bed and sat down on it with her legs open and lay back. ‘Come here and lick me out.’ I when over on my knees, bent my head down and started licking her open pussy. It was big and wet. She grabbed my head, pushed my face into her pussy and told me to go in as deep as I could with my tongue. I felt her start to shudder and she came again.

‘Stand up’ she ordered. I did as I was told, she sat up and my cock was now level with her head. ‘Now for your reward.’ She removed the condom, licked and sucked my head for a moment before removing the cord from my shaft. Once that was done she started sucking my cock as she untied the cord at the base of my cock. Still sucking me she untied each ball. Then she gave me the gentlest of BJs. It was amazing and when I came it was a big one. The amount of juice made it seem as if I hadn’t had an orgasm in over a month. She really drained me and swallowed it all.

She untied my wrists, told me I could take off the cuffs, remove the butt plug and go through to the other room where I could shower before getting dressed. She also said there was some cream for my bum.

When I was dressed she took me into her living room and offered me a drink which I accepted. She was still in her corset, stockings and heels but had removed her fancy mask. We talked and I asked her about her breast milk which told her I really enjoyed. She said she had had two k**s and that after she had finished feeding them she had saggy breasts and the milk had not stopped flowing. She said she adored her nipples being sucked and the feeling as the milk flowed.

She asked if I was happy with what she had done and I said she had been very inventive which pleased her. I said I hope she had other ideas because I wanted to see her again. She said I wouldn’t be disappointed! We had agreed two hours but it was more like three, she said she wasn’t a clock watcher and only handled a maximum of three clients a day, one in the morning (occasionally), one in the afternoon and one in the evening. That was five to seven hundred and fifty pounds a day, cash and tax free. Not a bad little earner, no wonder she could treat her clients so well. I paid and left, looking forward to our next meeting and the delights it would unfold.

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