A Night in the Hotel

The Hotel’s bar is virtually empty now. Sitting across from you with my knees between yours, and lightly touching my hand, you tell me to wait 10 minutes then come up to the room.

In the room you begin to make preparations. On the side tables by the bed, you lay out your toys: vibrators, dildos, paddle, belt, singletail, and ointments. Not that you plan to use them all, but for interest and decoration. You light a dozen candles in the room, open a bottle of wine, shut the lights off, and turn the temperature up in the room.

I knock on the door and you let me in. You know I’m nervous and want to talk. You show me around, let me touch the toys, and we drink a little wine. You then say it’s time for me to stop talking (my first challenge…lol). We stand together, quietly and you kiss me softly and we embrace with a little more passion. As you move behind me, you talk softly to me and take out a piece of cloth to blindfold me. I know you a little by now and have come to trust you. It’s not a complete trust, we are still learning about each other. But enough trust to allow this scene to happen.

With me blindfolded, you move in front of me, kissing me and slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse. You move behind me again to undo my bra. You slip it off my shoulders and slide your hands forward, pushing the bra away from my breasts and cupping them. Slowly stroking and squeezing as your hands move over my nipples. You pinch them and tug on them enjoying the soft feeling of my skin.

You undo the zipper on my skirt, and gently let it slip slowly to the floor. You remove my panties. You lead me toward the bed and tell me to lay face down, where you take out some heated body lotion and begin to message me.

Slowly from head to foot you move your hands, spending extra time on my butt and stroking my anus a little. You then tell me to turn over and using light strips of cloth wrap my hands and wrists and tie them above my head to the headboard of the bed.

You pull my legs apart and tie my ankles to each side of the bed. You message my face, moving your fingers over my lips…letting me suck them for a minute, and moving towards my breasts, down my belly to my pussy, where you play, inserting your fingers in me…teasing my clit, generally trying to arouse me.

When I am sufficiently aroused you untie my feet, pushing my knees up and retying my ankles to my thighs. You then spread my legs open very wide and tie them in that position. I am now blindfolded, and tied down in one of the most vulnerable positions a woman can be restrained in.

It’s a little scary for me, but all the while you’re talking me through it…. You begin to kiss my lips…deep long kisses all over my breast and my pussy. You nibble and lick around my breasts… pulling, prodding, and nipping with your lips and teeth…sometimes softly, sometimes roughly. You can hear my breathing…and sometimes my voice. All women are different in the stimulation they like. You don’t know me well yet, so you listen for my voice.

You pick up your favorite dildo and slowly slide it in my cunt. You
begin to fuck me with it. I squirm, I try to move…my hips rise, but I can do nothing but enjoy the moment. Occasionally you use a small lipstick vibrator around my clit, and after a while you remove them and begin to lick and suck on me with purpose.

I moan, I cry out as you feel me orgasm…again and again. Then you stop. You move to where you’re straddling my body. Your cock pushes against me and you move up to where your balls dangle over my mouth. I try to lick them, suck them and finally I have to hold my head up so I can push your cock in my mouth.

You slowly fuck my mouth, and when you’re ready to cum, you pull out. You take my blindfold off, and let me watch as you masturbate, spilling your semen across my face. You tell me to lick off your cock and then take your finger and paint my face with the semen.

You kiss me again, and then slowly untie me. With a warm facecloth you wash me down, and cover me with a sheet. You get in bed with me and we hold each other, kissing and touching and resting. We rest for the second act.

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