I Was A Real Sex Slave – Part 3

Mistress has been torturing us.

I was placed into a full-body latex slave-suit. It literally covered all of you, head to toe. No skin is exposed to the air. I was completely encapsulated my black latex, skin-tight, and allowed to breathe through an oxygen hose. I was mo(lest)ed by (I think) Mistress, and she b(ea)t me, and then she r(ap)ed me. It was a big, nasty strap-on, I could tell.

I was tortured, and I loved it 😀

Just as my Lovecookie suggested, my Mistress took all day, hours and hours, to punish my ass. I was b(ea)ten on my booty all day and well into the wee-hours of the night. It still actually hurts to sit down. My ass is so sore, I can’t believe it. Mistress had me in tears. She made Mommy and Auntie punish my bottom until it was discolored.

I was dressed to be a pon(y)-girl.

I had a special plug inserted in my ass, and a ball-gag placed into my mouth. My tits and nipples, specifically, were clamped, and a corset was fastened to me. I was made to wear strange, special gloves and boots, which had attachments mimicking the hooves of an e(qu)ine, and I was made to walk around the room with Mistress in the middle of my circle path, whipping me and calling me whorrible things.

Mistress inserted chilled dildos into me.

I was made to kneel in uncooked rice, then clean them up with my teeth, individually.

I was made to clean Mistresses’ home; she attached cleaning instruments to my body and I was fo(rc)ed to work while my arms were bound, and while Mistress be(a)t me and called me terrible shit.

I was fo(rc)ed to exercise naked and announce, loudly when I was horny, and why I was horny.

Mistress made act as a table and then a chair for her pleasure.

I was forced to masturbate to orgasm in front of several ch(ildr)en. I don’t know who they were, but they were told to spit on me as they left. I was so hot; I came when they did it, without even touching myself.

Mistress makes us eat all of our meats out of dog bowls.

I was made to write 50 reasons why I am a worthless fuck-doll who should be r(ape)d to d(ea)th. Mistress laughed when she heard me read it aloud.

Mistress zaps us with a cattle-prod (I think ut is a cattle-prod, it fucking hurts! maybe it is a weaker taser or something).

Mistress made us inserts 20 marshmallows into our asses and leave them there while we work. At the end of the day, we were forced to eat the marshmallows out of each others’ assholes, with graham crackers and hot chocolate syrup. Mistress joined us and told us scary, fucked up stories in the dark while she ate our “PAWG s’mores”. It was so fucking hot, I want to do it at least once every single month for the rest of my life.

Mistress was kind enough to allow Daddy and my Love Cookie to help eat the s’mores out of us 🙂

We were p(iss)ed on by Mistress and made to go outside, our arms bound behind our backs’ and vibrating toys inserted into our holes’. We walked the entire square-footage of her massive estate, in super high (super fucking painful!!!) high heels. Mistress followed us and thrashed us with a bullwhip when she felt like it.

Mistress made me mud-wrestle my Mommy, and then my Auntie, and then made them wrestle each other. Whoever won was allowed to stop being a slave but still get all of their money. We were naked, and my Mommy won, but she said that she didn’t want to stop being a slave. Mistress was so impressed, she doubled my Mom’s pay! 🙂

We were made to sleep in a pile together with all the mud still caked on us, like pigs.

Mistress clamped vibrating bullets to my sensitive spots, then shoved toys too big for my little holes all the way inside me. Then Mistress wrapped my entire body in bubblewrap. I could barely breathe. Then Mistress took me and placed me inside a big, heavy old steamer-trunk, and I was locked inside until the following day.

Mistress threw me in her garbage. I was told not to remove myself. I was left in the trash for several hours, alone. When Mistress came back, she told her staff that anyone could fuck me, in any hole, and cum inside of me. I was told to not only allow all of them, but encourage each and every member of her staff to r(ap)e me. I smelled like shit, and I still had garbage on me, but every, and I mean every fucking one of them, held me down and fo(rce)d themselves on me.

It was amazing, and I loved every second of it. One of the cooks liked when I cried 😀

Mistress says she is going to interrogate me next, and that I will be f(orc)ed to play “the Ghost Game”. I don’t know what that is, but I can’t wait.

Mistress has locked me in this cage deep under her house and used a fireman’s hose, those really strong ones? She sprayed me with one of those when I was locked in here. I am hanging, suspended from the ground. The cage is swaying, and I love this. I love being a true whore.

I am cold and my entire body hurts, and I don’t know what Mistress has in store for me and my Mommy and my Auntie, but I want to find out.

Her Mistresses’ Property,
– Lizzy.

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